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tamobhuuta 15-09-2023 02:37 PM

I had jam and granola and yoghurt yesterday. The yoghurt was in its own little compartment.

Thanks for the support :)

long road 15-09-2023 02:40 PM

Jam that's exciting. Mine was fresh berries. What flavour jam was it?

Cacoethes 15-09-2023 02:41 PM

The ones i get always have the yogurt in a separate compartment!
I think it's an activia one. It has berries in it too.

long road 15-09-2023 02:45 PM

The hospital one was proper good quality but the berry to yoghurt to granola and sultana ratio was slightly off. Yoghurt was just on top of granola so hard to mix so last few bites were dry granola.

But still very tasty I don't treat myself to granola very often. And I needed the energy after 3 hours sleep in 36 hours and multiple asthma attacks.

Cacoethes 15-09-2023 02:58 PM

I find the activia one to be a very good ratio!

I don't get them often either. Should get them more

tamobhuuta 15-09-2023 03:06 PM

I think it was blackcurrant jam. I'm not sure now if the yoghurt was in the separate compartment or the granola...

long road 15-09-2023 03:26 PM

Hmmm... you will have to get another yoghurt to investigate Tamo. For science of course....

Nearly feel like lungs are chill enough to attempt a nap. 3 hours sleep is not enough!

one_step_closer 15-09-2023 03:41 PM

I'm obsessed with coconut flavour yoghurt and granola at the moment.

Hope you can nap, Jen.

Cacoethes 15-09-2023 03:43 PM

I am off to a different ward, on the 5th floor!
Hope it's not too hot....

one_step_closer 15-09-2023 03:45 PM

Hope the staff are nice.

Cacoethes 15-09-2023 03:48 PM

Thanks :)
Everyone has been nice so far so fingers crossed!

tamobhuuta 15-09-2023 03:56 PM

Is it hot Cacoethes?

If I have to go to O again I will check.

I hope you have a nice nap lr.

Osc, is it yoghurt made with coconut milk or just coconut flavour?

Cacoethes 15-09-2023 04:04 PM

It is, but i have a fan next to my bed!
And also, it's the first bed in the bay, so i won't be the last to get everything now XD
Seems ok up here

tamobhuuta 15-09-2023 04:17 PM

Patient number 1!

Cacoethes 15-09-2023 04:19 PM

But in bay 3, so number 1 here at least!
Everyone is so lovely!

tamobhuuta 15-09-2023 04:21 PM

I'm glad :)

Accidentally Abstract 15-09-2023 04:33 PM

Pleased to hear that everyone is treating you well there Beckie.

Hope you've managed some more sleep Jen, poor you - must be utterly exhausted!

Damn, I'm craving a yoghurt now Tamo... Though definitely not a coconut one Lindsay! You can keep that. :P

Hello everyone! I've been a bit in and out lately, life is just hectic. I've finished work for the week now though and been getting on top of life admin stuff since I finished at 3pm. I quite fancy a nap tbh, pretty tired and my evening plans have been cancelled.

Cacoethes 15-09-2023 04:40 PM

Thanks tamo and Luce!

You've worked SO hard with everything Luce, I hope you can have a proper rest!!!

Accidentally Abstract 15-09-2023 04:44 PM

No rest for the wicked! I've been so busy and productive today, but also need to do some laundry later on and may try to get organised ahead of the new module starting in October. I'm gonna order pizza and relax alongside it though because I am knackered!

Cacoethes 15-09-2023 04:53 PM

Woo pizza!!!
What kind?

Accidentally Abstract 15-09-2023 05:20 PM

I'm not sure yet - maybe Dominos today though because I fancy their double decadence base! Also having a nap isn't going well because I'm just on here now :P but never mind, I am at least resting in bed.

Cacoethes 15-09-2023 05:31 PM

I've never actually had the double decadence base!
Would you recommend it?

Resting is good! Even if it's not a nap!

Accidentally Abstract 15-09-2023 05:33 PM

I would, it's delicious! Yeah resting is definitely good. I might try to shove a show or something on now to see whether I can doze off for a bit. So tired!

long road 15-09-2023 06:12 PM

I got a nap in of about an hour and half. Just working out what to order delivery food wise for dinner.a I am definitely still exhausted but nap helped.

Partner managed to sleep pretty much from when we were home around 1pm until now so at least he is a bit more caught up.

Enjoy your pizza Luce!

Glad the new ward seems alright Beckie.

Love to Lindsay and Tamo

not_so_insig 15-09-2023 06:47 PM

Hello all. Too many posts to catch up on! I am very tired today but otherwise ok. I have been moving my bed before and my mum cleaned behind it. It's a solid bed so not the easiest to shift. We found a pair of headphones, a coaster, my missing earring and a load of dirt and dust.

one_step_closer 15-09-2023 07:12 PM

I've tried coconut yoghurt that was coconut milk etc but prefer coconut flavoured yoghurt.

I'm glad the ward is ok, Beckie.

I hope you enjoy your pizza and get some rest, Luce. I don't think I've ever had a Dominoes. What on earth is a double decadence base?

