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zombiehunter 25-10-2018 06:56 PM

they are filming some of the new fast and furious film in Glasgow right now and I saw some of it today and there were bikes and cars zooming around and guns going off :-D

nonperson 25-10-2018 06:57 PM

Braving the dark and heading out to the shop now.

Lillie, I forgot you're vegetarian? If so that soup recipe might not be for you. =/

Cacoethes 25-10-2018 07:03 PM

Thats cool zombie!

See you in a bit np!

chinahorse 25-10-2018 07:45 PM

Yeah I am np, but thanks anyway :-) hope you get what you need from the shop.

Exciting zombie!

I've been naughty and bought other things than the work trousers I've been to town for. Oops. But I work hard so why shouldn't I? Plus I disnt buy everything I initially picked up so iy could have been worse lol
My knees keep giving way though which is making walking home take forever.

Cacoethes 25-10-2018 07:49 PM

You work very hard Lillie and definitely deserve to buy other stuff!
Sorry to hear about your knees
Does anythng usually help with it?

chinahorse 25-10-2018 07:55 PM

Yeah but I'm not so good money wise rn. :/ bills bills bills and new glasses.

Not doing so much is the only cure really but meh and the change in weather won't have helped.

How're you? Put the heating on yet?

Cacoethes 25-10-2018 08:01 PM

Bills suck.
I dread getting letters through the door because of bills.
And new glasses are pretty pricey.

Do you have a bath?
I find baths help with my joints sometimes.

Im ok.
Still not put the heating on!
I'm ok with my blanket and hot water bottle for now!

zombiehunter 25-10-2018 08:04 PM


have you looked up the trap door on youtube yet??

Cacoethes 25-10-2018 08:08 PM

It's rather odd!
Catchy theme tune though

chinahorse 25-10-2018 08:22 PM

Don't believe you haven't got the heating on yet! How do you dry your washing?!

Baths help a lot but I don't have one.

Cacoethes 25-10-2018 08:26 PM

I have a washer dryer!
I am hoping I get my warm home discount soon and can maybe put the heating on then.
I don't use much hot water because I always shower at the gym now!

That's a shame :(

chinahorse 25-10-2018 08:45 PM

I wish I could get a warm home grant :(
And I'm insanely jealous of the washer dryer!!

Cacoethes 25-10-2018 08:48 PM

Yeah it does help a great deal

Haha! My nanny bought it for me and I LOVE it!
Don't know what i did without it

nonperson 25-10-2018 08:49 PM

Me too (jealous, that is). I keep thinking about getting a tumble dryer.

Laundry takes forever to dry in my cold house.

chinahorse 25-10-2018 08:51 PM

Just put the heating on!!

Suppose um lucky my house holds the heat all day if I just have it on for getting up for work in the morning.

nonperson 25-10-2018 08:52 PM

I'm not cold enough to put it on yet. I really don't like how stuffy heating makes it. =/

Cacoethes 25-10-2018 08:55 PM

I used to get this permanent damp clothes kind of smell when I dried them upstairs.
And now all my towels come out all fluffy and soft rather than crispy!

That's good Lillie!
My last house was so drafty and didnt keep the heat at all

nonperson 25-10-2018 08:57 PM

I could put a dryer in the garage but that means leaving the house to get to it...! Might just wait for my washing machine to die and get a washer/dryer. =)

Cacoethes 25-10-2018 09:04 PM

Yeah that's effort
My mum used to have to go all the way down to the stables (bottom of the field) to get the laundry
When we finally got the washing machine and dryer in the house, it was all she went on about for ages and kept going in to look at them XD

nonperson 25-10-2018 09:06 PM

Haha. They were precious new toys. =P

Cacoethes 25-10-2018 09:11 PM

I think the novelty has worn off now

nonperson 25-10-2018 09:14 PM

I'm googling washer/dryers now...!

Cacoethes 25-10-2018 09:20 PM

They are amazing

Aubergine 25-10-2018 09:23 PM

I want a heated drying rail! Wah!

How are you all?

nonperson 25-10-2018 09:29 PM

Aubergine =)

I might ask everyone I know to pool all my Christmas and birthday money (for several years) to buy me one of those heated airers.

I'm ok. How're you?

Aubergine 25-10-2018 09:35 PM

Sounds like a plan! I may do that too! It is so hard to get clothes dry otherwise, isn't it? My flat has a horrendous energy efficiency rating and gets SO COLD. Found out yesterday that warm home discount has been approved though, so it'll get added to my meter within 6 weeks. :)

I'm alright. Very tired and my eyes are raw from crying a LOT this evening, but I'm OK.

nonperson 25-10-2018 09:42 PM

I've no idea what the energy rating is on my house. It has thick old walls but the hallway is very draughty in the winter. Yay for warm home discount. =)

Not so yay for crying. =/

nonperson 25-10-2018 09:45 PM

Did you know you can get washer/dryers that can be controlled by a phone app?!

