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Cacoethes 07-12-2016 05:09 PM

Hi Lorraine! How are you?

Sketchy 07-12-2016 05:15 PM

I'm ok. Having a lazy day. How are you?

Cacoethes 07-12-2016 05:32 PM

You deserve a lazy day after contending with Christmas shopping two days in a row!

I'm ok thanks. About to start cooking dinner. I'm making jumbalya. My favourite meal!

Sketchy 07-12-2016 05:48 PM

I've never had jumbalya. I hope you enjoy it.

Cacoethes 07-12-2016 06:16 PM

It's very tasty! And healthy!
I still need to attempt maths homework which I have been avoiding all day!

Sketchy 07-12-2016 06:30 PM

I always hated maths, so I don't blame you for avoiding it.

Voldemort 07-12-2016 06:53 PM

Hey guys! :)

Cacoethes 07-12-2016 06:58 PM

I've always hated maths too. With a passion!

Hi amy!

Voldemort 07-12-2016 07:00 PM

I liked maths well enough until quadratic equations reared their ugly head.

Guys, be proud! I had a bath! Now I'm exhausted.

Cacoethes 07-12-2016 07:23 PM

Luckily I won't have to do anything that advanced!

Well done amy! :)

Voldemort 07-12-2016 07:28 PM

You will for gcse! Good luck anyway.

Yesss. Hero points.

Bellatrix 07-12-2016 07:43 PM

I also hate maths. When I started working in the shop I was like NO I'LL HAVE TO DEAL WITH CHANGE. But luckily the til does it for me :P

Voldemort 07-12-2016 07:44 PM

You don't need to worry about maths, my most gracious servant.

Cacoethes 07-12-2016 08:08 PM

Oh no! I can't do quadratic equations!! I don't even know what the are?!?!

That's good that the till does it for you J!

Serendipity. 07-12-2016 08:11 PM

You'll learn Beckie! And then once you finish your course you can forget it all again :P I remember no maths. I pretty much have to use my fingers to count.

Buttons. 07-12-2016 08:14 PM

Managed (with adaptations) to have a shower today so feel less like a screb. Looks like it's a very clean thread today Amy!!

I hate maths with a passion (discalculia) Ha ha I empathise with the finger counting :P Also agree with the learn it for exam and then forget it forever!

Voldemort 07-12-2016 08:25 PM

Yay for clean peeps!

If you get a good teacher you should be fine, Beckie. I had a rubbish teacher.

Buttons. 07-12-2016 09:37 PM

^ I found the same, failed maths GCSE first time around with **** teacher then had a better one in college and scraped a C so I could do my nursing. Teachers make a massive difference imo.

Cacoethes 07-12-2016 09:45 PM

I actually do use my fingers to count! I'm pretty sure I have some sort of undiagnosed discalculia because I shouldn't find it as hard as I do!
My current teacher is very good though. Very understanding and patient.
I'll probably have different teachers when I eventually get to do my GCSEs though :/
I have to get through level 1 first. Then go on to level 2 and then I can finally do my GCSEs! I just need to scrape a C and then I can apply for uni!

Finished my maths homework! Finally!

Buttons. 07-12-2016 09:48 PM

Yeah a lot of discalculia goes undiagnosed mine was only found when I was about 14/15.

I'm sure you'll do just fine getting through this level and the next and enjoy uni-what was it you wanted to do again? I seem to remember something in the caring profession but have a memory like a sieve so...

Voldemort 07-12-2016 09:55 PM

I'm sure you'll be fine, Beckie, just keep working hard on it and it'll come.

Cacoethes 07-12-2016 09:59 PM

Thanks Katy. I really hope so!
English will be fine. Teacher is actually pretty shocked at how much I can do so quickly! I had some homework I didn't do so once I finished the first lesson handout (in about 5 minutes) I completed the homework in about 3 minutes.
It is really easy though, I'm not some sort of genius!

I want to be an adult nurse. Hopefully by the time I get to applying, my criminal past will be a distant memory. I've known nurses with criminal records so it doesn't necessarily mean I won't get in to uni, it might just take a bit more work.
I was actually thinking of doing an access to nursing course at college before applying to uni. The people at a uni open day I went to said it would increase my chances of getting in quite a lot.