Glad the nap helped a bit at least, Jen. I hope you enjoy your food and have a settled evening.

Always good to find lost things, Dawn!

Cacoethes 15-09-2023 09:24 PM

I hope you manage a doze luce! Or a good sleep!

Domino's is a nice treat, but expensive!
Most heartbreaking moment of my life was ordering a pizza when i had covid to cheer myself up, then finding out I'd lost my sense of taste and smell. My ?20 pizza tasted like cardboard :'(

How're you this evening lindsay?

long road 16-09-2023 06:57 AM

Morning Everyone!

Cacoethes 16-09-2023 09:45 AM


long road 16-09-2023 10:26 AM

I just managed a shower. Alas not all ECG sticker stickyness would come off.

Cacoethes 16-09-2023 10:29 AM

Never does!
I haven't actually had an ECG since I've been here.
They wanted one in A&E but it just didn't happen!

one_step_closer 16-09-2023 10:35 AM

ECG stickiness makes me itchy.

I hope everyone has a reasonable day at least.

Cacoethes 16-09-2023 10:35 AM

Hey lindsay
How are you?

long road 16-09-2023 10:36 AM

I have had soooo many ecgs in last 2 weeks must be at least 7

I am shattered but happy to be at home still.

Anyone got exciting plans?

one_step_closer 16-09-2023 10:41 AM

Home is good <3

Hope you get home soon too, Beckie, and are doing better.

I'm ok. Been to the chemist etc, washed my hair and cleaned the kitchen. Was going to go on the bus to Primark to get jumpers but then couldn't be bothered because the weather is miserable.

tamobhuuta 16-09-2023 10:44 AM

Morning guys. My exciting thing is I'm waiting for a bed. Also big sis is coming round at lunchtime. Right now I'm having a cup of tea with my dad.

Zurg 16-09-2023 11:15 AM

Hi all :)

Good to have you back in gc, Beckie :D
Hope the tea and company is good, Tamo.
I am crossing fingers for multiple naps for you this weekend, Jen.
Lindsay, you are busy!!! Now time for cake and coffee :)
Yay, for lost things returning, Dawn. I'm always amazed and partly horrified at the amount of dust that accumulates behind furniture. And after getting a bunny it has increased about a million times o_o

I feel tired. I don't sleep well. I wake up a million times every night because i'm in pain all over. Really getting tired of this!!!
The new fish tank is set up. Findus was a bit offended that i spent the entire afternoon yesterday on that, so he decided to come hopping into the bedroom to bite my feet to show his grumpiness. I am choosing to see this as a sign of true love!!! XD

Cacoethes 16-09-2023 11:29 AM

No exciting plans for me
Bestie may be visiting, but it depends how much he gets done at home. But apparently if not today, he'll come tomorrow.

Well done for doing stuff lindsay!
Primark is effort at the best of times! Let alone in bad weather!

Hope everything happens quickly tamo. Waiting about for these things is awful.

Thanks zurg!
Aww cheeky findus!

tamobhuuta 16-09-2023 11:39 AM

Sorry you're tired and in pain Zurg. Well done setting up the fish tank.

I hope your friend can visit Cacoethes.

Cacoethes 16-09-2023 12:02 PM

Thanks tamo
It breaks up the day a bit

long road 16-09-2023 12:41 PM

Not got much energy to reply but have read.

Tired, achy and a little breathless. Just resting on my sofa propped up with cushions and pillows watching Amazing Hotels: Life Beyond the Lobby.

Partner is just making me some instant noodles for lunch. Felt like some comfort food.

Cacoethes 16-09-2023 01:16 PM

You watch some random stuff jen!

Nice! What flavour?

long road 16-09-2023 01:27 PM

Well I am pretty random XD

Chow Mein flavour super noodles and added some pre cooked chicken that we usually use in sandwiches.

Think I am going to attempt a nap shortly. Not sure how cooperative brain or lungs will be but I am shattered.

Cacoethes 16-09-2023 01:32 PM


Ooh lovely! Jazzing up the instant noodles!

Worth a go!

Waiting for the shop to open at 2pm for another 'outing'

tamobhuuta 16-09-2023 01:47 PM

That programme sounds interesting.

long road 16-09-2023 01:56 PM

It's on BBC iPlayer Tamo if you wanted to check It out.

Right I am off to try and nap now check back in later!

one_step_closer 16-09-2023 02:10 PM

I hope seeing your sister is good, Tamo.

Sorry to hear that, Kat. Findus definitely loves you. :)

Hope your friend manages to visit, Beckie.

Nap well, Jen!

Cacoethes 16-09-2023 02:26 PM

No word from friend yet, so maybe tomorrow.
But visiting is from 2-8pm so you never know

tamobhuuta 16-09-2023 02:58 PM

Visiting has only just started :)

How are you osc?

Cacoethes 16-09-2023 03:18 PM

Yeah, he'll take a while to get here though because he lives in London.
So i doubt he'll come today if he hasn't messaged with plans yet

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