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risenfromperdition 23-05-2010 09:09 AM

thanks both of you <3

i just always feel like other people have it worse so why should *i* complain... or that people are sick of me talking :/

risenfromperdition 23-05-2010 09:13 AM

my dad keeps moaning bout my weight... and he's now bribing me to lose hmm.. more than 2 pounds a week by july by saying that if i lose that amount by july 1 that he'll give me a hundred dollars cash... but tbh if i eat normally atm im just gonna gain cuz metabolism ****ed... and im sick of this :/ and mum said when i was sitting [after i bloody finished dinner sidenote she HAD an ed as a teen...] that my stomach is as far out as my chest :/ and am going to the beach tomorrow [monday] prolly and perfect people and have loads more scars then they know about cuz obvs tried to hide during winter/spring apparently forgetting that summer exists- yes i fail at life- and just ugh. im sick of being here. really really am =[

hows everyone? <3

CrazyHayley 23-05-2010 09:15 AM

Mornning or afternoon or evening which ever it may be to you! It's 8.10am here in the UK as I type this. Had shitty nights sleep and finally gave up, so thought I'd say hello to my fellow wardies before the **** hits the fan (apologies for my terminology, but it really does sum up what its going to be like later....)

Anyhoo, I must say I'm loving Kahlia on her soap box! No need to apologise Kahlia, I think everyone will be very happy and find some comfort and support in what you said and feel better about their future posts. *huggles kahlia*

Sorry but I've not had my morning meds as its too early, lol, so I'm not functioning at my best and can't quite figure out individual responses but I didn notice there was someone I've not met before *waves at horseridingbabe07* Hello!

*goes around ward to give each of her wardies some extra special attention just for them in a way that they feel safe with*

*toddles out to smoking shelter with lovely cuppa coffee*

ooh...fresh brewed coffee in the kitchen for those who may want some!

risenfromperdition 23-05-2010 09:21 AM

hey =] am heather lol.

mmmmm cig *sulks in corner* :P a)its 3:30 am, b)my parents arent exactly good with me smoking at all- let alone at 3:30 am :P
so yus *scowls at* lol

Kahlia1981 23-05-2010 09:38 AM

*sneaks a coffee and runs out to the smoking shelter to hug Hayley* I hope things aren't that bad hun. Fingers are crossed for you. And if the **** does hit the fan, we're here for ya.

Heather: Parents can be like that. I get a lot of anti-smoking BS from my brother - he's an ICU nurse - so I hear you on that one. Not sure if we've really been formally introduced. I'm Kahlia, in case I hadn't said. It's been kind of busy in here, and I've forgotten a lot that's been happening. Many apologies. Do you accept hugs?

It's almost "medication time". I'm getting so sick of hearing that phrase. Thankfully my psychiatrist has lowered the number of tablets but it can still be quite a struggle. Especially when I really ain't feeling too good.

Very down at the moment. Down with strong helpings of SI and suicidal urges. Why? I don't know. What am I going to do about it? I also don't know. I really just wish it all would stop.


*leaves warm wishes and packets of support in whatever form you can accept for everyone*

CrazyHayley 23-05-2010 09:48 AM

Hello Heather - I'm thinking coffee and a fag at 3.30am probably isn't a good idea! Kahlia - I hope yours was decaff!!

I was quite anti-smoking right up until I tried my first cigerrete aged 25! But I smoked for all the reasons they tell you not to smoke...now, well sometimes yeah I smoke for the bad reasons, but mostly now its cos I've gone and got myself addicted and I've tried giving up a few times, even managed 8months once, but then something happens and I start again for the wrong reasons and then get addicted again. I thought about giving up now that I'm back on the injection as I should be able to deal with things better, but then straight away family dramas happen. Thinking about it, I'd only give up for a few months and then I'd be likely to do what I did last time Eoghan was deployed to Afghanistan. Wave goodbye to him and then walk in tears to buy a packet of fags, so I don't see the point in trying. Is that really naughty of me?! In the grand scheme of things, it probably doesn't even deserve a second thought.

Can you tell from the waffling I've had a coffee, lol!

