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one_step_closer 12-05-2023 06:15 PM

It's a chilled soup from Asda. I prefer the red pepper and some kind of cheese one but they don't sell that any more for some reason.

Cacoethes 12-05-2023 06:25 PM

Always sucks when something you like disappears!

I'm doing paella.

Pi.R^2 12-05-2023 06:31 PM

I love paella!! K makes it so well but it’s a big faff and also involves ordering vegan chorizo online so I only really get it on my birthday!

Cacoethes 12-05-2023 06:36 PM

That does sound like a faff!
Didn't even know vegan chorizo was a thing!
What does it consist of?

I'm going to make sure the prawns are actually cooked this time, so i don't spend all night panicking about death by prawn again

Ahimsa 12-05-2023 06:43 PM

Ooh lentils! I LOVE lentils!

tamobhuuta 12-05-2023 06:47 PM

My dad makes it but he makes it a bit different every time.

Don't get food poisoning Cacoethes!

Cacoethes 12-05-2023 07:03 PM

I didn't last time, but today i made absolutely sure they were boiling hot!

tamobhuuta 12-05-2023 07:04 PM

Well done :)

one_step_closer 12-05-2023 07:12 PM

I'm treating myself to a banoffee waffle for being a brave little soldier today by talking to someone on Duty.

Cacoethes 12-05-2023 07:14 PM

Thanks tamo!

That sounds delicious lindsay!
And absolutely deserved!

tamobhuuta 12-05-2023 07:19 PM

Very well deserved osc. Enjoy!

Cacoethes 12-05-2023 07:20 PM

I fancy something sweet
I usually have a yogurt, but i have no yogurts :(
I wonder if i have any of the honeycomb protein bars left....?

Ahimsa 12-05-2023 07:28 PM

OMG OSC, You mentioning honeycomb, has reminded me I have a Crunchie in my bag!

tamobhuuta 12-05-2023 07:29 PM

Oooo honeycomb

one_step_closer 12-05-2023 07:32 PM

It was very nice. Can't be doing that all the time though!

Crunchies are good. How could you forget you had one in your bag, Beth?!

I hope you have found something sweet to eat, Beckie.

Ahimsa 12-05-2023 07:33 PM

Can crunchies fix sads?

one_step_closer 12-05-2023 07:40 PM

They can maybe help a bit.

Ahimsa 12-05-2023 07:41 PM

I think I should try.

one_step_closer 12-05-2023 07:42 PM

Yes. And maybe post/speak to someone if it doesn't help enough.

Cacoethes 12-05-2023 07:48 PM

I did have some!
Usually protein bars aren't really very nice, no matter what they try to dress them up as, but this one is actually really good!

I'd say crunchies are a good start!

long road 12-05-2023 08:00 PM

I just woke up again. Body is still stiff and achy, probably about the same as when I last woke up.

Partner and I are ordering dinner as neither of us can be bothered to cook. We are getting pasta and garlic bread from a nearby Italian place.

Crunchies are a mazing and I highly recommend the crunchy flavoured ice creams. Chocolate doesn't cure sad but it can help a little.

Glad you had a treat Lindsay you deserved one. Banoffee is a great flavour, did you make it yourself or order it?

Cacoethes 12-05-2023 08:05 PM

Hope you enjoy your dinner jen

Crunchies are indeed amazing!

Ive just clipped and painted my toenails.
I ran out of red, so i ordered a silvery blue, it's very nice!
We have to be barefoot for taekwondo. And I hate feet and being barefoot, so try to make myself feel less self conscious about it!

tamobhuuta 12-05-2023 08:48 PM

Fancy toes!

Cacoethes 12-05-2023 08:55 PM

I wish i could get a gel pedicure or something but i don't like my feet being touched. Plus money.

I've just impulsively cleaned the lint drawer in my washing machine.
What a wild friday night I'm having!
I've never opened that bit before in the 7-8 years I've had the machine. I had to youtube it. I didn't even know if it had one XD
God knows where that urge came from!

long road 12-05-2023 09:12 PM

Cleaning out the lint drawer reduces the risk of washing machine fires so good job!

I have never had painted toe nails. I've done my fingernails before although not well as I am pretty bad at it.

