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Kahlia1981 01-04-2010 12:42 PM

April: We have a different system of grading here - my GPA for example is a 7.0! 3.8 out of 4.0 is not all that easy to achieve. You are definitely selling yourself short here darl. And as for not being able to tell anyone about your honour... I can't tell anyone about my marks even, our my recognition on the Dean's List, so I understand where you are coming from. But I would like to offer you a big *hug* and a *pat on the back*. Also I want to say "well done". You would not have achieved that without hard work. Perhaps now is a time to reflect on that?

*hugs everyone*

I'm still not feeling all that good, and to top it off ... my nose is a bit blocked. I tried to go to sleep before but I was struggling to breathe, so got up and played on the 'puter instead. *sigh* So over all this *****.

MammaMia 01-04-2010 12:52 PM

*cuddles everyone and then hides in denial tent crying*

I'm sorry you had such a bad appointment Kahlia, could you see someone else perhaps?

April, good luck with today.

CrazyHayley 01-04-2010 01:26 PM

*great big mahoosive group huggle filled with love, support, comfort and positivity*

Just a quick post as I've lots to do today, including super cleaning my flat but wanted to drop in to get the latest and let you know that I'm thinking of you all and wishing I could share my 'normalness' that I'm feeling today with you all. Though is just 2 or 3 days I know I'll start the slippery slope downhill again, but I'll enjoy this whilst I can....

Love you all!!! *mwah!*

*puts on apron and rubber gloves to superclean!*

MammaMia 01-04-2010 01:38 PM

Have fun cleaning Hayley hahaha!!

*massive cuddles*

Doikers 01-04-2010 02:13 PM

*april* I wish there was more we could to for each other too but we are all doing our bestest to empathise and support each other . Just think how much harder it would be if we weren't online !. Also CONGRATULATIONS on getting recognised for all your hard work , I don't understand Uni grades from any country but you must have worked harder than you give yourself credit for , and you get to attend a dinner for it ! Free food , always a bonus :)

*hugs everyone on the ward*
*look out for the whirlwind of cleaning , thats Hayley , stand still and you'll get dusted*

SoMuchMore 01-04-2010 02:17 PM

*hugs april* a 3.8 is a fantastic gpa! I think u r being a little harsh on urself there. Good luck with ur longish day at uni. Hang in there.

*hugs kahlia* im sry that your GP was so unhelpful/kinda mean. That really sucks.

*cuddles hayley and helen*

Why is it that every tuesday and thurs when i know i have to get up early, i am not able to sleep the night before. I really dont have time for naps, but if i dont take them i might die later. Urgh.. annoying.

I am not doing all that well right now. My thoughts are moving so fast and just making me more confused feeling. On a good-iah note, I was this * * close to SI last night but somehow managed not too...

Anyway, I hope this 80 degree weather is not an april fools day prank. But Knowing the weather here itll be 45 and sleety tomorrow lol.

SoMuchMore 01-04-2010 02:18 PM

*hugs mark* Oops, i didnt mean to miss u! lol

CrazyHayley 01-04-2010 02:32 PM

*Whoop!* :woot: Hair dyed, bathroom currently covered in bleach to get rid of hair dye stains!

Kitchen super cleaned! :-D

Time to reward myself with a fag break :-p

*toddles out to smoking shelter*

MammaMia 01-04-2010 02:41 PM

*cuddles everyone*

Today's turning out...okayish at the moment anyway. Well apart from the fact my best friend is back in hospital, really worried about her for various reasons. Worried about my other best friend too. I was up til gone 6am this morning and got less than 6 hours sleep. Ended up writing 3 of my sisters :p a very very long letter. Opps. Trying to pretend I didn't at the moment or I'll freak out about it. Don't feel tired strangely.

Get to see my dad tonight & his girlfriend =)

Trying to make myself eat something >.> My best friend (the one not in hospital :P) told me to look after myself. Bollocks to that, but I'm trying in a weird way I suposse.

CrazyHayley 01-04-2010 02:45 PM

*sprays self with pretty smelling stuff so as not to smell of fags and bleach*

*huggles Helen* please look after yourself the best that you can, and as much as its horrid to be in hospital, if you say there are various reasons that your best friend is in there, then I'm sure its the best place for them at the moment.

