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chinahorse 17-02-2019 10:08 PM

I did until I started swapping meds. It sucks big time.

Cacoethes 17-02-2019 10:12 PM

Not being able to sleep is really awful :(

Buttons. 18-02-2019 04:43 AM

I know it sounds a bit airy fairy Lillie but have you tried pillow mist, usually lavender or something, I was really skeptical at first but it's really helped my sleep.

Buttons. 18-02-2019 05:39 AM

Also good early morning to you all!

chinahorse 18-02-2019 08:10 AM

Morning !

I only woke up for the loo. There may be salvation yet. But I will bear that in mind buttons. Where do you get it from?

DavyZGirL 18-02-2019 08:30 AM

Morning, what's everyone's plans for today?

Chinahorse I know you can get lavender pillow mist from Avon.

Eska 18-02-2019 09:08 AM

Morning people!

I am in work today :( Just waiting for the train now. Then hopefully gym this evening. How about you?

Buttons. 18-02-2019 09:29 AM

I initially got mine from Avon or similar then when ran out Amazon.

Morning Davy :) I have group and a session with my keyworker today, you?

Morning Eska, sucks you have to be in work, hope you enjoy the gym.

Jinxie I believe that throwing a slipper at someone is totally a legit response to being fundamentally unhelpful.

Buttons. 18-02-2019 09:32 AM

Lillie I've sent you some pillow mist, just in case it helps, should arrive between the 20th-25th of this month.

Buttons. 18-02-2019 09:52 AM

My dad bought me a funny tongue in cheek joke book on mindfulness for Christmas and on one of the pages it says 'try to use fewer words let people know how you feel with a smile or a frown, or by throwing your keys at the back of their head'. You reminded me of that :P

Cacoethes 18-02-2019 12:57 PM

Hey guys

Eska 18-02-2019 01:33 PM

Hiya Beckie, how are you?

Jinxie I'm glad the doctors are doing something.

Buttons I hope your day is going well.

Cacoethes 18-02-2019 01:37 PM

Im ok.
Ward are messing about with the whole meds thing again
Takes me around 2 hours to get to the ward and they're telling me I have to get there for 5pm unless they call and say otherwise :plain:

How are you eska?

Eska 18-02-2019 01:58 PM

That sounds very frustrating :/ Never nice to be waiting around on other people to organise something like that. Are you going to be ok getting there and back?

I'm ok, slightly shaky because I just spoke to my boss about mental health stuff for the first time (only because I'm going to need time off work to go on a course I'm being referred for). He was good about it though.

Cacoethes 18-02-2019 02:03 PM

Getting there will be ok, i just worry about getting back in the dark because i have to do some walking.
Sure I'll be fine though.

Thats good that he's being good about it.
Always helpful to have supportive colleagues

Eska 18-02-2019 03:08 PM

I hope they call you sooner and that you don't have to come back in the dark.

Yeah, he was good about it. The awkward bit is going to be explaining to all my colleagues...

one_step_closer 18-02-2019 03:35 PM

Hello everyone. *sends love*

Eska, do your colleagues need to know the whole ins and outs of stuff?

Eska 18-02-2019 03:48 PM

No, all I'll say is that I'm going on a course. They'll still want to know what it's for but I've no intention of telling them.

*sends love back*

not_so_insig 18-02-2019 03:59 PM

Hello everyone.

Cacoethes 18-02-2019 05:05 PM

On the ward and of course no sign of meds
And its pouring down with rain :plain:

not_so_insig 18-02-2019 06:12 PM

Oh dear that's not good Beckie. I would totally kick off especially as you don't exactly live down the road.

Cacoethes 18-02-2019 06:19 PM

Finally got meds but its not the 2 weeks worth that was requested. Its 4 days.
Which will at least take me to ward round on Thursday.
So frustrating!
And they want me to go in yet again on monday for an ECT review.
This is costing me a fortune

not_so_insig 18-02-2019 06:24 PM

I would be complaining to pals if I were you.

Cacoethes 18-02-2019 06:59 PM

I think I will.
Although the staff were very apologetic.
Such a pain though.

I just missed a bus so got to wait 30 mins now.
At least the dodgy station road is done!

Buttons. 18-02-2019 07:04 PM


Originally Posted by Jinxie (Post 4210555)
Also I don't know if I should be happy that thoughts of random violence made you think of me....

Lol, I'd take it as a compliment :P

Hi Eska, Dawn, what are you up to?

Sorry you missed the bus but glad the dodgy road is done Beckie.

I went to group and saw my key worker today and just polished off a Chinese takeaway (diet starts tomorrow, always tomorrow! :P)

one_step_closer 18-02-2019 07:07 PM

Hope you get home asap and as dry as possible Beckie.

Hi Dawn.

Sounds like a good day Buttons. Tomorrow is always the perfect time to start a diet!

not_so_insig 18-02-2019 07:12 PM

I am just watching TV and I am waiting for eggheads to finish so that I can make my chips, nuggets and beans. No ready made food here as I have to do proper cooking.

Hi Lindsay.

Cacoethes 18-02-2019 07:16 PM

Sounds like a good day buttons!

Im planning on cooking a spag bol when i eventually get home!

Buttons. 18-02-2019 07:21 PM

Ha ha very true re diet Lins. What've you been up to today?

Hope you enjoy your dinner Dawn

Mmmm spag bol-save some for me Beckie? kthx

one_step_closer 18-02-2019 07:43 PM

I will have a plate of everyones food if there's any going spare. :-p

I've mostly been doing housework.

Buttons. 18-02-2019 07:52 PM

*sends left over beef fried rice and spring rolls*
Good for you doing housework-a pain but has to be done!

zombiehunter 18-02-2019 07:59 PM

you dont want to share food with me tonight OSC i'm contagious

*presses buttons*

Buttons. 18-02-2019 08:04 PM

*pushes Zombie over*

Eska 18-02-2019 08:04 PM

Oh no Zombie, what’s wrong? Or is it just zombification that’s contagious?

zombiehunter 18-02-2019 08:05 PM

*lands on a comfy beanbag*

zombiehunter 18-02-2019 08:10 PM

eskamo, I have a cold

Eska 18-02-2019 08:19 PM

Boooo colds.

I am feeling crampy and sorry for myself.

zombiehunter 18-02-2019 08:26 PM

to be fair I feel better than I did yesterday and I should be ok for work tomorrow

Eska 18-02-2019 08:29 PM

Aw that’s good

Buttons. 18-02-2019 08:33 PM

Colds and cramps suck, hope you both feel better soon.

I'm currently rewatching HP and the Halfblood Prince

Cacoethes 18-02-2019 08:40 PM

I Forgot Cheeesseeee :'(

Buttons. 18-02-2019 08:47 PM

You don't need cheese on spag bol!!!

Cacoethes 18-02-2019 08:50 PM

Yes I do!!!

Buttons. 18-02-2019 08:52 PM

No you don't!!

Cacoethes 18-02-2019 08:57 PM

Cheese is life

zombiehunter 18-02-2019 09:08 PM

hi coco :-D

Buttons. 18-02-2019 09:22 PM

Cheese is life, but spag bol is just fine without it.

Buttons. 18-02-2019 09:22 PM

What's your favourite cheese out of interest?

Cacoethes 18-02-2019 09:24 PM

Mozzarella, red leister or cheddar
Or feta

Buttons. 18-02-2019 09:29 PM

I meant pick 1 :P but that would be a harsh thing to enforce when it comes to cheese.

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