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nonperson 07-11-2021 04:09 PM


A pheasant just flew into my window. I need defibrillating...

nonperson 07-11-2021 04:10 PM

RYL censoring makes no sense.

Cacoethes 07-11-2021 04:24 PM

That sounds terrifying!
Pheasants are idiots

not_so_insig 07-11-2021 04:28 PM

Apparently it's National Hug a Bear Day today. My childhood bear got a cuddle.

nonperson 07-11-2021 04:52 PM

Why does that even need a special day?

not_so_insig 07-11-2021 04:53 PM

I dont know.

nonperson 07-11-2021 05:02 PM

Well... I hope he enjoyed it.

tamobhuuta 08-11-2021 11:14 AM

Good morning everyone.

not_so_insig 08-11-2021 04:59 PM

Afternoon all hope you're ok tamobhuuta. Quiet without Beckie.

I have been for coffee with my friend and I had a cpn appointment today.

nonperson 08-11-2021 06:59 PM

Evening now!

I was back at work today. Already overloaded with jobs again... >.<

tamobhuuta 09-11-2021 11:03 AM

Good morning.

Cacoethes 09-11-2021 07:16 PM

Evening everyone

There is a brand new episode of QI on! I believe it is anyway. It's a socially distanced audience and I googled and QI started filming again amid the pandemic

tamobhuuta 09-11-2021 07:20 PM

Who's the presenter?

Cacoethes 09-11-2021 07:28 PM

Sandi Toksvig
She's been presenting it for ages now

The Worst Witch 09-11-2021 07:41 PM

Sandy Toksvig is my ideal woman. Funny, beautiful and can hold a conversation about important ****

Cacoethes 09-11-2021 07:53 PM

Yeah she is brilliant!

The Worst Witch 09-11-2021 07:59 PM

You know you'd have a good time with Sandy!

Cacoethes 09-11-2021 08:02 PM

Haha! Definitely!

tamobhuuta 09-11-2021 09:35 PM

I know I haven't watched much QI, but I'm not keen on Sandi Toksvig.

Cacoethes 10-11-2021 10:12 AM

Morning everyone

tamobhuuta 10-11-2021 11:27 AM

Hi Cacoethes, how are you?

Cacoethes 10-11-2021 11:35 AM

I'm ok thanks

tamobhuuta 10-11-2021 11:40 AM

I'm ok thanks. A friend might be coming for coffee later. Do you have any plans?

Cacoethes 10-11-2021 11:51 AM

That sounds nice

I have work at 12.
That's about it!

tamobhuuta 10-11-2021 11:53 AM

How many hours are you working?

Cacoethes 10-11-2021 12:04 PM

Just until 6pm. So not long.

tamobhuuta 10-11-2021 12:09 PM

That would be very long for me!

Cacoethes 10-11-2021 12:15 PM

Everyone's different I suppose!
I doubt I'd find anywhere with shorter shifts

tamobhuuta 10-11-2021 12:23 PM

I don't know if I could cope with shifts.

not_so_insig 10-11-2021 04:48 PM

Keeping Up Appearances returns to the BBC on Tuesday. 8 pm BBC 4. I shall be watching.

Cacoethes 10-11-2021 07:36 PM


tamobhuuta 10-11-2021 08:40 PM

Hi insig, hi Cacoethes.

Cacoethes 10-11-2021 08:58 PM

Hey tamo

How are you?

Cacoethes 11-11-2021 09:32 AM

Morning everyone!

tamobhuuta 11-11-2021 11:06 AM

Hi Cacoethes, how are you?

Cacoethes 11-11-2021 11:12 AM

I'm ok thanks
Just got my new debit card in the mail
I'm not happy about it because I'm going to have to learn my new card details :plain:
I know all the old ones off by heart

How are you?

tamobhuuta 11-11-2021 11:37 AM

I've never known all my numbers.

A friend might come round.

I am ok.

Do you have any plans?

Cacoethes 11-11-2021 11:42 AM

I just learn them automatically
Probably from doing so much online shopping lol

No plans for me!

tamobhuuta 11-11-2021 12:09 PM

I need a shower. Sad times.

Cacoethes 11-11-2021 12:14 PM

Showering sucks
I need to shower today too

I'm bored already

tamobhuuta 11-11-2021 12:18 PM

Do you have any activities for when you are bored?

Cacoethes 11-11-2021 12:19 PM

I need a hobby

tamobhuuta 11-11-2021 12:21 PM

Maybe use your energy to clean a room.

Cacoethes 11-11-2021 12:32 PM

Nothing needs cleaning!

tamobhuuta 11-11-2021 01:07 PM

TV maybe a favourite film?

Cacoethes 11-11-2021 01:08 PM

I'm watching tv at the moment.
Well, half watching it because my concentration isn't great!

tamobhuuta 11-11-2021 01:52 PM

I hate that. What are you watching?

Cacoethes 11-11-2021 02:29 PM

Border patrol.
Daytime tv is rubbish!

tamobhuuta 11-11-2021 06:56 PM

Happy evening :)

Cacoethes 11-11-2021 07:02 PM


How's your day been?

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