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Kuwairo 27-07-2008 12:47 AM

Night night Hayley, have a good jollyday =)

BoundNoMore 27-07-2008 12:48 AM

Arrrgh!!!! WHY AM I SOOOO TIRED (or sleepy?)

blue_cloud 27-07-2008 12:49 AM

night hayley
not sure bound meds maybe?

dontcare 27-07-2008 12:49 AM

Thanks x
Maybe soon I'll come and join you - just nursing my wounds tonight and trying my hardest not to get any more
When I read your posts you all sound so much like me - like you really understand where I am - would love to be able to share our journeys

Detour. Derail 27-07-2008 12:50 AM


Originally Posted by Kuwairo (Post 955364)
You're not stupid, you're angry.
What's got you angry?

I dunno. Everything and nothing.
I guess I don't know where to start.
Thanks guys *hugs*

I dunno...Im just...really angry...
The world is SO ****ed...I find a way to cope and they take it away...so I find a different way...and they take THAT away...and then I OD...and it seems I'm NEVER allowed to forget that...
and everyone hates everyone else...
turn on to the news...
Makes me wish I wasnt alive
and theres no peace IN my family either....
half promises and lies...
and arguments and fights....
and I'm stood in the middle SCREAMING for help and no ones ****ing listening

Rant over.

Kuwairo 27-07-2008 12:51 AM

yeah come join us!
i've been on ryl about 4 years, but not on the psych ward for long - everyone's ace :D

alexx: rant as much as you like.
it seems really shitty when you're way of coping is taken away, but it's for the best, y'know? It's hard, but you need to look for something a bit safer hun.
I dunno what to say, my brains not working well, but rant as much as you need and i'll listen, yeah?

BoundNoMore 27-07-2008 12:53 AM

*squishes Alexx*
oh my dear Alexx
how our world is ****ed up
it angers me too ><

blue_cloud 27-07-2008 12:54 AM

voice it sounds like you are struggling so much tonight i wish i could give you a hug and tell you it will all be ok, crappy things will always happen in the world but crappy things dont always have to happen in your life

Detour. Derail 27-07-2008 12:55 AM

crappy things seem to happen alot in my life...but they are so small...its just that they add up :/
IF...I make 8 months...Im taking up aggressive skating again....but only coz theres a chance I'll break a bone..

blue_cloud 27-07-2008 12:56 AM

*hugs* i really hope you make 8 months hun and i also hope by then you value your body and yourself enough not to want to hurt yourself in any way

Kuwairo 27-07-2008 12:57 AM

hun, please be careful...you should be taking up something cos you enjoy it, not cos it hurts *hugs*
and i know what you mean about the small things adding up. suddenly they all seem so major...

blue_cloud 27-07-2008 12:59 AM

*sits in corner with her 'box'*

Detour. Derail 27-07-2008 01:00 AM

Oh I do enjoy it...
I love the danger...
the adrenaline rush...
Maybe I'll cheat...and buy them early...

I feel under SO much pressure NOT to cut though...makes me want it more...

BoundNoMore 27-07-2008 01:01 AM

Another random question (sorry)...
what's the difference in being "tired" and being "sleepy"?
is there a difference?
are they the same thing?
(I am trying to figure out if I am "tired" or "sleepy" right now)

Kuwairo 27-07-2008 01:01 AM

i think you should keep it as an 8 month marker - it helps to have a goal in sight.

Kuwairo 27-07-2008 01:03 AM

I'm gonna leave the ward for tonight I think.
You can help each other better without me getting in the way.
Might be back tomorrow.

Detour. Derail 27-07-2008 01:04 AM


Originally Posted by Bound by Thoughts (Post 955430)
Another random question (sorry)...
what's the difference in being "tired" and being "sleepy"?
is there a difference?
are they the same thing?
(I am trying to figure out if I am "tired" or "sleepy" right now)

IMO....sleepy is that feeling...JUST before you fall asleep...
tired is when you think "damn..i need to go to bed..." and your body feels achey and dull

blue_cloud 27-07-2008 01:04 AM

ku stay please

blue_cloud 27-07-2008 01:05 AM

can't not do it anymore :(

BoundNoMore 27-07-2008 01:09 AM

is it possible to feel tired AND sleepy at the same time?
Cuz I think I do...

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