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Cacoethes 14-08-2020 08:39 PM

I hiccuped while drinking said tea and it went all down my front
I should not have made tea

nonperson 14-08-2020 08:41 PM

Yeah... maybe something cooler would have been a better choice. =/

I've not watched this for probably 10 years. And I'm sitting with my hands half over my eyes, squeaking with terror.

Cacoethes 14-08-2020 08:42 PM

It really would have been
I think I just need to give up and go to bed!

You never grow out of fear of salad fingers

nonperson 14-08-2020 08:44 PM

Aw no need to give up entirely!

I thought I might have built up some resilience to it but I am wrong.

Cacoethes 14-08-2020 08:50 PM

I'll be going to bed soon anyway because my meds knock me out and I'm not as hyper anymore!

There is no resilience. Only fear.

nonperson 14-08-2020 09:02 PM

Aw ok.

That is true...

Cacoethes 15-08-2020 09:01 AM

Morning guys
My alarm woke me up in the middle of a good dream :plain:

Np, I hope you managed to sleep after your salad fingers ordeal!

tamobhuuta 15-08-2020 09:38 AM

Morning Cacoethes, morning everyone.

Cacoethes 15-08-2020 09:48 AM

Morning tamo

My carer hasnt turned up yet.
I got up early for nothing!

tamobhuuta 15-08-2020 10:00 AM

Grrr how frustrating, I hope you don't have to wait much longer..

Any plans for today?

Cacoethes 15-08-2020 10:42 AM

She turned up and said she was early so I guess weekend times are different!

I'm going swimming today :-D
How about you?

tamobhuuta 15-08-2020 11:02 AM

I'm already feeling anxious so i will try to relax snd stay occupied.

Cacoethes 15-08-2020 11:13 AM

That's a good plan

It's so cold!

tamobhuuta 15-08-2020 11:37 AM

Yeah I am loving the cooler weather.

Cacoethes 15-08-2020 11:41 AM

Me too!
I can't stand the heat!

nonperson 15-08-2020 03:21 PM

No salad fingers nightmares, Beckie!

Cacoethes 15-08-2020 03:25 PM

Good good!

Been up to much today?

nonperson 15-08-2020 03:32 PM

No I'm still in bed and woke up half an hour ago. =/

Have you been swimming?

Cacoethes 15-08-2020 03:44 PM

You must have needed the sleep!!

Yes I have!
And got the booking thing sorted (again!) So I won't have to pay separately again

nonperson 15-08-2020 03:47 PM

I did need it but didn't properly sleep until 10am.

That's good! It's so irritating when the booking system is faulty.

Cacoethes 15-08-2020 03:50 PM

Oh that's annoying

Ikr! It's the second time its happened to me (but for different reasons) so it's like the universe doesn't want me to go swimming!

nonperson 15-08-2020 04:30 PM

Well you've shown the universe who's boss. =)

Cacoethes 15-08-2020 04:38 PM

I have indeed! :p
With a little help from an awesome receptionist!

I've just watched beauty and the beast (new one) and now watching The Meg. I love shark films!
What are you up to?

nonperson 15-08-2020 04:41 PM

There are a handful of awesome helpful receptionists out there. You're lucky to find one of them.

I haven't seen either of those. I'm watching Doctor Who. =)

Cacoethes 15-08-2020 04:50 PM

I am very lucky!
She couldn't sort it out while I was there but kept at it and called me to say she's sorted it and gave me the new password. I am very grateful!

Doctor who is always a good shout!
Which doctor?

nonperson 15-08-2020 04:59 PM

David Tennant. It's the last episode of the second series with Rose... *sob* =/

Cacoethes 15-08-2020 05:04 PM

He's the best Doctor.
Awww that episode is so sad!

nonperson 15-08-2020 05:07 PM

I agree. It gets me every time. =(

I think this series was new Doctor Who at its peak.

Cacoethes 15-08-2020 05:08 PM

I agree with you!

nonperson 15-08-2020 05:17 PM

I do like the series with Donna though. =P

I got half way through the latest Jodie Whittaker series but lost steam. Should pick it up again though, I was sort of enjoying it.

Cacoethes 15-08-2020 05:19 PM

I didn't like Donna that much tbh!

I haven't watched much of the latest series. Wasn't really enjoying it

nonperson 15-08-2020 05:25 PM

I think she had a good "story" and sad at the end.

Yeah it's been hard to get into. I'll watch it eventually but not in any rush.

I can't believe it's nearly 5:30pm already... My day's all screwed up. x.x

Cacoethes 15-08-2020 05:31 PM

Yeah I keep meaning to watch it

I know! Usually the days go so slowly for me but today hasn't!

nonperson 15-08-2020 05:38 PM

Maybe because you were busy swimming? Breaks up the day a bit.

Cacoethes 15-08-2020 06:02 PM

It's good to keep busy

nonperson 15-08-2020 06:27 PM

It is.

My day has been so unbusy! Been up 3.5 hours and already want to go back to bed again, lol.

Cacoethes 15-08-2020 06:37 PM

Hopefully you'll still sleep well tonight!

nonperson 16-08-2020 08:50 AM

Much better sleep last night. =)

How's everyone this morning?

tamobhuuta 16-08-2020 09:47 AM

Hi np, i am ok thanks, slept well. How about you?

Cacoethes 16-08-2020 09:50 AM

That's good np :)

I'm ok thanks.
Also slept well!

tamobhuuta 16-08-2020 09:54 AM

Who has plans? My big sister is coming round later.

Cacoethes 16-08-2020 10:50 AM

no plans apart from doing some washing

Hope you have a good time with your sister

tamobhuuta 16-08-2020 11:18 AM

That reminds me, i need to do washing.

Cacoethes 16-08-2020 11:29 AM

I hate doing washing.
I'm always scared the washing machine is going to blow up!
It's an irrational fear of mine

tamobhuuta 16-08-2020 12:09 PM

We've got a dryer that sounds like it's about to take off sometimes.

Cacoethes 16-08-2020 12:11 PM

I have a washer dryer and it's quite loud.
I keep the kitchen door closed when it's on though so it's fine :)

tamobhuuta 16-08-2020 12:23 PM

Lol, I have successfully put my washing on. Trying to decide whether to hang it on the line or just stick it in the dryer.

Cacoethes 16-08-2020 12:28 PM


I think it's meant to rain so dryer might be safer!

nonperson 16-08-2020 12:49 PM

I'm also wondering whether to risk the washing line or not.

Been for a walk with my friend this morning and now have all the usual fun chores to do for the rest of the day... Meh. =/

tamobhuuta 16-08-2020 12:51 PM

Did you enjoy your walk np?

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