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Ahimsa 26-04-2023 10:20 AM

What type of tea Tamo?

tamobhuuta 26-04-2023 10:24 AM


Cacoethes 26-04-2023 10:25 AM

Dads are always tricky to buy for
Gift card to somewhere?

tamobhuuta 26-04-2023 10:47 AM

Can't think what for. I asked what he would like and he said an apron so now I'm trawling the internet trying to find a nice one. Maybe a personalised one?

Cacoethes 26-04-2023 10:50 AM

A personalised one would be nice!

one_step_closer 26-04-2023 12:26 PM

Afternoon everyone.

Oh no, Beckie has the grumps. Sorry you didn't get much sleep. I hope today is ok for you.

Personalised things are always appreciated.

Cacoethes 26-04-2023 12:31 PM

It's getting a bit shouty out there again.

The nurse asked the drs if i can go home just for a day.
I need to feel like the outside world is still real and feel normal for a day.
They said they'd review it tomorrow. So it wasn't a straight no. Send good vibes!

How are you doing lindsay?

not_so_insig 26-04-2023 12:32 PM

Afternoon all. I have been swimming today.

one_step_closer 26-04-2023 12:49 PM

I'm sending you ALL the good vibes, Beckie. Do you think you'd be ok at home? I hate shouty, I wish they would shut up and I'm not even there! I can imagine it though.

Afternoon, Dawn. Did you enjoy your swim?

I'm struggling. Got some chocolate though.

not_so_insig 26-04-2023 12:54 PM

Yes I enjoyed myself thanks Lindsay. The pool was very crowded for the first 20 minutes then nearly everyone got out. So although there was more people than last week I coped ok. Kids were a nightmare in the changing room however.

Cacoethes 26-04-2023 12:59 PM

Thanks lindsay!
I'd be fine. I just need to get back for a bit, maybe see my friends and the boys of course.
I feel like a caged animal in here. Pacing the same room and corridors.

I hope the chocolate helps!
I think it's meant to make the serotonin do a thing

tamobhuuta 26-04-2023 01:24 PM

I found a nice apron and I checked with Mum that he'd like it :)

I'm glad you enjoyed your swim insig.

I hope you are well enough to have some home time Cacoethes.

What chocolate have you got osc?

Cacoethes 26-04-2023 01:43 PM

Lovely! I hope he likes it!

Thank you :)

one_step_closer 26-04-2023 02:31 PM

I'm glad you enjoyed your swim, Dawn. Kids are a nightmare anywhere I think!

I know how trapped and further crazy psych wards can make you feel Beckie. I do hope you can get some time off the ward and it works out well for you.

What is the apron like Tamo?

During my middle of the night snack spending one night I got a Happy Birthday huge slab of chocolate from Hotel Choclat (expensive) because I liked the one my brother got me for my birthday. This is one of the things I really need to stop doing.

Cacoethes 26-04-2023 02:38 PM

I managed to get out for a walk!
I went out for the 'fresh air' break and when the others went back in, staff said we could go for a walk round the block. About 10 mins. It was really nice! Very tired now though.

Hotel chocolat is so good though
Could you delete amazon before you go to bed?

tamobhuuta 26-04-2023 03:05 PM

It's a William Morris print.

Hotel chocolat is nommy! Can you make it last so it doesn't feel as expensive?

I'm glad you got your walk.

Cacoethes 26-04-2023 03:08 PM


What are you up to tamo?

long road 26-04-2023 04:32 PM

Afternoon all.

one_step_closer 26-04-2023 04:52 PM

I'm so pleased you got out for a walk finally, Beckie. Are you resting now.

Deleting Amazon is a good idea as long as I don't reinstall it in bed. I can be a bad girl at times! That's how those puzzle alarm things don't work for me, they go off and then I just delete the app instead of doing the puzzles to make them shut up!

I don't think I've seen any William Morris prints. I hope I can make the chocolate last but usually if I have any snacks in my house I eat them quickly.

Edited because Jen edited - How do we know when it's evening not afternoon? I keep forgetting I eat dinner early so it's still the afternoon.

tamobhuuta 26-04-2023 04:59 PM

My evening starts at 5pm.

long road 26-04-2023 04:59 PM

Sorry for edit just felt I was moaning too much

I don't know with the evening afternoon thing. I think evening starts at 6pm for me. But I couldn't tell you why.

My Uncle has reproductions of William Morris wallpaper on the walls of his big fancy Victorian terrace house in London.

one_step_closer 26-04-2023 05:00 PM

Happy just started evening then, Tamo!

long road 26-04-2023 05:01 PM

Tamo have you seen the Inside the Factory episode on making crumpets? I watched it on Monday and I thought you might like to watch it too as I know how much you love crumpets. It's on iPlayer at the moment.

one_step_closer 26-04-2023 05:01 PM

Moaning is allowed. Ooh you have an uncle with a fancy house. Are you in contact with him?

long road 26-04-2023 05:10 PM


Originally Posted by one_step_closer (Post 4347606)
Moaning is allowed. Ooh you have an uncle with a fancy house. Are you in contact with him?

I decided to keep moaning to my RV/serious thread, it felt more appropriate.

I am. He travels a lot though and I haven't seen him and my aunt since before Covid, because of getting FND during Covid, I am only just getting to point I have energy to travel to my parents who live near London. Maybe next time I am at parents I can try and see him if he is in the country. They have visited nearly every country in the world and been to all seven continents!

