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Deborrah 23-06-2020 07:08 PM

Going back on the same medication?
Hey guys!

I'm wondering if anyone has ever gone back on the same dosage of the same medication which hasn't worked before, and whether it worked the second time.
I used to be on fluoxetine five years ago for a year, but it didn't help at all. Now that I have done therapy work and am more aware of my feelings, I was considering suggesting it again, at the same dose, to see if it would help this time. I'm just wondering if anyone ever has had experience with going back to the meds which didn't work and them working again!

Pi.R^2 28-06-2020 10:44 PM

This doesn't quite answer your question, but I did go back on an old medication (it was actually fluoxetine) one time at the same dose and found I had completely different side effects the second time. So my logic there is that if you can have such a different set of side effects, then it must be possible to have completely different positive effects too!

Also I completely follow your logic about it being worth a shot now that you've had therapy. And even if it doesn't prove to be the right medication for you, there are plenty of others to try, so it's definitely worth speaking to your doctor about it.

Elmer 29-06-2020 11:32 PM

I was on fluoxetine when I was 16 and it did absolutely nothing. I had to go back on it (as it was the safest antidepressant for my heart at the time) when I was around 21. It was amazing. I'm on the highest dose now and I'm pretty sure it is one of the things that kept me going when things were truly dreadful in my 20s.

So yes. Worth a shot for definite.

not_so_insig 30-06-2020 06:41 PM

I went back on mirtazapine as I found it very helpful in the past. The side effects were tolerable. I am currently not on any antidepressants so it must have worked. Sadly due to current meds I cant have it due to the fact it interacts (was on different meds at the time) but if it wasn't the case I would definitely take it again.

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