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Ahimsa 23-04-2023 06:57 PM

It's at 9:20am, and they said it'll be 75 minutes. I start work at 11 so hopefully it isn't longer than that!

tamobhuuta 23-04-2023 07:01 PM

Good luck with your appointment Ahimsa! I hope it's productive.

Good division of labour there LR.

Cacoethes 23-04-2023 07:08 PM

Good luck with the appointment!

Have you eaten the roast jen?

long road 23-04-2023 08:30 PM

Yes I ate my roast, we were late putting it on so only sat down at 8pm. It was sooo worth waiting though, very delicious!!!

I have also managed to do the online shopping order. I have ordered burgers to have as a treat meal and some fancy cola to go with them.

Now sat down watching a travel vlog of someone visiting the Carribbean. Might make a tea or a hot chocolate in a minute.

It has felt good to be able to do a few things today (washing up, shopping and going outside) especially after a slow start.

Cacoethes 23-04-2023 08:43 PM

Glad you enjoyed it!
I am intrigued about the fancy cola

Hot chocolate sounds good

Well done for what you've achieved today!

long road 23-04-2023 08:52 PM

It's fentimans curiosity cola. It's a more old fashioned style recipe with a bit of ginger in it and is our favourite cola.

I think I shall have hot chocolate. Bit late for tea. I have some amazing Clipper Hot Chocolate on the go at the moment.

Thanks for the congrats I know it isn't much really but it's quite a lot for me.

Cacoethes 23-04-2023 09:14 PM

Ohh I've had one of those i think!

Sounds lovely!
I've missed tonights hot chocolate because i have a stomach ache. Sad times.

And that's brilliant! Some people can do loads, some people can't do as much. We all have different abilities. You've done more than i have today!

Ahimsa 23-04-2023 09:28 PM

Quiz night!

Which 7 letter word has the dictionary definition of ‘to perplex greatly or bewilder?’

Pi.R^2 23-04-2023 09:29 PM


Pi.R^2 23-04-2023 09:30 PM

Also hello, missed everything then arrived just as the quiz started!

Ahimsa 23-04-2023 09:33 PM


Ahimsa 23-04-2023 09:35 PM

The answer is Flummox!

Cacoethes 23-04-2023 09:36 PM

I love that word

Ahimsa 23-04-2023 09:36 PM

Next question!

What flavour are the following packets of Hula Hoops?
Red, blue, Orange, purple, and green?

Pi.R^2 23-04-2023 09:47 PM


ready salted, salt and vinegar, chicken, worcester sauce, cheese and onion???

I swear I've never seen orange or purple hula hoops and I'm tying myself in knots wondering if I've got blue and green the wrong way round!

Ahimsa 23-04-2023 09:48 PM

So close!

Purple is Smokey bacon, you got all the others!

Pi.R^2 23-04-2023 10:19 PM

Wow! As if they have chicken flavoured hula hoops!

long road 23-04-2023 10:44 PM

Stomach ache is definitely sad times. But there is always tomorrow.

Thanks. And didn't mean to rub in on that you are stuck inside. Just hard not to compare myself to the old me who that would be nothing to you know? Still sometimes struggle to accept my ability level while slowly improving is a lot lower than it was for most of my adult life.

Ooh suprise quiz!

I have never seen a chicken or smokey bacon packet of hula hoops. I have seen a brown BBQ beef packet though!

long road 23-04-2023 10:46 PM


Originally Posted by Ahimsa (Post 4347216)
The answer is Flummox!

Such a good word!

Ahimsa 23-04-2023 11:08 PM

Isn't it!!

Cacoethes 24-04-2023 08:50 AM

I didn't think you were rubbing it in at all jen, dont worry!

Morning everyone

Elmer 24-04-2023 08:58 AM

Would anybody like two geriatric cats? They're very loud and smelly, and one of them enjoys urinating on furniture. Also they have expensive prescription food that they often refuse to eat, and also they want it at 5am sharp. They're very photogenic.

nonperson 24-04-2023 09:04 AM

Morning all.

Elmer, initially I thought yes! I already have a loud cat so I'm used to that. I have no sense of smell so that's not a problem. I'm also ok with early feeding and fancy food... but urinating on the furniture, no thank you! I'm sure you don't want to give them away really.

I'm waiting for another parcel to be collected at an unknown time... >.<

Cacoethes 24-04-2023 09:20 AM

I don't think my guinea pigs would be impressed tbh XD

Oh no np!
Hopefully they'll come sooner rather than later

Elmer 24-04-2023 10:14 AM

Alas, I guess I'm keeping the lil shits. (Although they have cohabitated with guinea pigs before, just fyi)

Hope the parcel collection people arrive early and you can get on with your day NP :)

Cacoethes 24-04-2023 10:26 AM

The guinea pigs run the house. They'd probably be ok with their presence, but not sharing anything else XD

Elmer 24-04-2023 10:43 AM

Those guinea pigs have you wrapped around their teeny tiny toes :')

(I'm just as bad with the cats tbf)

Zurg 24-04-2023 10:58 AM

The entire point with having pets is that they take over your house, life, free time and your income. And you have never felt more grateful!!! XD

not_so_insig 24-04-2023 11:06 AM

Morning all. I feel extremely rotten as my hay-fever is really bad today.

nonperson 24-04-2023 11:30 AM

Zurg, you are so right!

