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BoundNoMore 25-07-2008 07:03 AM

what goal?

~*forever_broken*~ 25-07-2008 07:06 AM

*shakes head no lots* Jess, PLEASE don't do it luv :crying:... Please..? I know it's not fair to plead (folks do it to us all the time, play the emotion card)... But... Hunni, please, be careful, stay safe... Please?

BoundNoMore 25-07-2008 07:06 AM

it's 2:09am... I need sleep...

BoundNoMore 25-07-2008 07:10 AM

Noooo I cant sleep... wont sleep... sleep scares me... just saying I NEED it

Casper_Fading 25-07-2008 07:17 AM

youd o need sleep. go to sleep. :) it will be okay. tomorrow is a new day.

sleep well and sweet dreams ally dearest.

*waits, curled up in her cupboard*

BoundNoMore 25-07-2008 07:32 AM

hey... is there a way to get the ward to reload while i am still here.... without having to leave and come back in?

Casper_Fading 25-07-2008 07:42 AM

just f5 it. should work :)

BoundNoMore 25-07-2008 07:53 AM

It is such a hassle to have to constantly leave ad come back in

BoundNoMore 25-07-2008 08:03 AM


Casper_Fading 25-07-2008 08:06 AM

go sleep then bub :)

BoundNoMore 25-07-2008 08:12 AM

Easier said than done...

Casper_Fading 25-07-2008 08:33 AM

indeed, eveything usually is. *nods*

Merc 25-07-2008 08:45 AM

*checks in*

maybe than i wont have to do in RL...i can tell the nurwes/docs i am alreadyu in a psych ward...if they een noticed my absence...i knd of hope they dont notice...
no, thats not true

i hope with all i have that i will be 'overlooked'

just long enough

Casper_Fading 25-07-2008 08:50 AM

no romp. please no. go to hospital for real and be safe. please? please :'(

zowie 25-07-2008 10:40 AM

Hi everyone. How y'all doing? I'm going out for the day after meeting my care co-ordinator. x

effervescence 25-07-2008 10:41 AM

welcome to our tent.
how are you feeling hun?

jess, please don't do what you want to do. it won't help in the long run.

*is so exhausted she can't see properly*

effervescence 25-07-2008 10:43 AM

hi zowie. have a good day

Casper_Fading 25-07-2008 11:03 AM

I think... I think I would like to do it. WHy is it a bad idea? i'm like.. not that bad. really. just the one... i promise. cross my heart and hope to live.

effervescence 25-07-2008 11:17 AM

you know why it's a bad and dangerous idea honey. why would you like to do it? has anything particular happened recently?

Casper_Fading 25-07-2008 11:24 AM

no... not particularly. i just want it. why shouldn't i? Why? i'm useless.... and stupid and just... retarded... *sighs*

effervescence 25-07-2008 12:07 PM

no you're not. you're caring and patient and selfless.
please don't.
i need to get some sleep but i'll be back tomorrow to see how you are. please try to be safe. you'll be proud of yourself in the end. xx

Jetforce 25-07-2008 12:12 PM

^agrees on chloe's statement

Do try and stay safe there jess xx

Casper_Fading 25-07-2008 12:13 PM

i'll upate tomrorow mornign about what hapens. :D i'll be right. I know what i'm doing. i knwo how to do i. i'l be safe. yep. okays now. bye bye :)

Jetforce 25-07-2008 12:36 PM

Okies..gnite there :-) sleep well

blue_cloud 25-07-2008 12:59 PM

awww hun i know i don't know you that well but can i help? offer a distraction maybe, don't hurt yourself hun

horizon_surfer 25-07-2008 01:09 PM

if anyone is aroun can i pls have a hug or a blanket or a massive black void to throw myself into pls? *curls up in a corner and rocks and tried to stop time *right now* so she doesnt have to spent the weekend with her famn damily 50 miles away without net and then be expected to work in a position of first ***ing aid where triggers are everywhere* :(:(:(

blondiebear 25-07-2008 02:54 PM

Good morning. Sorry that my disappearance worried any one. I needed to catch up on sleep. Still do. So don't worry too much if I'm not around.

If anyone wants it, I make lovely blankets that help you have sweet dreams.

