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long road 03-06-2023 07:58 AM

Hope training and the journey to and from goes well Beckie!

Cacoethes 03-06-2023 08:19 AM

Thank you!
I managed to get to the town in time!
(Fun fact, it's one of the two towns that world's end was filmed!)
I'm more worried about the journey back, because if i miss the last bus then I'm completely stuck! An uber would be 30. I have 4.33 XD
Someone on the local fb group said i could walk here in a few hours, but i think after 6 hours of training, it may kill me off lol

How are you?

long road 03-06-2023 09:15 AM

Glad you made It in time. *crossed fingers* going home goes as smoothly.

I am okish. Breathing is a bit dodgy but better than last few days. Mentally I am a bit all over the place, last night I cried because there was an itchy label in my PJs shorts, but keeping it together.

Cacoethes 03-06-2023 09:48 AM

I am so far the only one here apart from the instructors setting up.
So I'm just gonna hang around outside awkwardly XD
Luckily, spoons do free refills on tea, coffee and hot chocolate for 99p!!

Oh no! :(
Labels can be incredibly annoying though tbh!

tamobhuuta 03-06-2023 10:43 AM

Morning. I hope you get home OK Cacoethes.

I had a dream with Capaldi's doctor in it, he bought me pasta.

long road 03-06-2023 11:56 AM

I managed a 30-40minute nap just now which was much needed.

99p tea, coffee and hot chic is a win.

Hey Tamo. What a wonderfully random dream. Was it good pasta?

one_step_closer 03-06-2023 12:22 PM

Afternoon everyone. It's sunny here but it gave me a headache when I was going for my prescription so I'll stay in and enjoy looking at it through my window.

I hope everything goes well today, Beckie.

I'm glad you managed a nap, Jen. Do you have anything you'd like to do today?

Dreams are completely bizarre! Pasta is a good gift though.

long road 03-06-2023 12:38 PM

Sorry to hear you have a headache Lindsay, definitely stay in rest and hydrate.

Well I just got outside which is the thing I wanted to do today. Other than that no major plans. Partners parents were ment be coming over to help with some DIY but I think we might ask them not to and just have a chill day. Or only have chats not do chores

Cacoethes 03-06-2023 12:40 PM

Just popping on!
I'm getting a lift home which I'm pleased about!
Also a question, my pasta for lunch has mayo in it, its been out of the fridge since about 6:30am, lunch is at 1pm. I don't really want to risk food poisoning! It won't be ok to eat now will it?

long road 03-06-2023 12:50 PM

Huzzah for a lift home.

Weather spoons keep the mayo out of the fridge in the condiment baskets all day so I reckon your pasta will be safe.

nonperson 03-06-2023 01:08 PM

You'll be fine, Beckie. I put mayo in my sandwich every day for work and leaving it out of the fridge in all weathers until lunchtime hasn't killed me yet!

Cacoethes 03-06-2023 01:12 PM

That's a good point actually. We keep the mayo out of the fridge during the day at work as well!
Good to know np!

nonperson 03-06-2023 01:16 PM

Some people don't put sauces in the fridge at all... like ever.

Now that could be a poll-worthy debate.

long road 03-06-2023 01:16 PM

Hi NP!

nonperson 03-06-2023 01:17 PM


not_so_insig 03-06-2023 01:20 PM

Hello all. My recent unwellness has gone thankfully. Feel fine in that respect.

Cacoethes 03-06-2023 01:26 PM

Nah i definitely have sauces in the fridge!
I ate some mayo that had been in there too long though and honestly it was so bad i felt like i was having contractions and spent all day on the toilet!

I've decided against the pasta as it also has chicken and bacon.
I just really can't be dealing with food poisoning in public!

nonperson 03-06-2023 01:48 PM

The chicken and bacon will be fine too. It won't go bad in a matter of hours. EAT LUNCH. You will need the energy for the afternoon.

long road 03-06-2023 01:54 PM

I agree with NP. Eat lunch Beckie!

long road 03-06-2023 01:59 PM

Also Hello Dawn!

not_so_insig 03-06-2023 02:31 PM

I agree with the others tbh Beckie. Last thing you want is to be collapsing due to lack of food.