I'm still waiting... :plain:

Done some washing up and a bit of tidying, put some washing on and away, hoovered, achieved some life admin... I was hoping they'd come early like they did last time then I could at least do an afternoon at work but technically that means I should start in 15 minutes so I guess that's not happening =(

Now I'm worrying they won't come at all!

Cacoethes 24-04-2023 11:31 AM

Oh they absolutely do!
They live like kings even when i haven't myself showered or eaten a vegetable in god knows how long XD

Ugh how annoying!
Well done for being productive though!

nonperson 24-04-2023 12:26 PM

I've run out of steam now!

What're you entertaining yourself with today?

Cacoethes 24-04-2023 12:35 PM

Time for a rest and a cuppa i think!

I am mostly trying to avoid the latest ward drama, which is that the food served at lunch was freezing cold. Which it shouldn't be tbf.

tamobhuuta 24-04-2023 12:40 PM

Good afternoon everyone. My issue of Vogue came this morning so that's quite exciting.

nonperson 24-04-2023 12:56 PM

Oh no, not freezing lunch! It's a warm lunch sort of day, I'm going to stick something in the oven because I can't feel my fingers...

Hope you enjoy Vogue, tamo! What kind of stuff is in it?

long road 24-04-2023 01:01 PM

Afternoon everyone!

My excitement for the day is our toilet seat cracked last night and tried to bite my butt! So partner is off to buy a new toilet seat shortly, but it's all drama we could do without.

I currently haven't left bed yet apart from to get a late breakfast. But planning to get up shortly and watch some TV.

Cacoethes 24-04-2023 01:09 PM

It is. They're supposed to have a thermometer to check it's cooked, which seemingly did not happen today.

What kind of toilet seat? You can get some really funky ones!

What are you going to watch?

tamobhuuta 24-04-2023 01:10 PM

Mostly fashion and beauty. I especially love looking at adverts for really expensive brands. But there's also things like reccomended books so I'll read that and see if I fancy any of them.

one_step_closer 24-04-2023 01:18 PM

Hello people.

I hope your appointment went well, Beth.

I thought you were asking if we wanted garlic cats there, Elmer.

Pets are the boss of your house and your life.

Hayfever sucks, Dawn. I hope you're not too bad with it. Do you take meds for it?

I hope your delivery comes soon, NP. Well done with everything you've done in the meantime.

Eww cold food, unless it was salad.

I hope you're enjoying your magazine, Tamo. For some reason I find it easier to read books than magazines.

Definitely get a funky toilet seat, Jen!

What are you up to, Beckie?

long road 24-04-2023 01:19 PM


Originally Posted by Cacoethes (Post 4347259)
What kind of toilet seat? You can get some really funky ones!

What are you going to watch?

Just going for a white one so it matches the toilet. But upgrading from plastic to wood and getting a soft close. We were partly swayed by what was available at local B&Q so we can replace it today,as using a broken toilet seat is risky!

I have just got to the sofa and going to watch a you tube video of people driving tiny motorbikes 1000km across Peru as part of an event called the Monkey Run. The bikes are called monkey bikes and are deliberately unreliable/unsuited for the task! It looks super fun. Just got to make a coffee.

one_step_closer 24-04-2023 01:24 PM

How do people come up with things like that?! It does sound fun to watch though.

Aww, I wanted you to get a fishy toilet seat or something. I'll have to think about whether to forgive you or not.

long road 24-04-2023 01:32 PM

Maybe they just have weird dreams like me but unlike me make them reality? It is fun to watch though.

To be fair the fanciest b&q had in stock was like fake marble which looked weird. And in reality I just want something solid to sit on to do my business!

Cacoethes 24-04-2023 01:35 PM

The cold food was supposed to be hot. One was meat which is concerning!

I'm listening to music. Not really much else to do!

Yeah broken toilet seats can hurt!

Sounds like a cool show!

How are you lindsay? Any plans?

not_so_insig 24-04-2023 01:37 PM

I take Benadryl Lindsay but find I can't take it with some of my meds as it gives me terrible akathesia. Even though I was told it's safe to take together.

one_step_closer 24-04-2023 01:40 PM

Usually meals in my local ward are too hot.

If you have a good dream, Jen, I'll help you make it into reality. I'll let you off with the toilet seat. Soft close does sound like a good thing.

What are you listening to, Beckie?

I'm trying to be ok. Got lots of stuff done so just taking it easy for now.

one_step_closer 24-04-2023 01:41 PM

Akathesia is awful. Do you have any other options?

not_so_insig 24-04-2023 01:43 PM

Well done on doing stuff Lindsay. I am sitting here waiting for tesco. 2 unavailable items and one substitute.

not_so_insig 24-04-2023 01:45 PM

Ninja Lindsay! Fortunately my meds that I cant take with them are prn. I am going to try a different antihistamine.

nonperson 24-04-2023 01:48 PM


Originally Posted by long road (Post 4347263)
Just going for a white one so it matches the toilet. But upgrading from plastic to wood and getting a soft close.

That's what I did recently when I broke my plastic one - swapped to wood and soft close. Game changer!

More excited about that than I should be... =P

Wasn't there a phase of those special toilet seats with barbed wire and stuff embedded in the middle?

Parcel person has just been!

not_so_insig 24-04-2023 01:52 PM

Yay nonperson!

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