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tamobhuuta 16-03-2021 05:48 PM

Osc yeah it was a good walk but my hands got chilly.

No rain here!

Cacoethes 16-03-2021 05:49 PM

It didn't rain that much luckily

tamobhuuta 16-03-2021 05:50 PM

What are you up to this evening?

Cacoethes 16-03-2021 05:53 PM

Nothing really.

tamobhuuta 16-03-2021 06:15 PM

Just dinner and TV.

I've got a neurologist phone call at 8.20am tomorrow!!!

nonperson 16-03-2021 06:18 PM

Erf, that's early, Tamo!

No rain here either. I was working in just a tshirt it got so warm.

tamobhuuta 16-03-2021 06:21 PM

Wow! I'm wearing a long sleeve dress and a jumper - it's amazing I'm not in my dressing gown...

Cacoethes 16-03-2021 06:26 PM

That is quite early
At least you don't have to go anywhere for it

I was warm walking to the cmht

nonperson 16-03-2021 06:28 PM

I was doing some furious digging mind you. =)

And it is getting colder now so jumpers are definitely needed!

Cacoethes 16-03-2021 06:42 PM

That would definitely warm you up!

Yes it is. I have my hoodie on and just had a quick blast of the heating

nonperson 16-03-2021 07:03 PM

I'm all wrapped up again too. And the heating is on. And I have pasta bake nearly ready to eat which is also really warming!

Cacoethes 16-03-2021 07:13 PM


nonperson 16-03-2021 07:36 PM

And a cat on my lap.

I'm too warm!

Cacoethes 16-03-2021 07:38 PM

Super warm!

shadow-light 16-03-2021 07:42 PM

how's people today?

Cacoethes 16-03-2021 07:49 PM

Hi Hazel
I'm still feeling crap tbh

How are you?

shadow-light 16-03-2021 07:54 PM

oh dear, anything that can be done?

I'm a bit up and down at the moment... lot of fuzzy brainness and mood swings... started the process of applying for PIP today and now feeling overwhelmed by information :ermm:

Cacoethes 16-03-2021 08:03 PM

Nope. They had a big meeting about me today but don't know the outcome yet

Applying for PIP is a pain
It will be worth it though

shadow-light 16-03-2021 08:06 PM

hope so... I was on DLA years ago, but when it switched to PIP i scored 0 points and wasn't well enough to challenge it... but a friend has convinced me to try again, but I'm fairly worried it will be alot of effort for nothing...

anyways, I can see how there being a meeting but not knowing the outcome could be difficult.

Cacoethes 16-03-2021 08:18 PM

I really hope you get it this time.
Sounds like it would be a huge help

Yes it is. I'm really anxious about it

[Luna] 16-03-2021 09:32 PM

I hope something positive comes from the meeting. Can understand it being anxiety-provoking!

tamobhuuta 17-03-2021 08:51 AM

The neurologist is ill. I'm going back to bed.

Cacoethes 17-03-2021 10:04 AM

Thanks Luna

How annoying tamo

tamobhuuta 17-03-2021 10:31 AM

Do you know when you will hear about the meeting?

Cacoethes 17-03-2021 10:33 AM

I just got a call from my cpn about it

tamobhuuta 17-03-2021 10:48 AM

Good news?

Cacoethes 17-03-2021 11:04 AM

Half good news!
I can go back on clozapine but I have to go into hospital to get back on it

tamobhuuta 17-03-2021 11:06 AM

I'm glad there's a plan.

Cacoethes 17-03-2021 11:13 AM

Me too. Finally!

What are you up to today tamo?

one_step_closer 17-03-2021 11:33 AM

That's really good news Beckie, except for having to go into hospital. Make sure you remind yourself what you're fighting for if there are any triggers in hospital and you feel like acting on them. I hope it gets to work quickly and you can finally have a better life.

You out of bed yet Tamo?

Cacoethes 17-03-2021 11:35 AM

Thanks lindsay :)

How are you?

one_step_closer 17-03-2021 11:46 AM

Do you know when you're supposed to be going into hospital?

What are you getting up to today?

I'm feeling really mentally unwell but don't feel able to phone anyone. Because of this everyone will think I'm fine without support.

tamobhuuta 17-03-2021 11:49 AM

Hugs for osc.

I'm up but exhausted.

Cacoethes 17-03-2021 12:11 PM

They said either the weekend or next week.
I wish I knew when!

Absolutely nothing.

I'm sorry lindsay :(
I hope you can find some phone bravery today

Do you have anything to do today tamo?

not_so_insig 17-03-2021 12:35 PM

Hello all. I have received a postcard from Austria today.

Cacoethes 17-03-2021 12:40 PM


It is raining lots

not_so_insig 17-03-2021 01:19 PM

I dont think it's raining here. I am waiting for an amazon order so can't go out.

Cacoethes 17-03-2021 01:20 PM

It's sunny now

nonperson 17-03-2021 01:33 PM

Really pleased to hear you're allowed to go back on clozapine, Beckie. That should make a big difference.

Lindsay, maybe you'll change your mind about calling someone later.

Cacoethes 17-03-2021 01:42 PM

Thanks np

How are you?

not_so_insig 17-03-2021 01:55 PM

My amazon order has arrived! Sadly it's rather dull.

nonperson 17-03-2021 03:28 PM

I'm quite stressed and in a bad mood today...

I have a UPS delivery that couldn't be delivered because for some reason it only has my name, town and postcode on the address! Annoying...

not_so_insig 17-03-2021 03:35 PM

Ups delivered my parcel to an address 5 miles away. Not once but multiple times. Never had that trouble with any other courier. I avoid anyone that uses ups.

Cacoethes 17-03-2021 03:37 PM

Sorry to hear that np
When do you get home?

I've never had an issue with ups

nonperson 17-03-2021 04:47 PM

I have a feeling this happened before with UPS. Can't use a different courier though because it's the place I get my insulin pump supplies from so can't change that!

I've finished work now. Going for a quick walk with my friend and her dog now.

And I have a KitKat chunky so things are looking up.

Cacoethes 17-03-2021 04:58 PM

Enjoy your walk np!

Kitkat chunky is a great mood lifter

not_so_insig 17-03-2021 05:10 PM

I have an kit kat chunky Easter egg in my pantry.

nonperson 17-03-2021 06:04 PM

Saw some nice fluffy dogs and a bouncy puppy on the walk =)

Mmm, good Easter egg choice, Dawn.

I've just eaten too many salt and vinegar rice cakes and now I can't feel my mouth!

Cacoethes 17-03-2021 06:16 PM


Oh no np!
I did the same the other day

nonperson 17-03-2021 06:21 PM

I know it's going to happen if I eat too many but I keep going anyway! XD

It's not so bad now.

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