Hi Jen.

Cacoethes 03-06-2023 02:51 PM

I did have other food! And only 1hr 30 left to go!

Did a flying snap kick for the first time! Quite amazed that i didn't fall over XD

long road 03-06-2023 04:26 PM

Glad you had other food.

Remind me not to get on your bad side if you can kick like that XD
More seriously you have to get a video of you doing it sometime it would be so cool to see.

one_step_closer 03-06-2023 04:50 PM

Well done, Beckie!

I'm glad your unwellness has passed, Dawn.

How are all your days going?

long road 03-06-2023 05:11 PM

Meh. Everytime things seem to be going ok my asthma starts to flare again. Did spend sometime outside though which was nice.

one_step_closer 03-06-2023 05:16 PM

Sorry to hear that, Jen. Is something triggering your flare ups if things seem ok for a bit and then not? I'm glad you got to spend some nice time outside.

Cacoethes 03-06-2023 05:17 PM

I am home!

I'd actually like to see a video of me doing it tbh!
Like when people film themselves in the gym to check their form.

Thanks lindsay!

I feel incredibly sick. Have done all day, i think exacerbated by the car journey.
I'm gonna go out and get some ginger biscuits soon i think. They help with nausea!

How are you lindsay?

Well done for spending some time outside!
The asthma flaring does sound very frustrating

one_step_closer 03-06-2023 05:19 PM

Very long day, Beckie. I hope you can get your biscuits and then have some rest time.

I'm still struggling. Tried the cheese and spring onion grill things but they seemed a lot like the cauliflower cheese grills just chunkier.

long road 03-06-2023 05:45 PM

I think it's ok for a bit after I take my inhaler but the relief doesnt last. Also I should probably be resting more as doing any kind of physical activity makes it a little worse. But I haven't done that much just been outside which is important for mental health and managing FND.

And thirdly I think the heat isn't helping, my flat has been getting quite hot and humid doing my best to use a fan and ventilate. But because pollen and smoke can trigger it too I have to be careful when I open windows.

Basically it's very tricky to balance it all at the moment. Hopefully steroids will get it under control again for now and then hospital doctors will prescribe one of the possible treatments and I will get it all back under control.

long road 03-06-2023 05:47 PM

You shall have to ask someone to film you next time you practise it for learning purposes as well as evidence of awesomeness then.

Hope ginger biscuits help Beckie.

We're the chunks ok Lindsay or do you prefer the cauliflower ones?

Cacoethes 03-06-2023 06:05 PM

Have acquired ginger biscuits!

Sounds like a tough thing to get right jen!

I doubt I'll be doing flying snap kick again for a while, it's a red tag move i think. Maybe in the next all day training!

Thanks. They appear to be helping already.
Practically lived on ginger biscuits when i was pregnant and had morning sickness!

long road 03-06-2023 06:13 PM

It's a tough balancing act. I really want to avoid hospital so doing my absolute best to get it right and not get too stressed in the mean time.

Hooray for ginger biscuits! And them helping with the sick feeling.

A red tag move goodness that's at least 2 grades above what your next grading is, isn't it.? Double well done for not falling over.

Cacoethes 03-06-2023 06:22 PM

I think you're doing well!

Red tag is 4 grades above me!
That's the great thing about the all day training, we get to try all sorts of things from all grades (apart from black belt!) That we don't get the chance to do in a normal class.
And I've finally got the hang of Do-san (next pattern for grading)
I was really struggling with it, but did it about a million times today!

long road 03-06-2023 06:27 PM

I am doing the best I can.

Wow! 4 grades up. Cool to get to try new fancy high level moves. Glad you feel like you finally have Do-san in hand. Repetition is the best way to learn things like that. When is grading?

Cacoethes 03-06-2023 06:41 PM

And that's all anyone can ask!

Yes absolutely!
My grading won't be until September now.
They do them every 3 months, but because i was in hospital, i don't have the required number of lessons to grade (i think it's 24)
The June grading is next week. Definitely not ready or have enough lessons!

long road 03-06-2023 06:58 PM

Good to have some breathing room before grading then. Also less boiling in a dobok in September as opposed to June!

