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Doikers 28-04-2010 07:26 PM

*Prizes up a floorboard and hugs Oliver*

CrazyHayley 28-04-2010 07:30 PM

Well its taken nearly an hour but I've been all around the ward and caught up on all the latest goings on. Please forgive me for not making individual replies or mentioning names, but there are just soooo many since I replied last time properly that it would take me another hour to type my post!

April, I think it was you who asked about Eoghan. He wouldn't be 'deployed' to America, its a 2year catergory E posting which is to do with their career and he would be the personal driver of some brigadeer man. So a huge difference from being frontline paratrooper. He'd probably end up ebing quite bored, but, its good for his career and he's done 4 desert war tours of duty already since 2003, we really don't want another.... We won't know for a few weeks yet though whether he's definately got it or not....*waits anxiously*

Good news wardies!! *beams* The doctor finally agreed to my demands. Gosh I was shaking and getting an anxious sweat on, but they agreed to me going back on the depo injection. I've got to finish this cycle, which means one more lot of irrational thoughts and desperation, but I just need to keep focused through that and then on monday 17th I can look forward to my sanity returning on a more permanant basis! Whoohoo!! So if that controls the mood disorder, it'll be interesting to see how I am, now that I've been on increased antidepressants and had councelling, with regards to my PTSD etc. Fingers crossed I'll be markedly happier and more stable *crosses fingers*

*huge positive filled group huggles for all her fellow inmates*

I'm going into the tv room to watch 'West Side Story' if anyone wants to join me?

*toddles off humming tune of west side story*

*stops on way to find Oliver under the floorboards and hug him tightly* you cannot die, I won't let you! We'll all help you through this, but an extension definately sounds like a good idea for you as you're struggling so much at the moment.

*continues humming*

Doikers 28-04-2010 07:35 PM

*Hugs Hayley* Thats such good news :) Joins you to watch West side Story , I've not seen it before , is it good ?

CrazyHayley 28-04-2010 07:37 PM

Yup :D it was made in the 60's but its basically a modern day (well 60's, lol) version of Romeo & Juliet. But different names and its more to do with gangs/culture set in america. I love musical theatre, so love the singing and dancing :)

*gets calorie free popcorn to share with mark and anyone else who may join us*

Doikers 28-04-2010 07:41 PM

The Diaz has kicked in , I'm just gonna take a little time over in front of my tv

nicole94 28-04-2010 07:42 PM

AAARRGHH im so angry!

Doikers 28-04-2010 07:44 PM

Whats up Nicole?

frenchhorn 28-04-2010 07:48 PM

west side story is amazing.

*comes out from under the floorboards, he needs to prepare for his concert now, so no more hiding*
sent an email to teacher to talk about deferring recital, going to talk to her on friday.

Scarletdreamer 28-04-2010 08:01 PM

*pops in to offer cuddles to all, especially Oliver & Mark, then pops out to head to class*

Thinking of you all... many cuddles & love to each and every one of you!!!! :) I'll be back on later, hopefully, after senior sem... hopefully I won't be feeling like SI'ing in that class due to getting back a bad grade or something... :-S


PoisonedApple 28-04-2010 08:15 PM

Mark~ It's not whining. And we're here to help :)

Hayley~ if he comes to the US since it isn't a deployment would he be able to bring you with him? Yay on getting your doctor agreeing! Hope it helps. :)

Oliver~ This is going to sound greedy but... YOU CAN NOT DIE ON ME!!!
But on the school work I agree that an extension on you work may be beneficial. It would give you room to breath since you have a lot on your proverbial plate right now.

*hugs Nicole* What happened hun?

*sits to watch west side story*

jonikd 28-04-2010 09:08 PM

*hugs everyone*
I'm considering sleeping in the day and staying awake all night just so I can be around when all you guys are :(

MammaMia 28-04-2010 11:42 PM

*hugs everyone*

Been soooooooooo many posts since this morning.

Hope people are feeling better.

Have had an amazing day with my friend. Already miss her. I kept collapsing though, godamm you fainting!!! Haven't had a bad spell like today for a little while, so was really distressing. Was incredibly dizzy most of the time but she was really good to me ^_^ She even let me talk about stuff, ended up ranting about mh services, oh dear!!! Then gained a nasty migraine, ****ing thing :@ Not-so-nice journey home, battery died before I even left & was just so stressful. I was like if anything happens to me, I hardly have any money && no mobile =/ Luckily I got home in one piece. Even if the bus driver nearly sent me through the window screen. My legs ache sooooooooooooo much. But then again, I did pretty much walk for nearly 12 hours (minis sitting on buses/trains/on the floor/in the pub etc..)

*cuddles everyone again and goes to hide in her hiding space*

Really want my best friends :(

Kahlia1981 29-04-2010 12:28 AM

*huggles everyone*

Sorry, too many posts for me to do individual replies - 4 pages since I was in here last night.

Going to try and get some ammo to fight the healthcare battle this morning. Plan A is in progress and we are going to do work to cement it, then work onm Plans B through to E ... and so on. So over all this. :(

*disappears into a corner for a cry*

MammaMia 29-04-2010 12:45 AM

So tired of fighting.
So exhausted from today, can't sleep yet, my migraine will make it so painful to.
**** this.

frenchhorn 29-04-2010 01:58 AM

*hides again*
I'm actually not going to be able to get through the night without doing something serious, death is the only thing on my mind, I'm scared.

Kahlia1981 29-04-2010 02:07 AM

*hugs Oliver* - Is there anyone IRL you can talk to or be with? Can you call a crisis line? I know it's hard, but try to fight it. I wish I could say that it gets easier, but I can't. Maybe even distractions or the 15 second game?

frenchhorn 29-04-2010 02:12 AM

no one I can be with at the moment, I could call the samaritans, but I don't know, dont like talking on the phone, I'm trying distractions, but concentration so bad i cant focus on one thing for that long.

Kahlia1981 29-04-2010 02:19 AM

I understand where you are coming from with the phones ... I absolutely hate it myself. I wish I could be there with you - It's about 10:20 here which means it's like ~ 1:20 am there? What kind of distractions are you using at the moment? Is anything helping or making it easier? *offers hugs*

PoisonedApple 29-04-2010 02:19 AM

*cuddles Oliver* Sorry its not more but dealing with people today is casuing me to be a bit scattered right now.

frenchhorn 29-04-2010 02:26 AM

yeah its about 1.20am here, well at the moment I'm emailing my tutor, but thats taking ages, have to stop every few words and reread it constantly to check its ok, other than that I dont know.

thanks for the cuddles crimson *returns cuddles, then hides again*
sorry I am being so useless.

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