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not_so_insig 18-12-2022 08:01 PM

I am glad that neither England nor Wales made it to the final as it would be nothing on the tv/social media apart from about it for weeks if they did.

Zurg 18-12-2022 08:04 PM

A toast in coffee/your preferred beverage to the silly sports being over!!!
May they never cause annoyance again!!!

not_so_insig 18-12-2022 08:06 PM

Did you have to work today Beckie?

Cacoethes 18-12-2022 08:20 PM

Thankfully not! Far too ill to do anything at all today!
So all I've done is washing, change bed sheets, shower and taken bins out!
At work tomorrow though.

tamobhuuta 18-12-2022 09:23 PM

I hope you feel better for work tomorrow.

I'm waiting for meds.

Cacoethes 18-12-2022 09:27 PM

Thank you!

I used to hate waiting for meds in hospital

maii 18-12-2022 11:06 PM

^^ sorry to hear you're struggling.


maii 18-12-2022 11:09 PM


Originally Posted by one_step_closer (Post 4338709)
Just no one send me illness through whatever device you're using, please. :-) It's hard to tell if it's covid or not sometimes and the rules are less strict. I was lucky that I still had some tests left over to check or I wouldn't have known I had covid. Nurseries are always full of ill little people.

I'm not a fan of football either, Dawn.

maii 18-12-2022 11:10 PM


Originally Posted by Zurg (Post 4338724)
Well, i am feeling a bit more rubbish now. But whether that means i am getting more ill or just that i've done too much today, i can't say.
Poor Findus is not liking the limited treats and hay DEFFO doesn’t count as a treat!!!!

And yay!!! Someone finally bothered to win the football world cup so we can be done with all this bloody nonsense and hypocrisy!!!

I hope you feel better soon, rest, but not too much.

nonperson 18-12-2022 11:35 PM

Hm, I disagree - do ALL the resting, Zurg!

Cacoethes 19-12-2022 09:18 AM

Morning everyone!

tamobhuuta 19-12-2022 12:27 PM

Morning Cacoethes how are you?

one_step_closer 19-12-2022 02:04 PM

Afternoon both, how are things going with you today?

one_step_closer 19-12-2022 02:05 PM


Originally Posted by maii (Post 4338737)

Now I'm scared this is something like The Ring films/books. I shouldn't have looked!

Cacoethes 19-12-2022 02:23 PM

I am still ill but at work!
Slightly better than yesterday though
I bought lucozade this morning

Zurg 19-12-2022 02:51 PM

Omg, an old Macintosh :D
My best friend in School had one of those in his room. I ended up in a hysteric fit of laughter because the mouse only had ONE button!!!! XD
Sorry ;)

It's cold here. And sleet-y. I went shopping for groceries this morning and my gloves Got soaked and i was close to tears on the Way home because my fingers hurt like hell from being so cold. I'm staying inside for the rest of today!!!
I don't feel worse than yesterday but not better either.

My bunny is being naughty today so i Think he feels better….!!!

not_so_insig 19-12-2022 03:10 PM

Afternoon all. I am waiting for amazon. It's awfully windy here and is very dark so me and the cat are staying indoors today.

tamobhuuta 19-12-2022 03:40 PM

I am ok. Feeling anxious about ward rounds tomorrow which is pointless because either he will or won't agree to Christmas leave, worrying won't change that. I really hope my named nurse will be there to back me up!

one_step_closer 19-12-2022 05:47 PM

I hope you're getting through work ok, Beckie.

Oh no, poor you Kat and your little fingers. (or are they long?) Definitely stay in now. I hope you feel better soon. Glad bun bun seems to be doing better but he should show it in non-naughty ways.

Staying indoors sounds better than going out in that weather, Dawn. It's good that you have nothing to go out for today.

It's hard not to be anxious before a ward round, Tamo. Fingers crossed it is a positive one.

Cacoethes 19-12-2022 07:06 PM

Made it through work!
Friend gave me a lift home which was a very nice bonus!

tamobhuuta 19-12-2022 07:37 PM

Well done Cacoethes.

Cacoethes 19-12-2022 07:54 PM

Didn't really have much of a choice lol
But it was fine

Cacoethes 20-12-2022 06:21 AM

Morning everyone!

one_step_closer 20-12-2022 11:18 AM

Morning Beckie, what were you doing up at that ungodly hour?

Cacoethes 20-12-2022 11:26 AM

I was tossing and turning and waking up every 20 mins from about 1am. Got sick of it and decided to get up!
Feel like absolute crap tbh

Pi.R^2 20-12-2022 11:31 AM

Oh no Beckie! Hope you've got a quiet day ahead?
Morning Lindsay :)

I just caught up on Beckie's RV and discovered that skinny jeans are not in fashion anymore- what??? What will I wear now??

Cacoethes 20-12-2022 11:34 AM

Yeah. Just asda and pilates!

