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nonperson 26-05-2023 10:58 PM

Exciting is the wrong word but some cereal is certainly quite yum.

I would be too scared to be an extra! But they never ask us anyway =(

long road 26-05-2023 11:02 PM

What about an extra in fancy dress? Like the front half of a pantomime horse or something??

Cacoethes 26-05-2023 11:06 PM

When i last 'had the zoomies' i decided i was going to be a famous actress.
I still get audition alerts from this site i signed up to. But you need professional headshots so i never put that much effort into it! Because photos are pricey!

nonperson 26-05-2023 11:07 PM

I'd maybe play an alien or something on Doctor Who.

Never heard back from that BBC extra ballot thing they were doing!

long road 26-05-2023 11:19 PM

Back when the doctor who reboot had just come on screen after Christopher ecclestons series I entered a blue Peter competition to design a doctor who monster. Didn't win mind you and can no longer remember what monster ai designed.

It would be fun to be a doctor who alien but I am not sure I could handle getting all those prosthetics put on it can take hours in the makeup chair and you must get soooo sweaty!

Ahimsa 27-05-2023 02:49 AM

I don't know what's happened, but I've woken up from my nap with energy so I've
- put a wash on, just waiting for it to finish so I can pop it in the dryer
- done as much washing up as will fit on the drainer
- batch cooked

Cacoethes 27-05-2023 07:21 AM

I never heard back either! Rude.

That might have been the one with peter kay in it as an alien?
I'm sure i heard that episode was fan made.

Apparently in some movies where actors have loads of prosthetics, they have to have some sort of training or therapy or something because it can feel like being buried alive!

Wow well done Beth!

Morning everyone!
I slept until 5:30am. Which is a lie in for me these days XD

Pi.R^2 27-05-2023 08:10 AM

BBC extra ballot? Don’t think I’ve heard of this?

Morning guys :). I’m awake but may go back to sleep soon

Cacoethes 27-05-2023 08:13 AM


If you can go back to sleep then do it!

Pi.R^2 27-05-2023 08:26 AM

I will! Was just not quite tired enough but think I am now.

Cacoethes 27-05-2023 08:31 AM

Enjoy your lie in!

nonperson 27-05-2023 10:26 AM

It was the Peter Kay alien that was designed by a kid - the Abzorbaloff! I kinda liked that episode, not for Peter Kay but because of all the ELO music. =P

Cacoethes 27-05-2023 10:40 AM

I liked that episode!
I don't like peter kay though.
I like the bit where rose comes out and is just like 'you upset my mum. No one upsets my mum!' XD
While the alien is just there.

nonperson 27-05-2023 10:44 AM

Haha yes that was a good bit! Like, priorities!

I also liked that the Doctor and Rose didn't really appear much in the episode until the end.

Gonna have to listen to Mr Blue Sky now...

Cacoethes 27-05-2023 10:50 AM

And that he was from the neighbouring planet to Raxacoricofallapatorius, which is called Clom XD

A lot of people hated on that episode but i enjoyed it!

Awesome song tbf!

nonperson 27-05-2023 10:59 AM

Teehee >.>

It is. Quite epic!

Cacoethes 27-05-2023 11:05 AM

It was stuck in my head.
So i had to watch the guinea pig bridge video that jen sent me again and now that's back in my head. It's so flipping adorable!

tamobhuuta 27-05-2023 11:06 AM

Morning guys.

nonperson 27-05-2023 11:07 AM

ELO is going to be my gardening playlist today.

I have not seen this video. Does it have an earwormy song?

Morning tamo!

Cacoethes 27-05-2023 11:15 AM

Morning tamo!

It is very earwormy!
It's short, more like a little jingle. But it's SO CUTE!

nonperson 27-05-2023 11:28 AM


Their little waddles making that bridge wobble.

Cacoethes 27-05-2023 11:44 AM

I knoooww!!
I wish i could make a bridge for my piggos

long road 27-05-2023 12:12 PM

Glad you are enjoying guinea pig bridge! It came up on my recommended after watching guinea pig Olympics recently.

Also Goood Morning everyone!

Cacoethes 27-05-2023 12:16 PM

Best thing ever!

How are you?

long road 27-05-2023 12:21 PM

I have yet to decide how I am. There is a lot of conflicting evidence.

Our friend J should be coming over soon for a couple of hours to chat and maybe play a board game. That should be good

tamobhuuta 27-05-2023 12:30 PM

My sister R is coming over soon and my friend R is coming to see me at 4 :)

I had to repierce my ears because I left them earringless overnight.

Cacoethes 27-05-2023 12:37 PM

Vibe it.

Hope you have a nice time!

Hope you have a nice time too tamo!

They closed after one night??

The isolation of being here is getting to me now. Lol.
Only 3 more days!

long road 27-05-2023 12:44 PM

Some of the vibes are bad vibes a d I am trying to surf them.

Could you video chat a friend or something Beckie? Might help you feel less isolated.

Cacoethes 27-05-2023 12:48 PM

Definitely surf the bad vibes.
Good vibes only!

I hate video chatting.
The only thing that's really going to help is getting out of here.
Might go to the co op again.
I don't have much money though and it's so expensive

one_step_closer 27-05-2023 01:28 PM

Hey everyone. I hope you all have a good day. Keep going, Beckie, you can get through this! I don't think I'd fare very well in that level of isolation either.