I need to get my brain in gear as I need to get back all my phone numbers of people. My mobile phone broke completely on me yesterday all of a sudden, so I bought a new handset (girlie moment....A purple sparkly one!!) and put my sim into it, only to discover that my numbers had been stored on my handset and not on my sim. not good!! oh well, at least I've got the same number, so hopefully any numbers that I can't track down, in time people will get in contact with me!

risenfromperdition 23-05-2010 09:50 AM

yus i like hugs =]
and yeaah i'll admit thats basically why i started too [all the reasons they say not to... mostly cuz couldnt do anything ELSE self destructive *rolls eyes at self*]

should prolly attempt to sleep. byes =]

risenfromperdition 23-05-2010 09:52 AM

good luck with the phone haha
ive had that happen before

xxjuliexx 23-05-2010 10:10 AM

*curls up*

CrazyHayley 23-05-2010 10:18 AM

*toddles over to where Julie is curled up* How's you then me lovely? I should be getting my arse in gear for the day, but I'm dreading it so thinking of going back to bed. My partner is sleeping off his hangover, so its not like I'm being lazy or anything. Anyhoo, my coffee is wearing off now....

xxjuliexx 23-05-2010 10:30 AM


CrazyHayley 23-05-2010 10:46 AM

oh Julie...at least you didn't say the F word! We're all here to listen if you want to talk. But if not, I'll just sit with you and keep you company. Though I may fall back to sleep, so I'm not sure how much company I'll be!

xxjuliexx 23-05-2010 10:47 AM

i nearly said the F word

Pnuemonia[Blue] 23-05-2010 11:08 AM

How is everyone?

wildly insane 23-05-2010 11:33 AM

aww Julie I know exactly what it's like to just want a real life hug from somebody who really cares, is there a friend you can maybe go and see today, take your mind off things and give you a hug?

*hugs hayley* we've missed you :) hope today isn't as bad as you're thinking.

*hugs Heather* ooh I hate that with parents. A vital piece of clothing for the beach is a sarong - take 2 if you have them, one as a skirt and one round your shoulders, If you want to keep a shirt on or something just say you don't want to get burnt. I know too many good looking uber slim people at the beach - ugh. I love the beach, especially in winter when it's empty and the waves are crashing, try and ignore the people and enjoy the beauty. Don't know what to say about your parents though, they sound highly insensitive, my mum tells me to watch my weight, luckily I have a brother who tells me not to listen to her. Losing weight healthily is very difficult and also takes time, 2 pounds a week is ridiculous, please don't. If YOU really want to and I mean YOU it may be worth going to a nutritionist or dietician and getting a plan, which makes it easier to keep to and keeps it healthy as these things get so easily out of control and we don't want that at all.

*hugs Kahlia* love the soap box :) don't feel guilty about the monitor, honest, if you had the money you'd tell her not to worry about it, but you don't and it's not your fault

*hugs Laura* sorry to hear being back in your hometown isn't much fun, sleep was okay(ish) rather nervous that I'm not going to get everything done that I want to do today, want to spend it outside but too many other things to do

hello JK I'm Hannah how are you?

*cuddles April* hope WOW distracted you and things are feeling more manageable today

*hugs Helen* so sorry I wasn't around last night. How are you feeling today? Have you heard from your friend?

*hugs Emma* nervous but okay, how are you?

I really wish there were more hours in the day I have a list as long as my arm to get through today, but then if I didn't have stuff to do I'd just get bored - doh - i just want to be outside enjoying the weather, I will make sure I spend sometime outside I will

xxjuliexx 23-05-2010 11:43 AM

*waves to blue*

xxjuliexx 23-05-2010 11:51 AM

*waves to hannah*
hannah it's night time here and any real time live far away

jonikd 23-05-2010 12:15 PM

*cuddles Kahlia and Laura tight and gives them a large frilly box filled with strength & support*

Hey Hannah, I'm JK, nice to meet you.

*Waves at Heather, Emma and Blue*

*sits next to Julie and hugs her gently til she's comfortable to talk to us*

*hugs Hayley tight* sorry to hear you're struggling too hun,I've missed you while I was away ;)

Kahlia, I love it when you're on your "soapbox" you are a smart, passionate woman who makes a difference here *hugs again*

I am not great, but off to sleep now. Just back from 5 days away and my reality has hit hard today. Have managed to get through the day pretty much unscathed and will see what tomorrow brings.

Hugs to you all

*wonders how Crimson, Mark, Oliver, Lindsay and Nicole are doing*


xxjuliexx 23-05-2010 12:20 PM

*cuddles into jk* i wish u didnt have to sleep
*tells self to stop being totally selfish*

wildly insane 23-05-2010 12:26 PM

sorry Julie, I keep forgetting there are time zones involved in this world *cuddles gently*

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