Pi.R^2 12-05-2023 09:22 PM

Never let it be said that Beckie doesn’t know how to have a good time on a Friday night

Pi.R^2 12-05-2023 09:22 PM

On the feet topic, I need to visit a chiropodist but like, weird and ceeb

Cacoethes 12-05-2023 09:26 PM

There was barely anything in there! A little water came out and there were 2 strands of hay, some tiny bits of fluff, that was it!

What even is my life now?
Is this what I have become?!
Someone who spends a free Friday night doing impulse washing machine maintenance?
*questions life choices*

Oh god me too. Or a doctor. Or something. Have been meaning to for literal years. But at this point it's just embarrassing
Why do people even become chiropodists?? I cannot imagine not only looking and handling feet all day, but handling feet with issues!

tamobhuuta 12-05-2023 09:37 PM

I'm hoping to buy a foot scrubber tomorrow actually.

Cacoethes 12-05-2023 09:55 PM

I may look into getting one of those foot mask things when i get paid.

Pi.R^2 12-05-2023 10:15 PM

I might set myself a target to go in the summer holidays; I can report back!

Cacoethes 12-05-2023 10:19 PM

Please do! :-D

You had to hear about my constipation, so i should hear about your chiropodist visit in return :tongue2:

Pi.R^2 12-05-2023 10:28 PM

Haha lol!
Ideally I’d make an instructional mpg like I did for the dump for np and Camden but not sure how that would go down :P

Pi.R^2 12-05-2023 10:29 PM

Also go to bed!!

Pi.R^2 12-05-2023 10:29 PM

Also2, what are you plotting?? (Mood status)

Cacoethes 12-05-2023 10:30 PM

I question the need to put both 'haha' and 'lol' next to each other.
I can only assume that means i am extra funny :-D

Do it! Life is too short!

I will after this episode!

I am not plotting anything in particular at this moment in time, be not afraid!

Pi.R^2 12-05-2023 10:30 PM

Haha, I did notice that but it just seemed to be what felt natural to say!

Cacoethes 12-05-2023 10:38 PM

Fair enough! Do what feels right! Live in the moment!

Cacoethes 13-05-2023 08:01 AM

Morning everyone!

Pi.R^2 13-05-2023 08:26 AM

Morning! What are you up to today?

Cacoethes 13-05-2023 08:38 AM

Taekwondo and asda!
My neighbour is cleaning the house today.
And i have an amazon delivery of coffee that i DESPERATELY need. Because i have none D:

How are you?
Up to much?

nonperson 13-05-2023 10:46 AM


tamobhuuta 13-05-2023 10:58 AM

Morning everyone. What are we up to? Have fun Cacoethes!

Pi.R^2 13-05-2023 11:17 AM

Have fun with your gravity-defying kicks and moves Beckie!
Morning np & tamo, what news from you two?

tamobhuuta 13-05-2023 11:25 AM

I'll be going to the library and other places this afternoon with Mum and sister R, while sister N is at a breathing class.

Pi.R^2 13-05-2023 11:28 AM

Is it literally called 'breathing class'? I'm guessing it's like breathing techniques to help manage difficult feelings but I enjoy the idea of it simply being called breathing class!
Have fun at the library; will you taking out books?

nonperson 13-05-2023 11:35 AM

The breathing exercises we used to do at yoga were interesting. I kinda liked them, but it turns out breathing can be quite hard!

No news from me. I slept all evening yesterday, slept some more over night, had the strangest muddle of dreams and am still knackered. Just doing laundry and stuff today as I won't be able to tomorrow.

What adventures have you got planned, Jenna?

tamobhuuta 13-05-2023 11:36 AM

It's called Conscious Connected Breath, it's a yoga thing. It's not just breathing in and out!

I'm going to pick up a book I ordered, a murder mystery by Richard Osman.

What are you up to?

tamobhuuta 13-05-2023 11:38 AM

That's a lot of sleep np! I hope you enjoy your jobs today!

nonperson 13-05-2023 11:52 AM

Yoga breathing can be really complicated and there's a lot of theory and stuff behind it as well. It's interesting. I can't remember the names of the techniques we used but liked the one where you breathe through one nostril at a time, it takes a bit of coordination though!

I may sleep some more in a minute. Eh, no they're not enjoyable jobs but thanks, I will try! Changing the bed is satisfying at least. =)

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