Been for my meds and to the post office. Put a washing on and hoovered. Asda delivery at some point. Today I was also supposed to clean the kitchen and bathroom but Yesterday Lindsay did that so she gets a pat on the back.

Ahimsa 27-05-2023 01:32 PM

Well done Yesterday Linds!

long road 27-05-2023 01:39 PM

Maybe you Could do some taekwondo routine things Beckie? Or go for a walk with the dogs?

Good work past Lindsay!

How are you today Beth?

one_step_closer 27-05-2023 01:41 PM

Thank you.

How are your days going Jen and Beth?

Cacoethes 27-05-2023 01:50 PM

Well done yesterday lindsay!

Could do some taekwondo. That's a good idea.
Unfortunately the dogs are too mental to be walked by just one person.

Hi beth!

one_step_closer 27-05-2023 01:52 PM


Is there any way you could take them on separate walks? Or is that too much effort?

Cacoethes 27-05-2023 02:06 PM

Sadly not. They are incredibly difficult dogs
Not aggressive in the slightest, but not trained and they'd pull me over, run to jump up at people, charley likes to jump in the river and jump up at people after coming out, neither of them listen. Would be a nightmare!
I really don't know why my mum doesn't do something about it but they're her dogs.

My amazon delivery has arrived along with something of mum's. Think I'll go to the co op now. For the simple reason that i need coke zero!
I don't really want to go out. My fingertips have been doing the tingly thing all morning and i feel weird. And tired. Lol.

I shall stop complaining now!

tamobhuuta 27-05-2023 02:20 PM

Don't get too hot on your trip out Cacoethes. I've changed from a jumper to a light cardigan.

My sister isn't here yet, which is unusual.

one_step_closer 27-05-2023 02:58 PM

Does your Mum walk them? They do sound like a huge handful.

Take care while you're out. Stay as cool and hydrated as possible.

When does your sister usually come, Tamo?

Ahimsa 27-05-2023 03:26 PM

I'm still super sleepy, I've put the bedding in the wash though.

not_so_insig 27-05-2023 03:42 PM

Hello all.

Cacoethes 27-05-2023 03:42 PM

It is so hot!
I was melting!

My mum does not walk them.
I don't agree with her getting 2 big/active dogs and not giving them the adequate exercise but there will be absolutely no bringing that up with her.
They do have a massive amount of space to run around in, but still.

long road 27-05-2023 04:36 PM

Could the tinglyness be you are dehydrated? In hot weather electrolytes can get of whack more easily so it's not just a fluid thing.

Also Hello Dawn.

And Beth f you are sleepy is there a way you can try to avoid a nap to get you back in a better sleep pattern? Try and take it easy.

Our friend J is still here we are chatting.

Cacoethes 27-05-2023 04:54 PM

Could be. It was happening in my lower legs on the walk there and also in my heels as well now?? It's weird!
I am well hydrated though i think

Are you having a nice time jen?

long road 27-05-2023 05:03 PM

Maybe eat something salty like some crisps or something like a banana with potassium to see if that helps with weird feeling? When will you hear back about your bloods?

I have enjoyed seeing J but have got a bit tired and as such a bit frazzled in the brain department. So have just said goodbye to J and come to bed to rest while he and my partner keep chatting for a little bit longer.

Cacoethes 27-05-2023 05:43 PM

I've just checked blood results (sure they weren't there yesterday) and it says 'satisfactory' and no further action.
Though lots of things are low and some are high!
I assume the dr knows how to interpret them correctly. But it gives you the normal levels and tells you if they're above or below the reference limit on the results page. But maybe that particular combination of high and low things can be down to one very simple cause like one of the medications.

Well done for taking yourself away to rest. Your body will thank you!
I'm glad you've had a nice time

one_step_closer 27-05-2023 05:49 PM

Well done for what you're managing, Beth. I hope you can put new bedding on because that is a task enough without being super sleepy.

Hi Dawn. how are you?

I agree with you there about the dogs, Beckie. It's a shame your Mum wouldn't listen. Can you ask someone about the blood results if you'd like to know more about what they mean?

I'm glad you've had an enjoyable time seeing J, Jen. I'm also glad you're listening to your brain and I hope the rest helps.

not_so_insig 27-05-2023 06:06 PM

I am ok thanks Lindsay. Currently sitting outside as it's very hot here.

Cacoethes 27-05-2023 06:07 PM

I have a psych appointment next week.
Though i know they don't deal with physical health stuff, i wouldn't want to take an entire GP appointment just to discuss blood results that they've already said are satisfactory.

How are you doing lindsay?

one_step_closer 27-05-2023 06:14 PM

Enjoy the rest of the nice day, Dawn. :-)

I hope your appointment next week goes well, Beckie. What are you doing this evening?

I'm struggling to occupy myself. My brain is being uncooperative.

long road 27-05-2023 06:21 PM

While trying to rest I got a text from GP about having an appointment for asthma on 6th June. Which is good because I do need to discuss it further but 1. What GP works messagin people in Saturday's?? And 2. I am now anxious about appointment and finding resting hard. Don't want to hijack this thread though so have posted more detail about anxiety in my serious thread.

Could you get a phone appointment with GP to discuss bloods? Less effort than in person but probably more appropriate than trying to discuss blood tests with psych. Although checking if your symptoms could be side effects with psych is a good idea and bringing up bloods in relation to ED.

Going to try and meditate to calm myself down.

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