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Sketchy 19-01-2018 09:39 PM

Evening all.

I just had a nap. So sleepy today.

Cacoethes 19-01-2018 09:43 PM

Hi Lorraine!

Early night for you perhaps?

Sketchy 19-01-2018 09:51 PM

Yes, I think so. Although I want to stay up to watch celebrity big brother.

Cacoethes 19-01-2018 09:56 PM

I haven't watched that in many many years!

I was tired but now I am not

nonperson 19-01-2018 10:01 PM

Oh thank goodness, my washing machine has finally finished and I can hear myself think again/ hear the TV.

Cacoethes 19-01-2018 10:03 PM

Washing machines are stupidly loud!!

chinahorse 19-01-2018 10:03 PM

Evening all :)

nonperson 19-01-2018 10:07 PM

Yeah my house is semi open plan so haven't got a door between kitchen/washing machine and living room/me.

Cacoethes 19-01-2018 10:08 PM

Hi Lillie!
How are you?

That sucks nonperson.
My old house was a bit like that.
I'm lucky that now i have a door !

nonperson 19-01-2018 10:10 PM

I prefer it being more open to be honest... Doors and small rooms make me feel a bit trapped in.

Cacoethes 19-01-2018 10:17 PM

That's fair enough
I get what you mean

All my internal doors are always open apart from when I'm doing washing.
And I always close my bedroom door at night which is apparently a weird thing to do

chinahorse 19-01-2018 10:22 PM

It's seriously weird.to sleep with the door open! Everyone I know sleeps with it shut!

nonperson 19-01-2018 10:22 PM

It's not that weird to close it. I don't close mine but then the cat wouldn't be able to get in if I did! I close it when people come to stay though.

nonperson 19-01-2018 10:22 PM

See, I'm the weird one. =P

Cacoethes 19-01-2018 10:24 PM

That's what I thought Lillie!!

Yep, nonperson is the weird one :p

I'm going to attempt sleep.
Night all!

Sketchy 19-01-2018 10:29 PM

Goodnight Beckie. Sleep well.

nonperson 19-01-2018 10:30 PM

Night night, Beckie. =)

Aubergine 19-01-2018 10:31 PM

I keep forgetting I've posted in here!

Hello everyone that's arrive since I disappeared briefly. :)

I did sleep thanks. Work today was horrendous. I thought my medication was trying to kill me, but I just called 111 and a lovely GP called me back and diagnosed me with a mild case of flu (I had a flu jab because they like to vaccinate everyone at the hospital). She offered OOH appointment, but we agreed that I would go to bed with paracetamol in the end. She was so, so nice. She said I was a star for going into work and that she things us pharmacy minions have an awful time because we're chronically understaffed. So I feel massively reassured. Not great that I've got the flu, mind! Lots of sleep and water is the plan. Stupid working with the public.

nonperson 19-01-2018 10:37 PM

Your immune system is probably a low if you've been a bit run down anyway! The news was saying it's the worst year for flu for a long time as well.

At least you've got some time to recover for a while now?

Aubergine 19-01-2018 10:46 PM

Yes, flu is not good this year! Have you had your flu jab?

Yeah, got the next five days off now. Tomorrow I don't plan on doing a thing! I'm not speaking out loud, I'm not getting out of my pyjamas etc. It's going to be wonderful, even if I do feel like poo.

What are you up to?

nonperson 19-01-2018 10:50 PM

I make sure to have a flu jab every year because I'm diabetic. Flu might hospitalise me!

Sounds like a wonderful day you have planned tomorrow. =)

I'm watching a programme about paradise gardens on TV.

not_so_insig 19-01-2018 10:56 PM

I had the flu jab this year. My parents didn’t and my dad came down with a heavy case of the flu. I usually catch every cold going and because I had the flu jab I was ok.

Sketchy 19-01-2018 10:57 PM

Poor Aubergine. I hope you feel better soon.

nonperson 19-01-2018 10:58 PM

Flu jabs don't protect you from colds!

chinahorse 19-01-2018 11:05 PM

Urgh that sucks aubergine :( there are so many strains of the 'flu going around at the moment too. Luckily I've not had so much as a cold this winter!

Which is rare because I come into close contact with the smelly public at work.

Your day sounds lush aubergine! Wish I could do the same but Ive errands to run jn town, then supposedly going out for a meal in the evening. Not that I wanna go really.

Aubergine 19-01-2018 11:29 PM

Thanks. :) You lot are lovely.

I'm glad you are sensible.and get jabbed, Person! Hospital sucks!

Where are you going to have a meal, Lillie?

chinahorse 19-01-2018 11:35 PM

A kind of hipster pub place. They have butternut squash and something pie though so I'm happy. Bit pissed I can't get dressed up super fancy thpugh.

