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misskitty112 11-01-2011 02:35 AM

*takes protective teddy*
I just think I'm one of those lost causes. Plus I have counseling tomorrow, where I'm probably gonna have to talk about painful things *sigh*

PsychoKitty2010 11-01-2011 02:46 AM

-sits with felicia- I think I'm a lost cause, too. So I can relate. I hope your counseling session goes ok and is not too painful. -hugs-

I have to see my counselor tomorrow as well, but it's not for a counseling appointment. I kind of wish it was, though. It's to see if she can give the financial aid office proof that she says I can start classes this semester. I am getting so tired of the financial aid office, it's ridiculous. Obviously if I was able to register (meaning they didn't put a hold on my registration because the counselor said I she wasn't going to require a registration hold) I am able to go back to school. But, they have to be difficult and require the documentation. I just hope I don't have a break down in the process. Today was the first day back in the counseling center in a month and I was freaking out pretty bad. Then again, I had to talk to a stranger. -sighs- I don't know what's wrong with me, but I'm sick of it.

One good thing happened today, though. I was able to get a pregnancy test scheduled for tomorrow at 3 in the afternoon. It was with a different clinic, but they offer a "sliding scale fee", which means if I do have to pay for it, it won't be that much, because we hardly have any income right now (it's based on your income). I am more calm than I was earlier, still low, but don't feel quite as urgey now. I have to be up really ****ing early though. Like 7:30 am early. It's only 6:45 pm here but just thinking about getting up that early is making me yawn. Lol.

misskitty112 11-01-2011 02:53 AM

*hugs Kitty* I don't think you're a lost cause.
I hope everything goes okay with your counseling tomorrow. I had to get similar documentation when I got kicked off campus in 2008, and tried to get campus housing and financial aid the following semester, so I feel your pain. *hugs*

PsychoKitty2010 11-01-2011 03:03 AM

-hugs felicia- Thanks. I don't think you are a lost cause, either. -smiles-
It's frustrating, isn't it? I need my financial aid to live off of being that we use it to pay the majority of our bills. I tried explaining that to them, but they don't care. And they tell me there is still a chance I can be denied. -sighs- I'm having bad anxiety problems about it, really. Today was the first day of classes and if my tuition isn't paid by Friday they will withdraw me from all of my classes. I just hope they approve me. And I don't know when they are going to make a decision, either. I'm hoping my counselor can get the documentation to them tomorrow morning and that they will know (and HOPEFULLY approve) by the end of the day. We really need money. We have rent to pay, phone bill to pay, our tire bill to pay, and we are rapidly running out of things around the house. Like, we have one roll of toilet paper left. And I am almost out of shampoo and conditioner. And the cat is going to go starving soon. See...these are the reasons I am so anxious about whether I get my financial aid or not. It's not just because of classes. I could care less if I go to classes. We need it to survive and have a roof over our heads and be clean and and and...ugh!

misskitty112 11-01-2011 03:22 AM

I hope it all works out for you. <3

PsychoKitty2010 11-01-2011 03:38 AM

Thanks -hugs- me too.

Kahlia1981 11-01-2011 07:54 AM

*huggles all*

I got the results of my CT scan today .... I have some protruding and bulging discs in my lower back and some early signs of serious problems. My brother summed it up as "it sucks to be you". It's likely going to require surgery down the track which will need to be done by a neurosurgeon because my spinal canal is narrowing and my spinal cord is getting "squeezed" by both the cord and the degredation of my spine. Yay.

On one hand at least there is a reason for my pain. On the other hand it's only going to get worse and there isn't much they can do. The best thing my brother could say (he's an ICU nurse who ended up having to explain it to me in terms I could really understand) is that at the level the degradation and protrusions have/are occurring I most likely will still be able to walk.

Now I feel *so* much better ....

Disturbia 11-01-2011 09:22 AM

Morning * waves* hows everyone ?
I think i got a throat infection ..i can hardly speak at the moment.

Kahlia1981 11-01-2011 10:19 AM

so overwhelmed right now ............

Doikers 11-01-2011 10:52 AM

*Hugs Crimson*
*Hugs Helen*
*hugs Shannon*
*Hugs Sarah*
*Hugs Kahlia*Oh I'm sorry to here your news hun, I hope it gets sorted out for you /
*Hugs Kitty* Good Luck with your pregnancy test hun .
*Hugs Ian*
*Hugs Felicia*
*Waves to Disturbia* Hi I'm Mark :)

MammaMia 11-01-2011 11:25 AM

*hugs everyone*

Had a really **** night's sleep. Slept 3am-6.55am :(

Plus feeling sick started again badly last night and hasn't gone away :/ Mehhh!

Doikers 11-01-2011 11:39 AM

Awh Helen *Hugs* I'm sorry you had a bad night and are feeling unwell :(

one_step_closer 11-01-2011 12:32 PM

*hugs everyone*

MammaMia 11-01-2011 04:20 PM

*hugs Mark* Meh :( Feeling better at the moment.
*hugs Lindsay* How you doing?

My best friend finally opened her Christmas presents from me today xD She loved them yay ^_^ Really glad she liked my home-made one, took a lot of hard wor and stuff to do it lol.

one_step_closer 11-01-2011 04:24 PM

Helen, i'm glad you're feeling better.

I'm not too bad, just waiting for the darkness to bring misery and loneliness as it always does.

Doikers 11-01-2011 04:26 PM

*Hugs Lindsay* *Lights a fire to keep the dark away for you*

one_step_closer 11-01-2011 04:37 PM

Thank you, Mark. :)

I'm just so scared that another day is always around the corner and that maybe i'm ok-ish now but it definitely won't last. I'm sick of fighting to stay alive when it's the last thing that I want to do.

FlyingNy 11-01-2011 04:41 PM

*Give Lindey a magic light up wand* it's voice activated. Just say 'lumos' and it will light up :)

*Hugs Mark* How are you this evening/afternoon.

*Hugs Kahlia* I'm sorry about your back :( I hope it can be fixed, and you can get something to control the pain.

*Hugs Kitty and Felicia* I don't think either of you are lost causes. And good luck with the pregnancy test and session.

*Hugs Disturbia* Hey, I'm Lia :)

*Hugs Helen* It sucks to be ill :( I have a cold, it's not too bad but I have an AS exam tomorrow, so sucks slightly. Oh well, never mind. I hope you can sleep better tonight :)

*Hugs anyone else lurking*

Doikers 11-01-2011 04:47 PM

*Hugs Lia*I'm conflicted , torn , My mind is playing mean games with me :S

*Hugs Lindsay* I know the feeling of "I feel okay today but might feel crap tomorrow"

FlyingNy 11-01-2011 04:55 PM

*Hugs Mark* I know the feeling. My mind does that. It tells me things about myself, things I know but don't want to hear. It makes me think of bad stuff, and what might happen, what might have already happened. I wish it'd just pipe down sometimes.

*Hugs Lindsey* There's always something to hang on for.

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