Ninja post amy! Thank you :)

Voldemort 07-12-2016 10:06 PM

That's a good solid plan, Beckie and I hope you manage to get there!

Cacoethes 07-12-2016 10:11 PM

Thanks :)
I'm trying really hard!

HopeRises 07-12-2016 10:12 PM

If you do an access course do you have to do maths GCSE?

I'm in Uni and I don't have maths GCSE at a C or English GCSE for that matter. I did a adult nurmeracy certificate at Level 1 and Literacy certificate at level 2. Although I did do some maths stuff when doing my personal training course and the course was level 3 although the maths is probably GCSE equivilant. I don't know. Also, applying as a mature student helps a lot with the lack of GCSE stuff. I am doing a foundation course though, although 3 years it will still be a BSC.
There is hope out there without maths.

Voldemort 07-12-2016 10:17 PM

I know nothing about current ucas applications. I applied ten years ago. Jesus!! I am old!!

Cacoethes 07-12-2016 10:17 PM

I asked that at the open day and they said to get into the course, I must have my English and maths GCSES at at least a C. Even if I complete an access course, I will still have to have GCSEs unfortunately!
But that could be dependent on which uni I'm applying to as I know some have completely different entry requirements.

Voldemort 07-12-2016 10:21 PM

Well you've taken the right starting steps so be proud of yourself.

Cacoethes 07-12-2016 10:25 PM

Thank you amy, that means a lot :)

Voldemort 07-12-2016 10:27 PM

Of course! Credit where credit's due.

I tried an access course last year and ended up having a breakdown and landed in hospital for 5 months.

Cacoethes 07-12-2016 10:33 PM

It's certainly stressful.
When I was at college before at 17 years old, it made me have a breakdown.
You can always try again though when you're in a better place.

I'm off to bed now guys. Good night and sleep well!

Voldemort 07-12-2016 10:36 PM

Yeah. Maybe. Good night, sleep well.

Buttons. 07-12-2016 10:41 PM

Goodnight :)

Voldemort 07-12-2016 10:44 PM

Katy, how are you?

Buttons. 07-12-2016 11:28 PM

Surviving, you?

Voldemort 07-12-2016 11:30 PM

Same. What's up?

Bellatrix 08-12-2016 03:30 AM

Anyone still awake? I can't sleep.

Buttons. 08-12-2016 07:59 AM

Sorry wasn't around J, hope you managed to get some sleep.

Amy am just being a bit of an emo **** tbh :P

[Luna] 08-12-2016 10:11 AM

Hope you managed to get some sleep Jtrix.

Morning guys, how are you all?

Bellatrix 08-12-2016 10:28 AM

I did not, woe

how be you?

[Luna] 08-12-2016 10:30 AM

Oh no :( Any chance of a nap during the day?
What are you up to today?

I'm watching Mandy trying to whack the baubles off our christmas tree

Buttons. 08-12-2016 11:02 AM

Sorry to hear that J, I know the feeling! As Luna suggested maybe try to have a nap today.

Luna is Mandy a cat per chance? I lose track of everyone's pets!!

Buttons. 08-12-2016 11:07 AM

For the love of beans let it be an animal not a child *awkward anxious moment*

[Luna] 08-12-2016 11:17 AM

haha yes, she is my cat. She knocked one off then got bored.

Buttons. 08-12-2016 11:43 AM

Ha ha brilliant. My family learnt the hard way to put any chocolates on the tree way out of my terrier's reach :P

not_so_insig 08-12-2016 12:25 PM

Morning everyone.

Psych appointment today. I am nervous about it.

Buttons. 08-12-2016 12:35 PM

Morning :) Hope the psych appointment goes well, sure it will :)

not_so_insig 08-12-2016 12:54 PM

Thanks Katy. I don't think that I am sectionable but I am still worried. My psych is a lovely man though but has issues with timekeeping.

not_so_insig 08-12-2016 03:48 PM

I am in the waiting room for my appointment. I am using the hospitals free wifi.

Cacoethes 08-12-2016 03:49 PM

Hi everyone!

How's everyone's day been?

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