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not_so_insig 06-07-2022 03:56 PM

Oh and apologies Lindsay I didn't answer you but nope I am not replacing my swimming with anything. Did consider asking about the gym today but it was such poor service at the leisure centre reception today I just paid.

Cacoethes 06-07-2022 04:05 PM

It's just a normal sized load of washing.

Thanks. It's going to be a very busy class because yesterday's wasn't on. Apparently 36 people are booked on 0_o
Bit anxious but as long as i get there early and get my usual spot I'll be ok!

one_step_closer 06-07-2022 05:10 PM

My bins have been out for a while now. Team RYL Bin Night!

I hope you get your preferred spot, Beckie.

Cacoethes 06-07-2022 05:14 PM

My neighbour puts my bin out.
She doesn't do it until later though because apparently someone keeps putting rubbish in other people's bins. I'm not sure why she has an issue with it tbh because as long as they're separating recycling and general waste, then if there's space why not use it?! A bins a bin and it's getting collected tomorrow anyway!

Thanks lindsay!

nonperson 06-07-2022 05:15 PM

Team bin night, except for me *sob* =P

one_step_closer 06-07-2022 05:15 PM

Your neighbour kind of freaks me out, Beckie!

one_step_closer 06-07-2022 05:15 PM

We can have a petition in your area, NP, to change your bin night.

Cacoethes 06-07-2022 05:22 PM

She's an odd one, my neighbour.

Ahh no np!
I agree with lindsay, we should start a petition!
I will be writing to the council!
'We need NPs bin night to change so it's the same as the other people on a mental health support forum'
Perfectly reasonable!

nonperson 06-07-2022 05:23 PM

We totally should. They changed it twice since it was Thursdays! That's just not acceptable.

one_step_closer 06-07-2022 05:23 PM

That's a very well written statement, Beckie. Let's go for it.

nonperson 06-07-2022 05:24 PM

Lol Beckie. Totally reasonable.

one_step_closer 06-07-2022 05:24 PM

Changing bin nights is definitely not acceptable. People will get confused.

nonperson 06-07-2022 05:25 PM

It's a Monday collection and I only usually remember when I'm running out of the gate, late for work as usual, and see my neighbours bins out.

Cacoethes 06-07-2022 05:37 PM

Changing it multiple times is incredibly rude of them!

Zurg 06-07-2022 05:46 PM

Tbh, i love causing chaos and confusion so if i was responsible for deciding bin days i'd have a blast randomly changing the days every few months….!!!

Cacoethes 06-07-2022 05:59 PM

Zurg the evil emperor, living up to the name! :p

Zurg 06-07-2022 07:10 PM


nonperson 06-07-2022 07:33 PM

I bet Zurg petitioned for mine to be changed just to mess with me ='(

Cacoethes 06-07-2022 07:36 PM

Probably! XD

I'm at glow beatz!
Loads of people turned up early so was worried but i got my spot at the back by the door!

Cacoethes 07-07-2022 08:21 AM

Morning everyone!

Had a lie in today. Woke up at 8!

tamobhuuta 07-07-2022 09:55 AM

I got up early, twenty to ten!

How are you?

Cacoethes 07-07-2022 10:43 AM

Hi tamo!

I'm ok thanks
Just had an appointment with new cpn
She's nice
She stayed for nearly an hour!

How are you?

not_so_insig 07-07-2022 11:09 AM

Morning all. I have had 3 postcards this morning through the post. Plus a signed cd.

I have had a scam phone call the first in over a year. So be warned peeps the scammers are now becoming active. They ****ed off during the pandemic now it seems they're back.

Cacoethes 07-07-2022 11:13 AM

My phone comes up saying 'suspected spam' when they.call so I'm not bothered by them

not_so_insig 07-07-2022 11:38 AM

Unfortunately my landline phone is not like that and my mobile is set to block anyone who isn't in my contacts list so it don't even ring. It was my landline that they phoned.

Cacoethes 07-07-2022 11:42 AM

I don't have a landline. For me personally it's more hassle than it's worth when i have a phone with me constantly anyway!

one_step_closer 07-07-2022 02:23 PM

I thought you needed a landline to have internet access. I've never seen anything other than broadband and home phone packages. But I have been with Talk Talk for a very long time.

Cacoethes 07-07-2022 02:27 PM

I used to have a landline but literally never used it.
I did call up virgin to cancel it but they said there isn't actually a difference in price whether you have a landline or not. That was ages ago.

one_step_closer 07-07-2022 03:10 PM

People phone my mobile but when I phone people I use my landline if I'm at home because I think it's cheaper to make a call and I'll never have to think about topping up and have my call ended in the middle if I use my mobile and use all my credit. I don't phone people much anyway.

Have you got all the timings of your classes and work sorted out?

Cacoethes 07-07-2022 03:19 PM

I'm on contract anyway so unlimited calls

I swapped my shift so I'm not at work today.
Taekwando ends 5:50pm and beatz isn't until 7:30pm. Only 10 minute walk so I'll be able to spend about an hour at home between Taekwando and beatz.
If i decide to start Taekwando I'll just ask work if i can have every Thursday off. Shouldn't be an issue.

one_step_closer 07-07-2022 03:40 PM

Taekwando sounds quite good but I feel like I'm just managing the things I do at the moment. I might try it in the future. You'll need to let me how it goes. You're doing so much!

Cacoethes 07-07-2022 03:44 PM

It does sound good!
I've looked into it a bit and it'll be good for discipline and self defence and just overall fitness!

