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Cacoethes 13-06-2019 04:17 PM

This is the second time its done it
I'm hoping it will sort itself out again

nonperson 13-06-2019 05:06 PM

Evening all.

Have you tried googling the problem, Beckie?

I'm finally showered and dressed but wondering if I'm too lazy to go out now...

Cacoethes 13-06-2019 05:08 PM

I have not tried googling!
Good idea!

Do you really need to go out?

nonperson 13-06-2019 05:12 PM

Google is great for troubleshooting problems like that. There's bound to be someone else with the same problem.

No I don't have to go out but I'll just have to do it tomorrow instead and the same problem with being ready too late in the day will probably happen again. Plus it's late night opening at the garden centre tonight.

And I want tasty snacks and... I dunno. Getting out will do me good?

Cacoethes 13-06-2019 05:22 PM

I shall google!

Tasty snacks do seem worth it!

nonperson 13-06-2019 05:24 PM

Think I will have an early dinner, wait for rush hour traffic to go and decide what to do after that.

Cacoethes 13-06-2019 05:37 PM

Sounds like a plan!

one_step_closer 13-06-2019 06:16 PM

Can I send you my snack requests NP?

nonperson 13-06-2019 06:17 PM

Sure! I'm gonna go in 15 mins or so.

Cacoethes 13-06-2019 06:18 PM

I only have apples to snack on
Not very exciting!

one_step_closer 13-06-2019 06:19 PM

Maybe NP will get you something nice too Beckie.

I have had about 3 single twix fingers today though.

nonperson 13-06-2019 06:25 PM

But that's only 1.5 of the two finger bars so that's not so bad!

one_step_closer 13-06-2019 06:43 PM


I prefer the jumbo sized ones so when I get the normal size ones they seem tiny.

Cacoethes 13-06-2019 06:46 PM

Ooo i love a twix!

tamobhuuta 13-06-2019 06:53 PM

I don't think I've had a twix in years but I remember they are yummy.

Cacoethes 13-06-2019 07:05 PM

They are!
I want one now

Stellata 13-06-2019 07:28 PM

I prefer kit kats, and picnic!

not_so_insig 13-06-2019 07:31 PM

I have washed my hair and cooked something from scratch rather than eat junk. Although I forgot to add the cheese but it tasted yummy so it didn't need it.

Cacoethes 13-06-2019 07:33 PM

Not had a picnic in years!
Or seen one come to think of it!

Well done Dawn

Stellata 13-06-2019 07:44 PM

Well done Dawn. :)

Beckie I had one the other week!

not_so_insig 13-06-2019 07:46 PM

I wouldn't be surprised if they're in Asda Beckie in the chocolate aisle.

tamobhuuta 13-06-2019 07:50 PM

Well done insig!

Cacoethes 13-06-2019 08:06 PM

I might have to have a look for them!

Im tired

nonperson 13-06-2019 08:39 PM

I'm back. =o

I bought Twirls.

Cacoethes 13-06-2019 08:47 PM


All this chocolate talk is making me hungry!

nonperson 13-06-2019 08:55 PM

Time for a snack apple?

Buttons. 13-06-2019 09:14 PM

Sorry to barge in but I’m on the floor after a fall and the response team that’s oresssd my pendant for might be a while so I’d appreciate any distraction you can throw at me also on phone so may be typos

Buttons. 13-06-2019 09:14 PM

Or an apple covered in chocolate /:”p

nonperson 13-06-2019 09:17 PM

Like dipped in a chocolate fountain!

Oh no Buttons! How long will they be?? =(

And you don't need to be sorry for barging in, that's what this thread is for.

Cacoethes 13-06-2019 09:18 PM

Wish my apples were covered in chocolate
Stupid boring apples

Oh no Buttons!
Sending hugs and I really hope they turn up soon

nonperson 13-06-2019 09:21 PM

I wish everything was covered in chocolate.

*covers Buttons in chocolate* How's that for a distraction? =)

Buttons. 13-06-2019 09:23 PM

Said they could be a while as responding to another call. Thanks both. Beckie why don’t you buy some apples melt some chocolate dip em and put them back n fridge for your treat day sometime. Still half healthy

nonperson 13-06-2019 09:26 PM

That's best done with strawberries. Mmm.

not_so_insig 13-06-2019 09:28 PM

Oh no Buttons!

Perhaps Beckie should have chocolate spread in a BARM.

nonperson 13-06-2019 09:34 PM

Hah. Let's not go down this route again... =P

Besides, chocolate spread is best on warm toast.

not_so_insig 13-06-2019 09:37 PM

It was my attempt at cheering Buttons up!

nonperson 13-06-2019 09:38 PM

I know. =P

Maybe, just for tonight, we should all agree with whatever she says?

not_so_insig 13-06-2019 09:49 PM

I think that's a good idea.

Cacoethes 13-06-2019 10:03 PM

Chocolate covered apples would be awesome!

And it's still a bread roll, NOT a barm!!

Im just trying to fall asleep and suddenly my brain has gone 'why can't cows stand still?'
'Because they moooove too much'
I have no idea if I've made that up or if I've heard it somewhere before

nonperson 13-06-2019 10:14 PM


I also got a "Moo and Blue" pie from the shop tonight. The joke reminded me.

Buttons. 14-06-2019 05:39 AM

*pets Beckie on the head* maybe you should make a career out of bad jokes for Christmas crackers :P

And yes BARMS win life.

Sorry I didn't respond the people arrived. They wanted me to go hosp as they thought I might have broken my hip but I was sure they were over reacting and I've been proven right, woke up and moved around this morning with no more trouble than usual, so thank frick I didn't go and spend hours on a trolley waiting for a sodding X-ray.

Hopefully sorting out some benefit form stuff today and sort out dog's new harness as it is Dogfest nearish to me tomorrow and I need the harness to be fine so that she doens't drag me each way. Claire Balding and some guy I've never heard of are hosting and I think it's going to be good fun.

Eska 14-06-2019 08:15 AM

Morning everyone

Buttons. 14-06-2019 09:22 AM

Morning Eska :)

Stellata 14-06-2019 09:27 AM

Morning all.

nonperson 14-06-2019 09:50 AM

Morning everyone.

Glad you were rescued and didn't need to go hospital, Buttons! Oooooo Dogfest. Harnesses make such a difference. I couldn't walk my German Shepherd without one and I was semi-stable on two feet so can't imagine what it's like in a chair. =/

nonperson 14-06-2019 10:18 AM

OMG the Star Trek logo has been pictured in sand dunes on Mars!! =D


tamobhuuta 14-06-2019 10:51 AM


nonperson 14-06-2019 10:53 AM

Pretty cool, huh? =P

How are you, tamo?

tamobhuuta 14-06-2019 01:30 PM

I am Ok thanks, how's your day going?

Cacoethes 14-06-2019 01:37 PM

I've just woken up
Why am I so tired??

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