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Cazki 29-07-2011 01:06 AM

*hugs Crimson*
*hugs Laura*
*hugs Oliver*
*hugs Mara*
*hugs Lindsay*
*hugs Heather*

flutterby butterfly 29-07-2011 11:57 AM

*hugs everyone* *leaves cookies & fruit*

Feeling like crap today, was having a really rough week last week & must've been talking more than I thought & my psychologist made a few comments about how I was ranting lots, and in a bad mood (which I knew anyway), and how he was exhausted now after listening to me & it really hurt my feelings. Is that stupid? I have another appointment with him today & I don't wanna go now because I feel really stupid & invalidated.

one_step_closer 29-07-2011 12:14 PM

That was quite a horrible thing that your psychologist said,no wonder you are feeling the way you are. Can you tell him how he made you feel?

shadowedsoul 29-07-2011 06:02 PM

sneaks in and curls up.

frenchhorn 29-07-2011 06:52 PM

*hugs Lindsay, Ian, Shad, Mara and Heather*

I'm feeling really anxious, managed to get to my GP appt, but only cos I cut, cos otherwise I was too anxious and paranoid to leave my flat. The GP I saw is going to talk to my normal GP on monday and get in touch with psych and then ring me, cos she wants to increase one of my meds. Monday is when my mum and sister arrive, so I may have to tell them what is going on and they don't know about the paranoia and how it affects me. I'm really scared at the possibility of them finding out.

Laura2.0 29-07-2011 09:07 PM

*hugs Oliver* glad you went to your GP appointment.
*hugs Heather*
*hugs Ian*
*hugs Mara* he shouldn't have said that.
*hugs Lindsay*
*hugs Shad*

how are you all?

Today was my last chance to tell my dad that I'm going to the psych ward in 3 and a half weeks. I didn't tell him.
Umm... is it ok if I write a letter to tell him and explain a few of the reasons?

PoisonedApple 29-07-2011 09:25 PM

*hugs everyone*

*hugs Laura* It seems like a good idea to me, but I'd explain why you felt the need to write it instead of talking to him though so he understands.

Does anybody else get kinda freaked out around their birthday time? I just fully realized I'm 29 next week and now I feel almost like I can't breathe... Like that knowledge and my age are suffocating me if that makes sense.
I know it's just a day and just an age but now that it's 'set in' I can't seem to shake it off. :(

one_step_closer 29-07-2011 09:41 PM

Oliver, what scares you about your Mum and Sister finding out?

Laura, a letter sounds like a really good idea. It's often easier to express things through the written word and it will give you time to think about what you want to say.

Crimson, I feel like that too. It's kind of like something you can't control and that's scary.

frenchhorn 29-07-2011 10:25 PM

*hugs Laura, Crimson and Lindsay*

I'm scared of them finding out cos I don't want to worry them and don't want to put extra stress on them, I'm trying to protect them and I'm scared I'll be a failure to them.

PoisonedApple 29-07-2011 10:45 PM

*hugs Lindsay and Oliver and Laura*

Laura2.0 29-07-2011 10:46 PM

*hugs Crimson* it's the same for me. Last time around my birthday I kept thinking that I'm not meant to be that old.

*hugs Lindsay*

*hugs Oliver* I kept everything hidden because I didn't want to worry them, but now that they know it's kind of a relief.

The reason why I didn't tell him is that I'm scared of his reaction. Sometimes I'm scared of my dad and I don't want him to know that. He could use that information to manipuate me. Our relation isn't the best.
I could tell him that I wasn't able to tell him, because I was having a good time and didn't want to think about hospital, because it scares me. Does that sound realistic?

frenchhorn 29-07-2011 10:48 PM

*hugs laura and Crimson*

they know a bit, cos I had to tell them I was in a psych ward last year and they know I have BPD, depression and anxiety, but they think I'm ok and they don't know how bad it is, like the fact I've been ODing and self harming a lot and they don't know about the paranoia and voices.
sorry rambling now, shall shut up sorry


Laura2.0 29-07-2011 10:51 PM

*cuddles Oliver* do you have to tell them all or could you just tell them that you are not feeling well and that there is a lot of stuff going on for you?

frenchhorn 29-07-2011 10:53 PM

I could, but my mum would want to know everything, she is like that and in a way I want her to know everything, but I'm scared I don't want to worry her.

PoisonedApple 29-07-2011 11:41 PM

*hugs Oliver* As a parent I can tell you that she worries anyway. Maybe knowing would make worry less so to speak... Know what you're against rather than worrying about everything?

Hmmm... not sure I typed that out right... Sorry
*curls up*

frenchhorn 29-07-2011 11:58 PM

*hugs Crimson* thanks for the advice.

shadowedsoul 30-07-2011 12:01 AM

erm nevermind.

PoisonedApple 30-07-2011 12:25 AM

*hugs Jill*
You can PM if you need sweets...

*hugs Oliver*

frenchhorn 30-07-2011 12:28 AM

*hugs Jill and Crimson* I'm here if anyone needs to talk

shadowedsoul 30-07-2011 12:44 AM

thank you both, but i dont even know were to begin. my heads a mess tonight really loud and wont shut up. hugs both oliver and crimson back

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