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nonperson 17-02-2019 12:03 PM

I have also just seen a man in an amazing bright red tartan suit walk past!

Cacoethes 17-02-2019 12:04 PM

Morning guys

Red tartan suit sounds interesting!

nonperson 17-02-2019 12:06 PM

Maybe he's trying to be Johny Rotten.

chinahorse 17-02-2019 12:06 PM

What an amazing outfit choice!!

Do you at least know the layout of asda so you can be jn and out np?

I woke up having some sort of flashback to my teenage spotty face nightmares. Trying to work out if I can be bothered to plaster enough make up on to go out.

nonperson 17-02-2019 12:09 PM

He looked pretty cool.

Yeah I should be pretty quick... Just getting the courage to get out the car is slowing me up. Maybe I'll go find the tartan suit man in there...

Oh no, not the spotty face nightmares. =/

nonperson 17-02-2019 12:53 PM

Morning Jinxie *gives coffee*

Turns out the tartan man was a woman.

Cacoethes 17-02-2019 01:55 PM

I have been to asda and got noms
Now watching Harry Potter!

chinahorse 17-02-2019 02:18 PM

What noms did you get? Which harry potter?

I've just got in from town. Got my things and a lovely new duvet cover. Its nice out.

Cacoethes 17-02-2019 02:25 PM

Got some budget pringles, babybels and those cadbury chocolate egg and spoons!
And got the stuff for fajitas for dinner :)

Sounds like a successful trip Lillie!
It is nice out today

chinahorse 17-02-2019 02:27 PM

Oooo good choices all round.

It was but now I should do some work. But the cays sat on me so I can't move him right?!

Cacoethes 17-02-2019 02:36 PM

I'm afraid it's the law that you cannot move a cat that is sat on you

chinahorse 17-02-2019 03:08 PM

He moved slightly so I went to get a jumper and put some laundry on. Now I've no excuse but I'm doing nothing still....

nonperson 17-02-2019 03:16 PM

Going to see my friend soon but feel like I bought her a birthday present she won't like. =(

Cacoethes 17-02-2019 03:19 PM

Go do stuff Lillie!

Im sure she'll like it np!
I always get nervous about gifts too

chinahorse 17-02-2019 03:21 PM

I'm sure she will like it, being bought anything as a gift is lovely np.

I am doing- well sort of.

Cacoethes 17-02-2019 03:37 PM

Sort of is better than nothing!

Im dying my hair purple

nonperson 17-02-2019 03:38 PM

I hope she does like it... I need to figure out how to wrap it now and hoping I have enough paper!

chinahorse 17-02-2019 03:49 PM

I am now actually doing!

Make sure to vaseline your hairline so you don't end up with a purple forehead!

What is it np? You have me intrigued!!

nonperson 17-02-2019 03:50 PM

It's a houseplant and a pot. She wanted one to trail off her new bookcase but I'm not sure if it's too big or the sort of thing she was thinking of. It's not going to be an easy thing to wrap at all...!

chinahorse 17-02-2019 04:02 PM

Im sure she will love it! Very nice goft. Erm I'd just put a big bow on the pot and call it a day.

Cacoethes 17-02-2019 04:06 PM

I don't have Vaseline but used bepanthen which is basically the same.
It does the trick anyway!

Thats a lovely gift!
Agree with Lillie about the bow idea

Buttons. 17-02-2019 04:18 PM

Lovely idea for a pressie Np and as the other said, bow sounds good.

I have dyed my hair dark blue and I love it and went to carvery for lunch as my support worker didn't turn up in time for me to get to church, miffed to have missed the service and seeing my grandma, but glad I managed to have a good day anyway.

nonperson 17-02-2019 04:20 PM

I tried wrapping but it was a disaster. Hadn't thought of a ribbon , I can do that quickly now!

Cacoethes 17-02-2019 04:20 PM

Your hair looks great buttons!
Glad you ended up having a good day anyway :)

Buttons. 17-02-2019 04:22 PM

Thanks :)

Cacoethes 17-02-2019 04:45 PM

Whats everyone up to?

chinahorse 17-02-2019 04:47 PM

Hair looks ace buttons and glad you managed to enjoy the day despite the tardy support worker- grr.

Ah didn't know that worked also beckie.

I've done some studying, cut the cats claws and hoovered and hung up the laundry. Before a hot withdrawal flush and sickness bout. Now feeling sorry for myself on the sofa.

Buttons. 17-02-2019 04:49 PM

Thanks Lillie.

Sounds like you got a lot done Lillie, sorry you're feeling so rotten now *cuddles gently*

I'm just watching TV and doing random quizzes as I'm bored.

Cacoethes 17-02-2019 04:54 PM

Well done for getting stuff done Lillie
Sorry you're feeling so rubbish now :(

I made myself a banana milkshake with ice cream, milk and chopped up bananas. It was yummy!

chinahorse 17-02-2019 04:58 PM

Yummy beckie!

Whats on tv buttons?

And thanks guys. Honestly this is making me wish Id never started changing meds :(

Cacoethes 17-02-2019 05:33 PM

Hopefully it won't last too much longer Lillie
Sending hugs

Cacoethes 17-02-2019 06:43 PM

Finally managed to sign in on my new phone!!

chinahorse 17-02-2019 07:02 PM

Been asleep and it's a bit better now. Am hungry so am going to cook dinner I think.

Yay beckie!

Cacoethes 17-02-2019 07:07 PM

Glad you're feeling a bit better
What's for dinner?

The crisis team just randomly turned up!
Apparently they tried to call :/

nonperson 17-02-2019 07:30 PM

Maybe they have the wrong number?

I'm back home. I think the present was a success. The purple spotty bow definitely was.

Cacoethes 17-02-2019 07:31 PM

They had the right number.
Very odd.
Maybe something wrong with the new phone?

Fantastic np!

nonperson 17-02-2019 07:40 PM

Hmm, you could get someone to call it for you and check?

Cacoethes 17-02-2019 07:45 PM

Good idea!

chinahorse 17-02-2019 07:56 PM

That's great np. Glad they liked it.

Oh dear beckie, at least they came though.

I cooked pasta and pesto with sweetcorn peppers and quorn. Made enough for lunch and dinner tomorrow too.

Ugh. Need to put sheets on the bed. And shower again.

nonperson 17-02-2019 08:03 PM

Mmm pesto pasta.

I've got the last of my frozen lasagne for dinner.

chinahorse 17-02-2019 08:05 PM

Lasagne is the business.

Cacoethes 17-02-2019 08:06 PM

Great dinners all round!

I had fajitas

nonperson 17-02-2019 08:12 PM

I keep meaning to make enchiladas.

Cacoethes 17-02-2019 08:21 PM

Enchiladas are yummy!

nonperson 17-02-2019 08:46 PM

They remind me of home for some reason.

Cacoethes 17-02-2019 08:47 PM

I am stuffed full of fajitas

nonperson 17-02-2019 09:29 PM

I'm stuffed full of lasagne!

It's a cosy warm sleepy feeling.

Cacoethes 17-02-2019 09:38 PM

Thats a good feeling!

chinahorse 17-02-2019 09:44 PM

That is a good feeling.

Am knackered but I don't sleep through the night anyway

Cacoethes 17-02-2019 10:01 PM

Why not Lillie?

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