It would be good if you could do it of course but there's no point in pushing yourself when you're not ready! Because then you probably wouldn't get the full benefit and you'd stress yourself out too much. Go at your own pace :)

I do seem to be doing lots these days!
I remember back when i used to only be able to do one thing every day! And having to have one day doing absolutely nothing to recharge but now i get frustrated if i don't have anything to do!
Oh how things change!

nonperson 07-07-2022 06:49 PM

You can have internet without a landline nowadays. When my line rental comes up for renewal I'm going to get rid of my home phone because I never ever use it anyway.

If I was a scammer I'd have been more active during covid! More susceptible people at home answering their phones.

Taekwondo does sound cool. I did one class of kick boxing many many many years ago and really enjoyed it and have thought that I'd probably like a martial arts sort of class, but you've got to do it with people so... y'know =P

How's everyone this evening?

Cacoethes 07-07-2022 06:53 PM

Taekwando was awesome!
Kick boxing sounds cool too
So many health benefits for these things!
People tend to suck though so i get where you're coming from!

I'm ok! Just about to head off to beatz. First time going to normal beatz (still in the dark, just minus the glow sticks!)

How are you np?

nonperson 07-07-2022 07:02 PM

You could take your glowsticks anyway =P

I'm glad taekwondo was good! When do you get to start throwing people on the floor? (Do they even do that in taekwondo?)

I'm ok, tired as always. And I've somehow damaged my knuckle and it's swollen and really sore D=

Cacoethes 07-07-2022 08:45 PM

I could have done! XD

Taekwando is more about kicking and punching i think.
And i don't know if you've tried it but kicking while keeping your leg completely straight and toes up is surprisingly difficult!

Oh noo! That's not good!

nonperson 07-07-2022 08:50 PM

Can't say I've tried! I think kickboxing kicks were different.

Noo, not good at all. It got better during the day but is worse again now. *whine*

Cacoethes 07-07-2022 09:17 PM

The instructor said it works muscles that you've probably never used before! Definitely felt that at beatz today!

Painkillers? Ice?

Also, are these bastard flying ant things everywhere or is it just here?!
I got dive bombed by one every step i took! They were getting caught in my hair and hitting me in the face! Ridiculous! They had calmed down by the time i was walking to beatz but at around 6pm there were millions of the f*ckers!!!

nonperson 07-07-2022 10:12 PM

I've taken painkillers.

Flying ants are mean! I actually emptied all the old compost out of one of my plant pots a couple of days ago and uncovered a flying any nest! I'm surprised they didn't take to the air and attack to be honest. Luckily they just ran around in confusion.

Cacoethes 08-07-2022 06:26 AM

They are mean!

Morning everyone

tamobhuuta 08-07-2022 10:00 AM

Good morning, how are you?

Cacoethes 08-07-2022 11:05 AM

Morning tamo!
I'm ok thanks.
Just bored. I've done all my outside stuff today!
Also booked a hair appointment.
Just need to put washing away and shower but I'll do those a bit later.

How are you?

tamobhuuta 08-07-2022 11:35 AM

I'm ok. We've put the gazebo up!

Cacoethes 08-07-2022 11:43 AM

Oooh nice!

one_step_closer 08-07-2022 02:11 PM

Afternoon everyone.

Have you found something to do to relieve your boredom, Beckie? It's so easy to get bored when you quickly do all the stuff you have to do.

It must be nice where you are to be putting up your gazebo, Tamo.

Cacoethes 08-07-2022 02:17 PM

I have cleared out a load of stuff from my under stairs cupboard and bookshelf!
I have no space left in my bin and it's not being collected until Thursday!

Have you been up to much today linsday?

one_step_closer 08-07-2022 02:23 PM

Sounds very productive. You need to sit down too though! Have you got any further with The Fire Witness? Will the bin people accept extra bags next to your bin?

I had to go on the bus to go to a post office delivery office to collect a package (Easter eggs!) as soon as I bought them from Amazon in the middle of the night I wanted to cancel the order but wasn't allowed. I'm trying not to eat too much junk. I did a quick hoover downstairs.

Cacoethes 08-07-2022 02:28 PM

I don't think they accept bin bags next to bins. But it's ok as i probably won't have another full bag of rubbish until it gets collected next. I could probably squeeze another little one in there anyway.

I have tried very hard to read more but my brain is alllll over the place! I literally cannot focus on anything!

Easter eggs! I didn't know you could get them in July! Then again, amazon do sell everything!

one_step_closer 08-07-2022 02:49 PM

I don't want your house to be filled with bin bags!

I know what it's like when you can't concentrate. It's good that you can still do all your household tasks and classes and work. I guess they're more physical than sitting down reading and don't use too much brain power.

Yes, Amazon do sell everything! I've just bought some stuff on eBay to see if I can plant Church's remembrance forget me nots.

Cacoethes 08-07-2022 03:10 PM

It'll be fine! I really don't produce much rubbish!
I have very small sachet packets from my coffee and the contents of my bathroom bin which is just toilet roll tubes. That is literally all i put in the general waste bin so I'll have enough space for that! My coke bottles go in the recycling

Yes I'm glad i can still focus on those things!
I was losing focus a bit at beatz and taekwando. Taekwando requires lots of concentration because you have to coordinate your body movements. And i don't know the routines at beatz like i do at glow beatz! I mainly just free styles beatz lol!

Aww that will be lovely.

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