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nonperson 11-07-2022 10:08 AM

I tuned in just at that moment! =P

Feck it's hot already. Don't go outside guys.

not_so_insig 11-07-2022 10:15 AM

Morning all.

I was going to town but the heat put me off. I do not cope well with the heat. Last thing I want to do is to collapse and end up in hospital. I am currently sitting in front of the fan. Fortunately the only thing that's time critical is getting something from the sorting office.

Cacoethes 11-07-2022 10:23 AM

Sadly i have no choice but to be out! Just arrived at work
At least we have air con inside but the walk here was unpleasant!

not_so_insig 11-07-2022 11:26 AM

Be very careful in this heat Beckie.

Cacoethes 11-07-2022 11:32 AM

I will. I'm going to make sure to stay hydrated!

not_so_insig 11-07-2022 12:21 PM

Good plan.

one_step_closer 11-07-2022 01:48 PM

Everyone look after yourselves.

I forced myself to go to Tesco (about 25 mins there and 25 mins back) and it was horrible. Plus I decided against a recipe I was going to try so I didn't even get much. Gave them some books for their charity book shelves though.

That image of Mrs Doubtfire is making me want cream cakes!

not_so_insig 11-07-2022 01:51 PM

Tamobhuuta there isn't any Doctors this week or next. I think it's finished for the summer.

tamobhuuta 11-07-2022 01:53 PM

I know! Life is hard!

one_step_closer 11-07-2022 01:59 PM

Would you re-watch the ones that are online or do you have something else you can watch?

Cacoethes 11-07-2022 02:13 PM

It is 31c!!!
It's nice inside though with the air con on.
I've been avoiding going outside!

tamobhuuta 11-07-2022 04:00 PM

I had to go out for my clozapine which was a mission.

Osc I'm rewatching once upon a time! It's just really fun.
Well done on Tesco, it's over now! Time to look after yourself :)

not_so_insig 11-07-2022 04:37 PM

Lindsay I hope you got some ice cream whilst in tesco.

not_so_insig 11-07-2022 04:43 PM

Also psa they're shutting my road next Tuesday to Thursday. I think that they're replacing the phone poles then so if I disappear for several days it's because my phone line is down. I dont get a terribly good mobile phone signal here so I can't post. I also don't have unlimited data so I am going to go online less. I thought I would say because I don't want to worry people.

nonperson 11-07-2022 04:59 PM

I'm jealous of your aircon, Beckie. It got up to 38 degrees in the glasshouses today! I wasn't in there thankfully.

one_step_closer 11-07-2022 05:16 PM

I didn't get any ice cream in Tesco because I know I would eat loads of whatever I got and it would be gone within 24 hours which is bad. I hope you don't have too many problems with your phone line, Dawn.

You have air con, Beckie? Lucky you!

I don't know how you manage to work in this heat, NP.

nonperson 11-07-2022 05:24 PM

There's a degree of acclimatisation involved to be honest. You do kind of get used to it. I'm quite ready for autumn though...

Cacoethes 11-07-2022 06:15 PM

I think if we didn't have air con i would have called in sick XD
We had a long power cut today which was awkward because the tills all shut down so we couldn't put any orders through or take payments.
And the kitchen took a while to get back up and running. It came back on though!
We time travelled. The till said it was August 2012

nonperson 11-07-2022 07:45 PM

Did that mean the air con was out too?

Wow, August 2012.

Something similar happened at work here last week too. It must be going round. Don't think any time travel occurred though.

Cacoethes 11-07-2022 07:48 PM

Sadly yes!
The kitchen suffered most. They all had to go outside because it was like 100 C in there without the air con!

Yep. Jasmine would have been one month old!


nonperson 11-07-2022 07:51 PM

Aw baby Jasmine =)

I was still at my old job living at home. And probably mostly watching the London Olympics.

Cacoethes 11-07-2022 08:02 PM

Ah yes, the Olympics!
I managed to avoid all that stuff!

nonperson 11-07-2022 09:07 PM

I like that stuff. Apart from the crazy hype.

Cacoethes 11-07-2022 09:09 PM

I'm not a fan of sports in general!
I mean, i can appreciate the amazing athleticism but i just find it boring to watch
Each to their own i suppose!

not_so_insig 11-07-2022 09:23 PM

I only like horse sports. The only other thing I watched at the last Olympics was the triathlon.

Cacoethes 12-07-2022 08:22 AM

Morning everyone!

I had a vivid dream about pumpkin pie.
Apparently you can't buy it anywhere at this time of year (makes sense because pumpkins) so i am sad

tamobhuuta 12-07-2022 10:22 AM

I lurve pumpkin pie.

Cacoethes 12-07-2022 10:31 AM

Me too!
So good!

Morning tamo

tamobhuuta 12-07-2022 10:48 AM

Morning :) how are you?

