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Voldemort 12-12-2016 07:56 PM

I think toothache and headache are on par. Poor you, Beckie!

Cacoethes 12-12-2016 08:00 PM

Hopefully it will get sorted tomorrow! It hurts so much!

Voldemort 12-12-2016 08:01 PM

Fingers crossed for you!

Cacoethes 12-12-2016 08:03 PM

Thanks :)

Voldemort 12-12-2016 08:05 PM

Ritzi will be in tomorrow to see me, I can't wait!

Buttons. 12-12-2016 08:15 PM

Hope the toothache eases off.

Also hope you enjoy your visit Amy :)

Voldemort 12-12-2016 08:19 PM

Thanks. I can't wait!

Buttons. 12-12-2016 08:21 PM

Patience is a virtue :P

Voldemort 12-12-2016 08:24 PM

Screw virtues! Make it Tuesday!

Buttons. 12-12-2016 08:26 PM

Ha ha I will try and use my magic wand to change time :P

Voldemort 12-12-2016 08:30 PM

*Waits impatiently*

not_so_insig 12-12-2016 08:36 PM

You need a tardis

Voldemort 12-12-2016 08:36 PM


Cacoethes 12-12-2016 08:51 PM

That's great that Ritzi is coming to visit you! :)

I've taken my night meds in the hope that I'll be asleep soon to get a break from this pain!
Taken more paracetamol and ibuprofen but it's not touching it and the numbing gel numbed everything else EXCEPT the but that's hurting! What's that all about?!

Buttons. 12-12-2016 08:57 PM

Maybe try ice?

Voldemort 12-12-2016 08:58 PM

Owh that sucks, hopefully sleep will help make it go away. Or that it will go away so you can sleep.

Sketchy 12-12-2016 09:04 PM

I hope the pain goes away soon Beckie.

Voldemort 12-12-2016 09:07 PM

I'm bored as freaking hell.

Sketchy 12-12-2016 09:08 PM

You fed up with one tree hill?

Cacoethes 12-12-2016 09:09 PM

Thanks guys. Last night it woke me up at 2am then 4am and I had to stumble downstairs for painkillers. Also didn't help that I *may* have been a little drunk... :p
I'll give ice a go, thanks Katy :)

Hospitals can be very boring! Have you got any games on your laptop you can play?

Voldemort 12-12-2016 09:12 PM

I find I need a few things on the go to keep occupied. I'm having bad thoughts so desperately trying to distract from them.

No games, no. :(

Take painkillers and a glass of water up to bed tonight Beckie so it's there if you need it.

Sketchy 12-12-2016 09:16 PM

Do you have any of your writing to work on?

Cacoethes 12-12-2016 09:16 PM

Maybe you could find some online games?

That's a good idea amy. Will save me trying to navigate the stairs while half asleep!

Voldemort 12-12-2016 09:23 PM

No, no writing yet. Ritzi keeps forgetting to bring it in. I'm not big on computer games tbh.

not_so_insig 13-12-2016 03:18 AM

I heard that if you swill whisky in your mouth it's very good for tooth pain Beckie.

Cacoethes 13-12-2016 07:34 AM

I've heard that too dawn. I have no whiskey though. And I really don't like the taste of it!

Leaving for dentist soon.
I'm so worried that the bus isn't going to turn up! I CANNOT miss this appointment!

Buttons. 13-12-2016 09:12 AM

Hope you manage to get the bus Beckie!

Cacoethes 13-12-2016 09:41 AM

I did get the bus. But the dentist rang me just as I was coming into town to tell me they're rescheduling my appointment because the dentist is stuck in traffic. So now my appointment is 2:40pm :plain:
I have about 3 hours until college and no idea what to do with myself! I can't go home because by the time I get there, it will be time to come back!
So annoyed!! Got up at 6am for nothing!!!

Buttons. 13-12-2016 10:48 AM

Grr that does sound very frustrating!

Cacoethes 13-12-2016 11:06 AM

Got an hour and a half to go!
I'm on my second latte and been wandering around shops looking at pretty things I can't afford!
Was going to get a card for my brother but the queue in the card shop was mental!
There are loads of other card shops though so I'll try and find a different one!
I'm going to have to do more mooching about because college finishes at 1:30 and my appointment isn't until 2:40 :plain:
Just bad timing really!

Anyway! How are you Katy?

Buttons. 13-12-2016 11:17 AM

Bit of a dodgy stomach but otherwise reasonably okay I guess. Watching an animal rescue programme.

Cacoethes 13-12-2016 12:00 PM

Oh no! Dodgy stomachs are no fun :(
Animal rescue programmes are a good choice though!

Sketchy 13-12-2016 02:22 PM

Katy I hope you stomach gets better soon.

Beckie, good luck at the dentist.

I just went out to buy selection boxes to put in with people's xmas. I just have to buy a bottle of wine for my friend and I'm officially finished. At last!!!! I'm now having a cup of tea in the coffee shop waiting for my sister to join me.

Buttons. 13-12-2016 02:30 PM

^ Well done,and hope you have a nice time with your sister

Sketchy 13-12-2016 02:31 PM

Thank you.

Cacoethes 13-12-2016 03:10 PM

Well done Lorraine! Bet you're relieved!

Dentist appointment at 2:40. Not long now!
I really hope they can do something!

Buttons. 13-12-2016 03:36 PM

Fingers crossed for you Beckie <3

not_so_insig 13-12-2016 03:45 PM

Hey we are on the 100th page

Buttons. 13-12-2016 03:48 PM

^ 'Cos we are all just that awesome :D

Cacoethes 13-12-2016 05:55 PM

Hey guys!
Dentist was ok. I need my wisdom tooth out. So I'm being referred to surgical or whatever. She's put a dressing and temporary filling in. It's throbbing a bit but nowhere near the pain I was in before so Yay!
Now got to wait for the appointment to come through.

How are you guys?

Buttons. 13-12-2016 05:56 PM

That's good to hear Beckie!

[Luna] 13-12-2016 05:58 PM

Yay to being on the 100th page!!!

Sketchy 13-12-2016 06:00 PM

Beckie I'm glad you are on your way to getting your tooth sorted.

My sister just treated me to a pub lunch because my birthday is coming up. It's not until Friday, but she is spoiling me.

We are indeed awesome for reaching 100 pages.

[Luna] 13-12-2016 06:03 PM

:squeeee: :victory: :hop:

not_so_insig 13-12-2016 06:25 PM

My mum has finally told me what she wants for Christmas. I ordered it from amazon so once it arrives I will have finished my shopping.

It's nearly time for my SI free reward. I was going to buy a book but it's disappeared from my amazon wishlist so I think that someone has bought it for me for Christmas. So I have to think what else to buy myself.

Sketchy 13-12-2016 06:26 PM

Well done Dawn.

not_so_insig 13-12-2016 06:30 PM

I haven't reached there yet! It's Thursday officially. I think that I will wait before buying myself a reward until after Christmas in case I end up with two things the same (I ended up with 2 Harry Potter colouring books last year) & I have to do the hassle of returning stuff.

Cacoethes 13-12-2016 06:37 PM

Pub lunches are great! Hope you enjoyed it Lorraine!

That's great Dawn :)

Buttons. 13-12-2016 07:05 PM

I love pub lunches, what did you have?

Sketchy 13-12-2016 07:10 PM

I had halumi and chips. I'm still so full.

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