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nonperson 22-10-2018 05:18 PM

Do people still say "pictures" nowadays? =P

zombiehunter 22-10-2018 05:18 PM

i'm not doing an American and saying the movies and cinema sounds too posh

nonperson 22-10-2018 05:21 PM

Pictures is what my nan would say. >.>

Cacoethes 22-10-2018 05:22 PM

My nanny still says pictures :p

nonperson 22-10-2018 05:23 PM

It's an old person word. =P

Cacoethes 22-10-2018 05:26 PM

It really is!!

zombiehunter 22-10-2018 05:28 PM

shut it :-p

Cacoethes 22-10-2018 05:29 PM

Zombie is ooollllddd!!

nonperson 22-10-2018 05:31 PM

*cackle* >=)

Cacoethes 22-10-2018 06:00 PM

Hehehe :-D

zombiehunter 22-10-2018 06:05 PM

ya wee pair of witches :-p

nonperson 22-10-2018 06:06 PM

Not really sure where that cackle came from but I think it was deserved.

nonperson 22-10-2018 06:06 PM

I don't know what to have for dinner tonight...

Cacoethes 22-10-2018 06:14 PM

It was deserved :p

I had beef and veg in a big yorkshire pudding

nonperson 22-10-2018 06:20 PM

Oooooooh I am very jealous. It's the sort of evening for a big Yorkshire pudding.

Cacoethes 22-10-2018 06:24 PM

It is!!
And it was yummy!

Brought out the hot water bottle as I am still too cheap to put the heating on!!

Indigo. 22-10-2018 06:26 PM

Giant Yorkshire!!!! Who doesn't love one?

Haha the pictures! Everybody says cinema nowadays. I should probably say pictures too, as there's a running joke among my friend group that me and a couple others are immortal vampires, since no one can figure out how old we really are(and I'm Romanian XD)

Cacoethes 22-10-2018 06:28 PM

Giant Yorkshires ftw!!!

Haha!! That's funny!

nonperson 22-10-2018 06:31 PM

I wonder who will put the heating on first, Beckie... me or you?

Cacoethes 22-10-2018 06:34 PM

Im quite happy here with my hot water bottle so we shall see!!

nonperson 22-10-2018 06:36 PM

I'm cold but I have a cat and a blanket. And maybe hot chocolate. And soup for dinner. =P

So many warming things!

Cacoethes 22-10-2018 06:38 PM

Sounds good!!

Aubergine 22-10-2018 06:43 PM


I am under my heated throw. :D

Cacoethes 22-10-2018 06:48 PM

Heated throw sounds amazing!

Indigo. 22-10-2018 06:49 PM

I can't wait to be back in bed! I took a nap earlier, woke up really groggy. Now we're having food and hopefully, I can go back to bed in the next hour or so!

nonperson 22-10-2018 06:50 PM

Has Alec the cat joined you under the heated throw? =)

Aubergine 22-10-2018 06:50 PM

He's on top of it. On my legs! :D

Indigo. 22-10-2018 06:50 PM

Everyone has warm things!! (cat included XD)

My partner's been saying they want a heated blanket, and I totally approve of this idea!

Aubergine 22-10-2018 06:51 PM

I have ordered chinese. I don't feel well. :(

Aubergine 22-10-2018 06:51 PM

Oh you should definitely get one, Lucy! They're so, so good. It saves so much on heating. :D

Cacoethes 22-10-2018 06:52 PM

Sorry you're not feeling well Aubergine :(
Hopefully chinese will help

I think I will also purchase a heated throw!

Aubergine 22-10-2018 06:58 PM

Thanks Beckie. :)

Chinese + Alec the cat + sofa + heated throw = hopefully feeling less shivery and crap.


Aubergine 22-10-2018 07:02 PM


I really want one of these! Moneys though. :(

nonperson 22-10-2018 07:03 PM

Every winter I look at those!

Indigo. 22-10-2018 07:05 PM

I'm definitely going to look into it, I can barely afford heating so I just sleep with a hot water bottle normally.

Sorry you don't feel well Aubergine :( hopefully cat + warmth + Chinese should help. You could also have some tea. I too am going to have some now.

Cacoethes 22-10-2018 07:09 PM

I am definitely going to look into heated throws

nonperson 22-10-2018 08:14 PM

My soup looked like vomit.

Cacoethes 22-10-2018 08:19 PM

What soup was it?

nonperson 22-10-2018 08:26 PM

Broccoli and stilton.

Aubergine 22-10-2018 08:28 PM

Even though it looked like vomit, was is edible?

Cacoethes 22-10-2018 08:29 PM

Not a fan of stilton

nonperson 22-10-2018 08:37 PM

I love stilton!

It was edible, yes. And warmed me up nicely.

Cacoethes 22-10-2018 08:39 PM

But its mouldy!!!

nonperson 22-10-2018 08:41 PM

Safe mould.

It's not the fluffy stuff that grows in the fridge after months of ignoring out of date food...!

Cacoethes 22-10-2018 08:42 PM

I know but still!!! :p

nonperson 22-10-2018 08:43 PM

It's super tasty. =)

Cacoethes 22-10-2018 08:48 PM

I just can't get past the mould
Each to their own!

nonperson 22-10-2018 08:51 PM

Yup =P

You can get white stilton too without the mould.

Cacoethes 22-10-2018 08:51 PM

I may have to try it one day!
I do love cheese

nonperson 22-10-2018 08:56 PM

Mmm, me too.

I had a toasted brie sandwich the other weekend. It was the gloopiest and messiest sandwich I've ever eaten and most of it ended up in my hair but oh my goodness it was good.

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