*leaves stack of magic hand made blankets*

*goes back to her nest to sleep for another hour*

1ofmany 25-07-2008 03:30 PM

Ho **** 7 pages since last night! Better get reading!

*bakes a cake for the 500th page and 10,000th post*

Jetforce 25-07-2008 03:32 PM


1ofmany 25-07-2008 03:49 PM

*pant pant flops onto a beanbag*

Ok got my update.
Jeff hope things get better.
Hows you doing jem?
please stay safe jess!

1ofmany 25-07-2008 03:50 PM

Oh and how is anyone else who is about today? things can change so quickly...

blondiebear 25-07-2008 03:55 PM

I'm here. got another half hour of sleep. Husband is taking his own sweet time. I'm glad the sun is coming out because I will so have no time to dry my hair.

BoundNoMore 25-07-2008 04:40 PM

Good Morning World...

BoundNoMore 25-07-2008 04:48 PM

any extra room in that padded cell for me?
I am sorta...uh...unsafe today (again)
*cries* does it ever end?!

*runs to corner and picks up blade and runs it over wrist*

dontcare 25-07-2008 05:35 PM

This seems a better place than my 'day hospital' - can I stay here please?? Am not safe tonight

blue_cloud 25-07-2008 05:42 PM

hi all i am new to the ward i am deperately trying not to screw my legs up tonight.
sorry your not feeling safe don't care wish i could help but we can sit and have a moan together.

blue_cloud 25-07-2008 06:10 PM

sounds good to me
*moan moan rock rock moan*

BoundNoMore 25-07-2008 06:34 PM

*sobs* LIFE IS NOT FAIR!!!!! *suckles on wound* MMMM blood

blue_cloud 25-07-2008 06:36 PM

whats up bound? you hurt yourself hun?

BoundNoMore 25-07-2008 06:38 PM


blue_cloud 25-07-2008 06:40 PM

mors moan as much as you want if it helps

bound wana talk hun?

BoundNoMore 25-07-2008 06:42 PM

does anybody understand what I mean when I say "my heart hurts"?
... it's like I'm so upset it's a physical ache in my chest...

Or is it all in my head? AM I CRAZY?!?! *bangs head on wall*

blue_cloud 25-07-2008 06:44 PM

yes i do hun and i wish there was somkething i could do to help

CrazyHayley 25-07-2008 06:44 PM

oh guys.....*snuggles you all* so much has happened in less than 24hours, I've read through the pages and all I can do is snuggle you and say I'm here. I was doing worse than I was yesterday until about 20mins ago, when I was informed that my boyfriend wasn't one of the injured ones - thank God - and that he couldn't ring last night as comms were down due to the incident at his fob. Still feel pretty crappy, as incidents too close for comfort and my friends were injured, but think I should be able to stay safe tonight and give back some of the snuggles that I was taking yesterday.
Oh and I can recommend Mors Certa's shoulders, they were very supportive to me yesterday.....Thanks! *gently strokes Mors certas shoulder*

BoundNoMore 25-07-2008 06:46 PM

it hurts soooooo ****in bad and i dont know why!!!!!!!!! *rocks and stares off into space* it's like I want to cry but I have no tears

CrazyHayley 25-07-2008 06:54 PM

bound by thoughts, I wish I had words of wisdom to make you feel better, but all I can say is that I know the feeling, you're not crazy (well no more than the rest of us?!!) and well.....*snuggle*

BoundNoMore 25-07-2008 06:58 PM

Can being... uh...upset... or emotionally drained... or what the **** ever I am today... make you exhausted....... and/or high?

It's the strangest thing, I've only been up for like 3 and a half hours and one minute I feel really really high as **** and then the next I feel like I am ready to crash... like I have been up for days!!!

What the hell????

blue_cloud 25-07-2008 07:02 PM

mood swings hun biggest head**** i know

BoundNoMore 25-07-2008 07:03 PM

i swear i think i am bipolar (or manic... are those the same thing?)

CrazyHayley 25-07-2008 07:04 PM

yeah been like that before, it really does make you feel like you're loosing the plot. Don't have anything constructive, just it will pass and you will get through it. Just hang on in there. xx

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