*puts on rubber gloves again ready to scrub the bathroom from pink back to white!*

MammaMia 01-04-2010 02:56 PM

You're right Hayley :) *cuddles*

CrazyHayley 01-04-2010 03:36 PM

bathroom supercleaned and back to white! :-D

I need to have a break before I continue though as the pain in my back is getting silly and the muscles in my arms are burning. I've just taken more meds and caffiene though, so hopefully a half hour lay down and I'll be good to go again.:-)

*toddles out to smoking shelter taking puppy sinclair with her again - he's picked up the habbit!* :shocked:

Scarletdreamer 01-04-2010 03:39 PM

*cuddles everyone*

I am so triggered right now... just want to cut. :( But I don't have anything here that I can do that with... "sadly" - I know it's a "good" thing but I'm sure you all understand the pull... :( I feel so stuck. And I don't see my SW again until Monday. I wish that I could text her like I can my NP (who also does therapy, a fact of which I wasn't aware!!)... but nope, uni counselors apparently have more privacy than do private ones. I don't know... I just want to talk with someone who understands, **** it all. :(

I'm at tutoring right now... urgh. :( I hate being here... I feel so stuck... but that's everywhere right now, anyway, and the only place I know I can cut I can't go to right now because there are people there. ARGH!!!!

Sorry no individual replies, although Hayley, I'm sure your hair looks awesome!! :D

*more cuddles*

Scarletdreamer 01-04-2010 04:21 PM

Updated my r/v thread...


MammaMia 01-04-2010 04:26 PM

*cuddles April & Hayley*

Keeping myself busy or attempting to. Even if it's daily tasks, ah well :S

CrazyHayley 01-04-2010 04:29 PM

Thanks April, my hair looks like it does on my profile pic, just instead of red its more a reddy/bright pink. It's meant to be "fire engine red" according to the bottle but for some reason gets more of a pink tinge to it on me!
I do indeed remember the pull all to well of needing to cut. I remember when I used to go into public toilets when I was out and about 'cos I couldn't even get through the day and what it entailed. All I can say that it is a good thing that you can't can't right now, but I also understand that having those urges and being so triggered is only going to make your tutorial harder to handle. I'm just glad that your able to get on here at the same time. Shame we don't have a resident support worker for us when we're all struggling. Wish I had more words of substance for you. *huggles April*

Well I'm still hurting but that's to be expected with my conditons, but I think I can manage supercleaning the living room now. I want to get flat all sparkling and rid of bad stuff so that I can enjoy Eoghan's leave with him and not be freaking out about my cleaning, the germs and dust....eek! I'm busy tomorrow also being sociable whislt I'm still sane...I hope I've still got the energy, though I've still 5cans of diet red bull in the fridge to help me get through today and tomorrow so I should be fine with that and topped up with coffee and cola and the caffiene in my slimming tablets.

:crazy: this is what I look like with no caffiene
Today I've had 375mg of caffiene so far and so I'm....:woot: *chuckles*

*poss ED trigger*
I've only had 4 satsumas and a few handfuls of raisins today - all negative calories - so only my drinks have counted, about 38cal and what with my cleaning spree its all good. I think I'll be able to eat a 'normal' healthy dinner and not feel the need to purge. I've been really naughty with laxatives past few days whilst Eoghan has been away on exercise. Need to get a grip of myself....but I so so want to get rid of my muffin tops....so so ugly :sad:

*thinks positive - reduce muffin tops by supercleaning more!*

ooh just seen you Helen! *huggles Helen!* we're both keeping this place busy today - but its good distraction. You'll get through the day and then enjoy time with your dad.

MammaMia 01-04-2010 04:51 PM

Sounds good Hayley :P

I'm having a mad clean of my room, haha, won't stay tidy!!! Hoping to hoover my floor, needs doing!!!

MammaMia 01-04-2010 04:59 PM

Oh & forgot to say, my best friend is home again :D

CrazyHayley 01-04-2010 05:16 PM

Glad that your friend is home again Helen - its nice for you to have some positive news rather than worry. *huggles*

*huggles everyone else* How's you all doing at the mo? Any updates?

I've finished super cleaning the living room. Time for a lie down on my bed before my back breaks and then time to super clean the bedroom. Getting there. Cleaning and RYL psych ward = happy day!

CrazyHayley 01-04-2010 06:24 PM

I've managed to ruin my happy day:sad: Whilst resting I sent a text to my parents, siblings and best friends. I wanted to share with them that I was having a sane day and sent a 'kiss bug' mms with it and told them I wanted to take the opportunity to say "i love you" as I don't express it often enough....

best mate 1: aww thats cute
best mate 2: thanks
dad: you only have to say it once (apparently he got the message twice)

umm....no "i love you too" :-(

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