To be fair they bought the house in the early eighties when it was rundown and had been converted into bedsits and they slowly restored it. But they finished the renovations before I was born so it's always been fancy to me!

one_step_closer 26-04-2023 05:17 PM

I wouldn't have the patience to renovate a house. Just give me a boring modern fully functioning one! I'm not interested in travelling either really. Do you like travelling, if it doesn't negatively impact on you? Is there anywhere you'd really like to go if you could?

long road 26-04-2023 05:33 PM

I used to love travelling. Went to a load of places as a teenager with the scouts: Germany, Northern Italy, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Finland and Canada. Did Portugal and Majorca as a kid with family but we mostly stayed in UK. Oh and Rome with my parents as a teenager.

Travelled a lot less as I have got older though not because if not wanting to but because of time and expense and effort of organising. Since then I have been to Germany once, Austria many times as my brother lives there, back to Rome to show it to my partner and that's about it. Apart from a few UK holidays (2 in Cornwall, 1 in Scotland near Loch Awe).

My dream destinations if my health wasn't an issue would be Iceland, New Zealand and Japan. I would also love to go to Italy for a fourth time, I speak a little Italian and there is so much to explore. But for now at least travel isn't viable.

nonperson 26-04-2023 06:06 PM

Where is Beckie?! I need to have words.

not_so_insig 26-04-2023 06:11 PM

Hopefully Beckie is just asleep and nothing serious happened.

tamobhuuta 26-04-2023 06:12 PM

If travel was easier I would love to visit Italy.

not_so_insig 26-04-2023 06:15 PM

If I could i would like to visit Italy and Iceland. Sadly my travelling is restricted to the UK.

long road 26-04-2023 06:23 PM

I watch travel vlogs as escapism. I can't travel right now but watching others travel helps me imagine what visiting somewhere would be like.

Cacoethes 26-04-2023 06:33 PM

*is summoned*
Albeit a little late!
Np, where you at?

nonperson 26-04-2023 06:45 PM

Oh there you are!

I just wanted to explain that if you felt a wobble in the force this morning, then it was coming from me because I was sending massive frustrated vibes your way. I keep getting really badly earwormed by Dumb Ways to Die, especially this morning while I was trying to organise three people and couldn't play other music to drown it out and it was so loud and oh god I'm having flashbacks........

Cacoethes 26-04-2023 06:52 PM

This pleases me more than it should
And tbh, i genuinely did feel like the vibes were off this morning!

nonperson 26-04-2023 06:55 PM

I thought it might please you! Which kinda pleases me too but I'm trying to be mad at you.

I also just hummed it while going to the toilet. Thought you should know.

long road 26-04-2023 06:59 PM

'Eating two week old unrefrigerated pie....'

nonperson 26-04-2023 07:06 PM


But I'm too exhausted from a hard day's earworming to send bad vibes to you too =P

Cacoethes 26-04-2023 07:15 PM

This is hilarious to me XD

dumb ways to diiiieee

nonperson 26-04-2023 07:29 PM


long road 26-04-2023 07:29 PM

Your conversation with Beckie gave me the earworm too so it seemed only fair to share XD

Dumb ways to die reminds me of the horrible histories segment Stupid Deaths. It had a theme song that went 'Stupid Deaths, stupid deaths, they're funny cos they're true. Stupid Deaths, stupid deaths, hope next time it's not you!'

Cacoethes 26-04-2023 07:34 PM

I LOVED stupid deaths.
OG horrible histories was awesome

I've been to rome, venice and milan.
Beautiful country and lovely people!

long road 26-04-2023 07:36 PM

Have you seen ghosts Beckie? It's a comedy series about a house full of ghosts from different eras by the original horrible histories cast. I am only partway through season three but I have really enjoyed it.

Cacoethes 26-04-2023 07:48 PM

It rings a bell but don't think I've watched it!

Venice is lovely, as are neighbouring bits Murano and Burano. You have to go on boats literally everywhere. They have boat ambulances!
You can't really spend more than a few days though, it is very small!

long road 26-04-2023 08:14 PM

Ghosts is on iPlayer if you wish to continue to use the TV license that sneakily come out of your bank account!

I spent 48 hours camping on the Lido just outside Venice and then about 12 hours in Venice but I didn't really sightsee much so I'd like to go back. As someone who can't swim no roads only canals did make me a bit nervous! Also the Venetian dialect is very different to the 'standard' Italian I was taught at GCSE. Most of that holiday was spent in the dolomite mountains. Rome is amazing I have been there twice and would happily go again so much history! I haven't been to Naple but my partner visited a friend who lived out there and said there is marble everywhere as there are marble quarries in the surrounding areas.

one_step_closer 26-04-2023 08:15 PM

I watched a tiny bit of Ghosts and couldn't get into it. I had just watched What We Do In The Shadows and liked that so maybe I didn't give Ghosts enough of a chance because I was sad about finishing the other show.

long road 26-04-2023 08:19 PM

It occasionally is a bit much for me cringe wise but I do find it very funny. I would say it gets better after an episode or two.

Cacoethes 26-04-2023 08:23 PM

The payment came back out so i haven't paid it. But yolo
I'll pay it on friday

Marble quarries sound quite cool!

long road 26-04-2023 08:30 PM

YOLO. The ward probably has a TV license anyway so technically it's not illegal.

My brother would agree with you he is a geologist

Ahimsa 26-04-2023 08:43 PM

Hi all

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