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Bitter_Angel 05-04-2007 10:52 AM

Whos who of vets corner.
Welcome to Vets corner
:jumpin: :jumpin: :jumpin: :jumpin:

As the are always new people arriving here and because some of us have changed our names recently, I thought it would be a good idea to steal this thread and restart it here.

Starting new on RYLv3, so time for all the lurkers to come out and introduce themselves. And all the old hands to reintroduce themselves or update their intorduction.

So yeah go for it. Guess I should start.

Hi *waves*
My names Kim. Im 21 and livve in the North West of England. I am currently a studnet nurse and also a First Aid Advisor for RYL. I am around the site most days so feel free to poke me if you ever want a chat. I am nice honest. So thats me feel free to pm me anytime.

Stellata 05-04-2007 11:34 AM

Hi. I'm Katie, or you can call me Katherine also.
I live in London, and I'm 37.

Queen Crabbit 05-04-2007 12:56 PM

I'm Chelsea, and, technically I'm a "mini-vet" [as in I'm not yet 18, but seriously, it doesn't really matter - everyone's nice to me ^_^].
Anyway, I will be 18 on THE FIRST OF MAY. That's less than a month. So start buying my presents. :]
My PM box is always open, even if I've never seen you around before - because I know that opening up to a total stranger is often easier than talking to someone that you've known forever. Of course, you don't have to PM me with serious stuff, and I'm ALWAYS up for a bit of a natter, so if you're bored, I'm the person to poke :]
I'm not exactly the quietest of people, either on here or in real life, so I'm sure you'll see me around somewhere else soon :]
*hands out cookies*
Oh, and I like cookies.

lostdoll 05-04-2007 05:16 PM

*waves* I'm Eimear, which may scare people off because of the spelling so lostdoll does rightly.

I'm a mini-vet also at 17 years old, and I have never properly posted in vets before, but I'm going to start! Because then I can get to know even more lovely RYLers, and even try to reply to problem-posts.

And then maybe someone can explain all this camel business to me :P

ickle-duckling 05-04-2007 06:15 PM

I'm Em, and I'm 18, almost 19, so I should be posting in Vets more than I am :/ Making a concerted effort to now for v3 though, yessum.

I live on the south coast of England, and I'm going to South Africa a week today.

Nat 05-04-2007 07:56 PM

My names Nat and Im living in Scotland and nearly a Mrs oh and I love Vets. Licks to all

Mandarin 05-04-2007 11:45 PM

I'm Mandy, and I guess I'm considered a vet. I live in Eugene, Oregon, USA.

jstme 06-04-2007 01:13 AM

I'm Claire and i'm 18.
I never really posted on the old Vets forum, but new site so i thought i might! =)

PropheticStar 07-04-2007 03:08 AM

I am ERIN!
I love swearin'
i aint no noob
i have big boobs
im aged 21
love having fun
im a Sydney chick
known to lick
im naughty and nice
but i dont have lice
im a little odd
and a chat mod

*runs off*

Aidee 07-04-2007 08:54 AM

I go by Angel Dust, or AD, I'm 22 and I live in the USA. I'm a Paramedic, which is how I came to be a First Aid Advisor Extrodinaire. I've been around RYL on and off since it was Ruin, although I was mostly a lurker there.

My history includes depression, social anxiety, and SI. I have SI'd on and off for about 7-8 years, although I am mostly recovered now, with the occasional relapse when things get really crazy.

Pretty much anything else you want to know about me can be found in my member profile (which, BTW, I love the new format of)


inkyspider 08-04-2007 10:55 PM

*creeps in*
Hi I'm Tabitha (Tabby, whatever you want to call me!)
I'm 17, 18 in July, so i'm a 'mini-vet' too. Not really posted in vets before but hoping it'll be okay if i start posting now.
I've also been on here since it was ruin, so feel a bit like a vet anyway.
I'm also happy to chat to anyone and my PM box is always open.

StillVacant 09-04-2007 12:17 AM

Hi, I'm StillVacant, I'm 22 and live in Vets! I've been a member of RYL since I was 19 back when it was ruin and vets corner was just a twinkle in our eyes. I've been self-harming since I was 15. one day it might just stop. Much welcoming to everyone.

random.swirls 09-04-2007 05:36 PM

I'm Camilla,
I'm 23
I was a lurker on the other vets but as my lurker post's say's I want to start posting here more cos you all seem lovely and I live in camel country now so what more can we want?


StillVacant 10-04-2007 10:32 PM

be nice if this could be stickied... *pokes mods*

Voldemort 11-04-2007 03:02 AM


Hi, my name is Amy and I am a vet lurker. I've been a lurker for around 2 years, and have recently turned 18. I've now come to a point in my life in which I'm ready to give up lurking and start on the path of posting...

Persephone Hazard 11-04-2007 11:22 PM

I'm Persephone Hazard, but you can call me Seph. This is the third version of RYL I've had an account on, which makes me feel Really Bloody Old. I'm both excited and nervous about the change, but then again, it's not as though I've never done it before!

I like literature, art, gin, cheese, smoking, music, architecture and the intarnetz.

nowhereman 12-04-2007 04:25 AM

Hi I'm Nikki and I'm the oap age of 27. ah that is scary. anyway I don't si anymore either so I guessss (oops got a bit carried away there) I should post on here more often.

I hope to encourage some of you nice people to give up, because life is really much nicer without it, and you can still come to RYL cos it's cool here.

I love singing, dancing, reading and cats. Feel free to pm me anytime, I like getting pms.

craola 12-04-2007 03:42 PM

Im Aimee im 19 and im not in here very often, im going to try to come in more though seeing as you're all such lovely people here :)
I am obsessed with films and books, I love them lots and lots :)

rhi 12-04-2007 06:28 PM

I'm Rhi. I'm 22 and a student.

This means that I have *lots* if time, because it's not like I have 12 essays and a thesis proposal to write before the end of term.

In my copious amounts of free time, I love music, and drama, and writing, and debating. I am using these things to travel the world. Something that is also very fun.

Margo 17-04-2007 06:08 PM

im a loon!
Hi, Im Matthew. I tend to spend pretty much the whole of my life in Vets. Been here just over a year now. (how time flys) Im deeply passionate about the people and the place! Ive been known to post in there a few times. *ahem*
Im 35, will be 36 in a months time!
Im pretty new to SH as have only been doing it for 18 months now.
Had depression since i was 20. Coped pretty well with it really. Managed to secure a good life, good job, nice cars, gf and all the trimmings of what many would call "success".
Im currently in my worst "major depressive episode", which has seen me lose all i had worked for. Im very lucky to have a family that support me and they have kept me afloat.
Im single now, a complete loon and i like being silly.
I like the word boobies! You will prolly hear me say it quite alot!
Erm did i tell you i was a loon?? :unsure:

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