Cacoethes 12-07-2022 10:49 AM

I'm ok thanks!

How are you?

not_so_insig 12-07-2022 10:49 AM

Morning all.

tamobhuuta 12-07-2022 10:51 AM

I'm ok. I'm going to meet someone who might be my spiritual director later.

Hi insig :) you OK?

not_so_insig 12-07-2022 10:56 AM

No I am not. My back aches and this is the second day in a row I have woken up early because of the heat. I am bloody boiling. The thing is there's naff all on the telly and I cant leave the flat because I am expecting amazon parcel today. Well several parcels.

not_so_insig 12-07-2022 11:02 AM

But other than the above i am ok. I am just grumpy today.

Cacoethes 12-07-2022 11:05 AM

That will be nice tamo

Yeah i think we're all suffering with the heat right now

one_step_closer 12-07-2022 11:15 AM

Hi everyone.

I have never tried pumpkin pie.

I hope your meeting goes well, Tamo.

Sorry to hear you're having a hard time, Dawn. You're allowed to be grumpy but I hope you can find some things to do to make you feel better.

What are you doing today, Beckie?

I'm going to the gym group at 1pm. It's not too hot here and the gym will have air con. Overall I hate the gym though!

not_so_insig 12-07-2022 11:18 AM

My cat was clearly suffering from the heat yesterday. She was very lethargic and didnt move much. Spent most of the day asleep. She seems livelier atm.

Cacoethes 12-07-2022 11:20 AM

I have pilates and glow beatz.
But they aren't until later.
I need to pick up my prescription also but will do that after pilates, the studio is only a few doors down from the pharmacy!

Good luck with the gym group Lindsay
Well done for persevering with it

one_step_closer 12-07-2022 11:29 AM

I'm glad your cat is seeming better, Dawn.

Crookshanks is just his usual self. It's a year since Church died, it might actually be a year and a day because I'm getting it from my fb memories and I didn't post till it was the next day because it was late at night that he died and I wanted to make sure my brother knew first. I miss him.

Have you been to a pilates class yet, Beckie? I hope you get everything done and enjoy your day.

Cacoethes 12-07-2022 11:32 AM

That must be hard lindsay
Take care of yourself today

Nope this is my first one!
They sent a video to watch of how to use the pilates equipment and it looks very complicated! I'm sure it's not though.
The class isn't until 3:30
Thank you :)

one_step_closer 12-07-2022 11:38 AM

The only equipment I used in Pilates was a small ball to lie on and I kept falling off. I was generally rubbish and the instructor kept having to help me. I hope you get on better!

Cacoethes 12-07-2022 11:41 AM

This studio has these bed/platform things with parts that move and have bars and adjustable springs and all sorts of attachments!
Thank you! I'll probably have to ask for lots of help so i hope no one minds!

not_so_insig 12-07-2022 01:14 PM

It rained before! But it's still bloody hot. I am going for a shower since my amazon shopping order isn't due yet.

Cacoethes 12-07-2022 01:19 PM

It's just started raining here!
Hopefully it will clear the air a bit

not_so_insig 12-07-2022 03:55 PM

Hope you didn't get wet Beckie!

one_step_closer 12-07-2022 05:00 PM

There was a little shower when I was about to leave for the gym group so I put my jacket on just in case but it came to nothing. In the end we didn't go to the gym. Someone else was covering it and the other service user was feeling a bit dizzy and I said I felt mentally and physically awful so we just got a Costa and went for a walk to find Dinosaurs that were placed around the town.

How was pilates, Beckie?

How has everyones day been?

not_so_insig 12-07-2022 05:13 PM

I feel a bit physically ill atm but I have stopped feeling grumpy. It's cooler now but still hot. I am still waiting for amazon. I have my parents coming later and it might come when they're here. I will get a lecture because I have more than one package.

Cacoethes 12-07-2022 05:26 PM

It didn't rain enough for that!
I wouldn't have minded getting wet if it meant this horrible mugginess went away!

That actually sounds better than gym group lindsay! Dinosaurs!

Pilates was great thanks! Turns out i have basically no core strength though XD
Really struggled with a couple of moves. But i did not fall off the moving bed thing and everyone was SO nice.
One of the ladies gave me her IG so when i have the money to get a membership, she can recommend me and we both get 25 off. I was planning to get a membership anyway so that would be good!

Sorry you're not feeling great dawn
And i hope the package doesn't turn up while your parents are there

not_so_insig 12-07-2022 05:36 PM

Thanks Beckie. I feel a bit better now as I have had some food. Maybe it was to do with low blood sugar. Idk.

Yes I hope that it dont come when my parents are here because I shall get a lecture on the stuff I bought. They see half the stuff I buy as a "waste of money".

Cacoethes 12-07-2022 06:25 PM

Could have been!

Well it's not their money!

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