Aubergine 25-10-2018 09:51 PM

No, I did not! That's pretty impressive!

nonperson 25-10-2018 09:54 PM

Technology these days, eh?

*sounds old* =P

Aubergine 25-10-2018 09:57 PM

Haha! You're not much older than me, I don't think? *also feels old*

nonperson 25-10-2018 10:01 PM

I think a bit older?

I'm sure I know this but don't want to be rude and ask now!

Also... I didn't realise there was a new series of Big Bang Theory... =(

Indigo. 25-10-2018 11:36 PM

I was literally talking to my dad last night about how much I want a washer-dryer and we were googling prices! They're so expensive :/

Yay for warm home discount Aubergine! Sorry you were crying, I hope you feel a bit better now.

I didn't know there was another season either NP. It's been a long time since I watched BBT.

I'm the youngest in my friend group and everyone always makes fun of me. But I feel old. I'm tired all the time, things hurt and my body doesn't always work properly.

nonperson 25-10-2018 11:43 PM

It's the last series of big bang! Idunno how many I've missed...

Washer dryers are expensive... =/

You're only as young as you feel, Indigo! Dunno if that's any help or not. But it really doesn't matter. I'm 34 and sometimes can't believe I'm actually that old!

Aubergine 25-10-2018 11:47 PM

Last series?! :'(

I'm 31 and feel it. :P

Hey Lucy. How're you doing?

Still crying. Can't stop. :wow:

nonperson 25-10-2018 11:49 PM

Yes last series! Ever!!!

I might have got that wrong... but I think it is!

Oh Aubergine. *blows a hairdryer in your face to dry the tears*

Aubergine 25-10-2018 11:50 PM

Oh no! I Love big bang. I have watched it over and over and over again!

THank you. I want my Mum, but can't call her this late.

nonperson 25-10-2018 11:52 PM

It is a bit late now. Can you call her tomorrow?

Indigo. 25-10-2018 11:52 PM

Last I've seen is the Las Vegas wedding, so season 8 or 9. Not sure what happens after.

It does help, thank you NP. I only have a couple friends my age, everyone else is either in their late twenties or thirties. I find that I have much more in common with people who are a bit older than me. And I don't think 34 is that old!

Indigo. 25-10-2018 11:55 PM

Oh Aubergine, I'm sorry you're still crying :( *sends you a virtual hug* I hope you get to talk to your mom as soon as possible.

Could you do something self- soothing in the meantime? Snuggle up with some tea and cat cuddles?

I'm not too bad, very tired. It's 2 am here.

Aubergine 25-10-2018 11:55 PM

she's going to call me in the morning before work, so it's not really too long until I'll speak to her.

Lots of funny things happen, Lucy! Catch up with it - I'm sure you won't be disappointed! :D

Aubergine 25-10-2018 11:56 PM

2am? That's late/early! Think you'll sleep soon?

Thank you. <3 I am watching Big Bang and snuggled under the duvet.

nonperson 26-10-2018 12:00 AM

I'm watching Kerrang/Scuzz and snuggled under a blanket but am stll shivery cold....

*big inappropriate squish for Aubergine!*

I have work at 7:30.... Argh.

Indigo. 26-10-2018 12:02 AM

It's good she'll be calling you in the morning. I hope it helps. And Big Bang too! shall try to catch up, I'm curious what happens. And I hope you feel better soon X

I was crying earlier too, but I'm a bit better now. I'll try to go to sleep in the very near future; I've taken meds to help with sleep.

nonperson 26-10-2018 12:05 AM

Hope you can sleep peacefully soon, Indigo.

Aubergine 26-10-2018 12:05 AM

Oh dear, Person! Hot water bottle?

Thank you. <3

Argh indeed! I have to get up at 7:45, so I'm pretty lucky really!

Aubergine 26-10-2018 12:06 AM

I hope you can sleep soon and well, Lucy. *hug*

Indigo. 26-10-2018 12:09 AM

It sucks you both have to wake up early :( I'm desperately looking for a job and hopefully going back to uni next year, and not looking forward to early starts at all.

*hugs you both* I hope you both sleep well too X

nonperson 26-10-2018 12:10 AM

No hot water bottle for me... they scare me! Fear of leakage!

I've been getting up at 7 ready for work at 7:30 lately... but of a rush in the mornings... Haven[t even got time to make lunch. =/

nonperson 26-10-2018 12:11 AM

I think mine are extra early starts. We were strarting work at 6:30 in the summer!!!

Apologies for typing... gah.

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