Cacoethes 03-06-2023 07:15 PM

They are really very thick and quite heavy!
Though apparently, in peak summer, we can just wear the dobok bottoms and a black t shirt. Idk if it has to be the club branded one, but we'll be told I'm sure!

long road 03-06-2023 07:25 PM

Crossed fingers you don't have to pay for a club one and can just wear plain black. Would mean you wouldn't have to wear a jacket over a dobok and could just head to training in the tshirt

Cacoethes 03-06-2023 07:57 PM

I don't have any plain black t shirts either!
And they're not actually that expensive.
My hoodie was only 33. Which is pretty decent for an adult size hoodie! Especially one with the club logo on it.

Yeah that would be good! It's only 10 mins to my usual class, but literally everyone i come across stares at me!

long road 03-06-2023 08:18 PM

Soo much cooler and less attention drawing. Hope you can wear a t-shirt to class all summer.

Club t-shirt shouldn't be more than like 18 if 33 is the hoodie price and bet club one will be much nicer quality than a plain black from somewher elike primark

long road 03-06-2023 08:20 PM

I am a bit of a mess to be honest. Am watching people go round Disney World, I have never been to a Disney park and am not a hardcore fan but something about people going on Disney holidays is relaxing. I guess it's a very fun and happy atmosphere, especially in an edited vlog.

not_so_insig 03-06-2023 08:25 PM

Thanks Lindsay.

I am sitting outside and have been since 4 pm. It's still quite warm here. Considering going for a shower since there is naff all on the telly. Or opening a bottle of wine.

Cacoethes 03-06-2023 08:42 PM

You are actually spot on! It is 18!!!
And the hoodie is really good quality, so the t shirts should be too.
The logo is sewn/embroidered on too, not a transfer that comes off after 2 washes!

Honestly, disney land/world sounds like absolute hell.
It's always boiling hot and crowded, the food is ridiculously expensive and hours long queues for the rides!
They will always look better in edited videos.

long road 03-06-2023 08:47 PM

I used to sell stash (club clothing) for my university archery club so I knew rough scalings. Stil impressed I got it right! Embroidered logos are the best.

I don't think I will ever go to Disney reckon I would get overwhelmed in first ten minutes. It's crazy price wise as well. But it's fun to watch / numb my brain with.

Cacoethes 03-06-2023 08:55 PM

That is pretty impressive!
I would absolutely not be able to remember anything like that!

It just doesn't appeal to me in the slightest!
Definitely very overwhelming!

long road 03-06-2023 09:28 PM

I have a weird memory it remembers all sort of random ****. It doesn't really have a delete button and some things just stick. For example I forgotten most of the Italian I ever knew but I can describe one specific page from an Italian textbook that I studied for a test like 17 years ago. Kind of useless but occassionally it comes in trumps.

I think the idea appeals but not the reality for me. Now watching people bike across Iowa on a tandem bicycle as part of a festival where all the towns host parties and have food trucks and stuff.

Cacoethes 04-06-2023 06:22 AM

So do I!
I can remember ridiculous things from decades ago, but nothing actually useful!

That does sound cool!

Morning everyone!
I woke up at 5:40am. Which is actually an Improvement XD

long road 04-06-2023 07:55 AM

Morning! I woke up at 7:45am which is not an improvement. Didn't sleep until 1amish and woke up at some point in middle of night.

Hope you aren't too sore this morning Beckie after al day training yesterday

Cacoethes 04-06-2023 08:14 AM

Ugh! How awful!
I had a similar night!

I'm not actually that sore today. Not as much as last time!
We did a lot of side stretches at the end though, probably longer than last time, so that probably helped because we did A LOT of kicks!

How are you doing? Anything planned for today?

long road 04-06-2023 08:26 AM

I miss sleeping properly. Hopefully we can both get back there at some point soon.

A proper cool down is important, glad you aren't too sore.

I am a bit short if breath but then when am I not at the moment. Mood wise not sure yet. Only plans are getting outside at some point, doing the online shop and video chatting my brother this evening. How about you? Is today a rest day?

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