Aubergine 19-01-2018 11:44 PM

Ooo I love butternut squash. Roasted is my favourite, but pie sounds great!

Cacoethes 20-01-2018 11:39 AM

Morning guys

chinahorse 20-01-2018 11:48 AM

Hey :)

How did you sleep beckie?

Cacoethes 20-01-2018 12:26 PM

Not bad thanks Lillie

How about you?

chinahorse 20-01-2018 12:40 PM

Ah good good.

Fairly well thanks.

I need to get going but urgh I'm not mentally prepared to blow dry this amount of hair.

Aubergine 20-01-2018 01:43 PM

Afternoon. :)

Cacoethes 20-01-2018 01:51 PM

Did you manage it Lillie?
Blow drying is effort!

Hi Aubergine.
How are you?

Aubergine 20-01-2018 01:55 PM

Sometimes if I'm feeling really lazy I will wash my hair over the bath instead of getting in the shower. I takes me less than 5 minutes to wash AND dry it. :P

Hey Beckie. :) How's it going?

I'm OK. I slept really well. Woke up at 6am because I had to be ill, but then I went back to sleep and have not long woken up. Still don't feel great, but it's the most I've slept in about three weeks and I feel a lot better for it.

Cacoethes 20-01-2018 01:58 PM

Im ok.
Just very cold and wet!!

Yay for sleep!! :-D

Aubergine 20-01-2018 02:08 PM

Why are you cold and wet?!

Sleep is fabulous. :)

one_step_closer 20-01-2018 02:16 PM

Hi everyone.

Sending you feel better soon wishes Aubergine.

Aubergine 20-01-2018 02:22 PM

Hey Lindsay! How's it going?

Thank you. Today is a stay in bed day. It's going well so far!

Cacoethes 20-01-2018 02:23 PM

It's pouring down!
Im off to see the fam
Got a 20 min walk once i get off the bus so i will be colder and wetter :(

Hi Lindsay!

one_step_closer 20-01-2018 02:25 PM

Hope you're nice and comfy and cozy :-) how are you occupying yourself or do you feel too unwell to do much?

I'm not doing a lot today. Been for my prescription and that's the only thing I really need to do. Should probably do some hoovering though.

Aubergine 20-01-2018 02:25 PM

Oh going to see your family sounds good. Shame about the weather though! What are you going to do when you're with them?

one_step_closer 20-01-2018 02:25 PM

Hope you've at least got a hood Beckie!

Aubergine 20-01-2018 02:27 PM

I feel more unwell is I move. So am just on the internet and listening to music. :) I've been browsing the Open University online library and it's awesome! There is so much stuff on there. Still a bit terrified about starting to study properly, mind. :P

Hoovering could be good. Glad you got your prescription. :)

nonperson 20-01-2018 02:38 PM

Afternoon everyone.

Aubergine 20-01-2018 02:41 PM

Person! How are you?

nonperson 20-01-2018 02:44 PM

I'm kinda sleepy, although I've been up less than 2 hours. Went out for a quick rain walk though so maybe that's why.

How's your lazy day going so far, Aubergine? =)

Aubergine 20-01-2018 02:53 PM

How was your rain walk? I really like a walk in the rain as long as I can come straight home and get dry! Afternoon nap time?

I've going well. I'm still in my pyjamas, sat on my bed. Mum tried to convince me to let her come round, but she doesn't want this bug. She works at a children's hospice and I can't see them being too pleased if she spreads the flu about... :/ So I told her I love her, but don't want to see her today, but that she can come round Monday after work if I'm feeling better. :P

nonperson 20-01-2018 02:56 PM

My rain walk was ok. I only really went out because if I didn't I'd be quizzed by a friend as to why I didn't catch a certain limited edition Pokémon! So sad, I know. But while I was out I decided to go a longer route back and it was ok. A bit muddy but nice to be out really.

That's sensible not to spread the flu around! Sometimes having company when you're ill is hard work anyway.

Aubergine 20-01-2018 03:03 PM

I don't really understand pokemon, but I know a lot of people that enjoy it! Did you manage to catch it? Longer route sounds good. Well done on the exercise. :) Yeah, it is nice to be out. Might go for a quick walk around the block much later on. Might not. Will see how it goes.

Yeah, I'm super grumpy when I'm ill and much prefer silence. The thought of tolerating someone else's voice and them expecting me to talk back to them is just too much. :P

On Thursday evening at work I managed to order 48 bottles of mouthwash when I meant to order 4. Bit of a major typo. We were so busy yesterday that we didn't notice what I'd done until we were just about to go home, because there were unopened boxes everywhere, so it was too late to send it back. Oh well. We'll use them eventually. Not the worst mistake I've ever made...

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