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1ofmany 05-09-2008 06:27 PM

Thanks hun...sorry if I seem a bit harsh but i am worryin.

Auburn Shadow 05-09-2008 06:35 PM

*finds hells, gives hot chocolate, hugs and covers in blankets*

anarchistl0ve 05-09-2008 06:41 PM

*huggles hells an gives her a cookie*

MammaMia 05-09-2008 06:59 PM

Thanks guys :)

*is willing to cry*

anarchistl0ve 05-09-2008 07:05 PM

its okay to cry no matter the reason big or small

MammaMia 05-09-2008 07:24 PM

I can't cry, tears wont come >.<

Auburn Shadow 05-09-2008 08:01 PM

*cuddles tight*

Love you sweetie.

MammaMia 05-09-2008 08:57 PM

*cuddles tight*

Love you too Han <3

risenfromperdition 05-09-2008 11:07 PM

*holds tight* please take care lovie?
grr didnt get any mail today *pout*

Becca 06-09-2008 01:12 AM

*hides in corner under blanket with teddy, rocking silently*

1ofmany 06-09-2008 01:13 AM

Just got in from being out with some people...it all feels so empty.
Hey Becca whats up?

Becca 06-09-2008 01:36 AM

I'm utterly falling apart :crying: I can't cope at all. I'm scared and frightened :crying: I desperately need some sleep but can't get any :crying:

MammaMia 06-09-2008 01:39 AM


Originally Posted by HorseRidinBbe07 (Post 1057640)
*holds tight* please take care lovie?
grr didnt get any mail today *pout*

*hols tight* I'm no good at looking after myself am I :crying:

Becca 06-09-2008 01:40 AM

*hugs Hells* Nor am I!

lil-princess 06-09-2008 01:49 AM

*sending everyone loads of hugs*

Sorry haven't really been around in here lately so thought i'd come in and say hello :) i haven't been doing to well lately but hopefully i'll be alright soon enough.


BoundNoMore 06-09-2008 02:07 AM

*cuddles Emma*
nice to see you again hun

MammaMia 06-09-2008 02:12 AM

*cuddles Becca* Awww hunnay.

*cuddles Amanda*

BoundNoMore 06-09-2008 02:32 AM

*cuddles Helen*

MammaMia 06-09-2008 03:40 AM


I shall resume hiding now. Ugh can still feel that water....

risenfromperdition 06-09-2008 04:27 AM

*snuggles helen close*
im certainly not atm either ><

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