I was shocked also!
Apparently most people are wearing wide or straight leg these days! Skinny jeans are very much a millennial thing I think

tamobhuuta 20-12-2022 12:10 PM

I never wear jeans so I'm ok!

Cacoethes 20-12-2022 12:20 PM

I only started wearing jeans when i started work. Now I wear them all the time. Either in jeans or exercise leggings. I have bought a dress for the new years party though!

Zurg 20-12-2022 12:39 PM

I love skinny jeans. But i tossed all mine in the bin when i felt too fat to wear them. Major regrets!!!!

I Think my feeling rubbish has now blossomed into its true form as a normal, but inconvenient, cold. Bah!!!

Also, hi everyone :)

Cacoethes 20-12-2022 12:43 PM

Oh nooo!

Well, slight improvement is better than no improvement!


not_so_insig 20-12-2022 12:45 PM

Hello all.

Pi.R^2 20-12-2022 02:07 PM


Originally Posted by Cacoethes (Post 4338801)
I was shocked also!
Apparently most people are wearing wide or straight leg these days! Skinny jeans are very much a millennial thing I think

This is distressing! Before I discovered dungarees I lived in skinny jeans on non-work days. I have like 5 different colours...

nonperson 20-12-2022 02:14 PM

I'm glad to hear that skinny jeans aren't fashionable any more. I've been fed up for of not being able to find anything BUT skinny jeans in the shops for years!

Cacoethes 20-12-2022 02:21 PM

I'm very much in the 'wear what you want' camp!
However, being the oldest person at work for a couple of shifts has made me VERY self conscious and I am attempting to be more 'down with the kids'

Pi.R^2 20-12-2022 02:45 PM

Haha, I'm sure you nail being down with the kids Beckie!
np, glad this revelation is good news for someone at least :P
How are you both?

Cacoethes 20-12-2022 02:49 PM

I do try! Between Jasmine and the teens at work, I'm at least not COMPLETLEY out of touch!

I'm ok. Recovering slowly from the awful cold I have!
How are you?

Zurg 20-12-2022 03:15 PM


Originally Posted by nonperson (Post 4338809)
I'm glad to hear that skinny jeans aren't fashionable any more. I've been fed up for of not being able to find anything BUT skinny jeans in the shops for years!

^^shun the nonbeliever!!! ;)

How can i be proper rock and roll wihtout skinny jeans??? Do i have to go goth now???!!!?? I love the goth look but i cba to change my entire wardrobe. *weeps*

Beckie, i've given up on being cool with the kids. I never was a person that anyone considered cool and i don't think kids stay blissfully unaware for long enough that i can pretend to be…

Cacoethes 20-12-2022 03:36 PM

I used to be full on goth!

I've never been considered cool either tbh
And probably never will be!

My thumb is killing me!
It's so stupid.
I had like a split/crack in my thumb. It eventually appeared to heal over and then today (early hours) it has swollen up and is all red and painful. Highly inconvenient when i have things to do!

one_step_closer 20-12-2022 05:44 PM

I wear whatever I want. I found jeans that I liked and just bought tons of them.

Cacoethes 20-12-2022 06:58 PM

Always good to do! You never know when they're gonna stop making the ones you like!

tamobhuuta 20-12-2022 07:50 PM

I have 3 black maxi dresses!

Cacoethes 21-12-2022 08:54 AM

Morning everyone!

Zurg 21-12-2022 09:23 AM

Morning Beckie.

I'm waiting for a vet to call me.
My cold has gotten annoyingly bad and of course, on the morning i have to spend being ready for a phonecall my stomach decides that today is a good day to run amok!!! Typical.

How are you today?

Cacoethes 21-12-2022 09:33 AM

Oh noo!
Always happens at the worst times

I'm annoyed. Only gp appointment for my town is in the afternoon. So I'm going to have to miss work :plain:
Need this sorted out though

tamobhuuta 21-12-2022 11:00 AM

I hope the vet and the doctor are helpful.

Cacoethes 21-12-2022 11:09 AM


You got much planned for today?

tamobhuuta 21-12-2022 12:57 PM

Not really. Had a visit from my dad and L is coming later. And I'm going to watch a really cheesy Christmas film, one off channel 5.

Zurg 21-12-2022 12:59 PM

Findus and i are just back from the vet. He Got a shitload of meds with detailed instructions for what to give and when. But as he is eating just fine they Said to just call back tomorrow and let them know how he's doing. In case of him getting worse overnight i Will call tomorrow morning.
Now i'm poor and Findus is very offended at me. Bad deal!!!

I hope the gp can help you, Beckie. It's so typical to be okay for so long and then something happens right before a holiday!!

Cacoethes 21-12-2022 01:25 PM

Poor findus!

I know! I'm more annoyed at losing a whole day's pay just before Christmas. If I need antibiotics though, i need to get them asap instead of waiting until friday when everything will be closed or closing!

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