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tamobhuuta 04-05-2023 12:31 PM

Morning guys. I hope your appointment went OK LR.

Cacoethes 04-05-2023 12:39 PM

How are you?

tamobhuuta 04-05-2023 12:42 PM

I'm ok. Didn't get up til 11. I woke up briefly at 9 but was determined to have a lie in! How's home treating you?

long road 04-05-2023 12:51 PM

Appointment went well. And have a review booked for in a couple of weeks time to check everything has settled down properly.

Lie ins ftw.

Cacoethes 04-05-2023 12:54 PM

Love a lie in!
My body won't do them though. Very annoying!

It's brilliant being home thanks!

I'm glad the appointment went well jen

long road 04-05-2023 01:02 PM

I might try a nap now if my body will let me. I am wired but 2 hours sleep is not enough.

Life is complicated by fact water company are fixing a leak just outside our flat. They are using a jackhammer :nono: Thank goodness for noise cancelling headphones.

Anything nice you can do for yourself you couldn't do in the ward Beckie?

tamobhuuta 04-05-2023 01:04 PM

I'm glad the appointment went well :)

I had a look on my NHS app. The cardiologist thinks my abnormal heart things may be due to my meds. Now I'm waiting for a letter from my GP telling me this!

tamobhuuta 04-05-2023 01:05 PM

2 hours is not enough!

Cacoethes 04-05-2023 01:08 PM

2 hours is certainly not enough!

Ugh that's all you need!

I'm just enjoying being out and about and being home without very loud crazy people about! And being with the boys of course!
I have taekwondo tonight.

Meds can do stuff like that!

one_step_closer 04-05-2023 01:13 PM

Hi everyone.

Noise cancelling headphones can cancel out the noise of a jackhammer? Or just some of it? I'm glad your appointment went well, Jen. I hope you can have a good nap and wake up feeling good.

I wish I could access my notes and test results through an app/online. You are all so high-tech/hi-tech/something.

Are you ok for taekwondo, Beckie?

tamobhuuta 04-05-2023 01:26 PM

Hi osc, how are you?

long road 04-05-2023 01:31 PM

I usually just about function on 6 hours and need nearer 10 to feel at all rested. Alas I fear sleep will be tricky as too wired from a combo of anxiety and med side effects

Hope the heart stuff can all get evened out and changing meds if it has to happen doesn't cause issues Tamo. I have an app for my local hospital that weirdly also show GP blood tests.

Enjoy your freedom Beckie and try not to over do it and have someone call an ambulance on you.

Most of noise is cancelled, I have expensive active noise cancelling ones. Might not work so well outside directly next to them. There is still a vibratey noise but its more of a hum and bearable. Especially with music playing through headphones

In Scotland you might not have apps but at least you get free prescriptions OSC!

one_step_closer 04-05-2023 01:36 PM

I forgot other places don't get free prescriptions, I am very lucky.

Your noise cancelling headphones sound good, Jen. Do you use them a lot?

Heart stuff seems common with antipsychotics. So annoying. I hope it can be sorted out, Tamo.

I'm coming off Risperidone because I have high prolactin levels. I'm only on 2mg now and I still have the high prolactin symptoms.

I don't really know how I am.

long road 04-05-2023 01:41 PM

Use them a fair amount OSC. Can be quite soothong to block out the world and the sound quality is good too. They were pricy though, £375!, they were my birthday present last year.

I am very slowly coming off Olanzapine because of high prolactin. Although luckily I am not getting symptoms from the high prolactin just abnormal blood results.

I hate those days, do you feel unsettled?

The Worst Witch 04-05-2023 01:55 PM

Chuggers in the high street today. Been asked to stop twice. That must be a **** job

The Worst Witch 04-05-2023 01:56 PM

I have beats that cancel out noise, but I’ve had them for a while and they’re all strapped together with elastic band. New pair might be on the cards with any birthday money I get, can’t afford them otherwise. Not as expensive as yours Jen but they still set me back £250

Cacoethes 04-05-2023 02:15 PM

I'll be fine for taekwondo.
I'm going to make sure the instructor knows that i need to be eased in. There's a high instructor to student ratio, so it's entirely possible i could be taught alone or in a group of 2 or 3 today. Depends on other people's grades.

I get free prescriptions because of epilepsy. That and the free bus pass are the only good things about it XD

Can you take sleeping tablets jen?

Those are pricy headphones! Get what you pay for i suppose! And i guess they'll last for ages!

Chuggers are best avoided!
Luckily my town is small so we don't really have them here!

I've cleaned out the boys, they are now happily resting as it was obviously SO exhausting for them :tongue2:

I don't think anyone can hate on crisp sandwiches!

Ahimsa 04-05-2023 02:52 PM

I've just popped home on my lunchbreak, I STILL dont have next weeks rota so dont know if any of my appointments can go ahead. We're meant to have a minimum of a month, I don't even have 4 days time!

Cacoethes 04-05-2023 02:54 PM

Whaaat?! That is NOT ok!
Is there anyone you can complain to?
How do they expect you to plan any non work stuff?

Ahimsa 04-05-2023 02:56 PM

Oh we complain all the time. It never makes a difference though.

I'm meant to have in the next two weeks, that I've booked (but may have to cancel, rearrange, or see if I can swap a shift and if not, I can't have my appointment)
- Meeting with my ISVA
- Dentist
- Medical Psych
- Drs appointment (That I had to wait 2 and a half months for, I booked it back in March and this was THE SOONEST I could get, for anything, to see anyone. I'm not picky, I've never seen the same Dr more than once)

Cacoethes 04-05-2023 03:00 PM

I don't even know what to suggest tbh!
Absolutely ridiculous.
Is there no one higher up you can talk to?

long road 04-05-2023 03:11 PM


Originally Posted by Zippit (Post 4349075)
You want to ride passengers? :shocked: :-D

:-D No I just can't type for toffee I want to eject the rude passengers so they can no longer ride on the bus!

not_so_insig 04-05-2023 03:13 PM

We don't have an NHS app either but like Scotland we get free prescriptions in Wales.

long road 04-05-2023 03:17 PM

I don't have any sleeping tablets, Beckie don't think I have ever been prescribed them. And I know often when my asthma is playing up they are reluctant to prescribe me sedating things like diazepam as they can affect your breathing. I've not had access to PRN for years. I probably should have mentioned the 2 hours sleep to nurse but it didn't cross my mind. Was just relieved that things were mostly ok.

I really should try getting some shut eye. Doesn't help lying flat make my breathing worse but I struggle to sleep propped up on pillows.

*Shakes fist at Ahimsa's work* That is really bad is it in your contract that you get a month's notice? You might be able to push back at them legally if so with support from ACAS or a union.

Cacoethes 04-05-2023 03:21 PM

You probably should have mentioned the sleep thing

That sounds so so difficult!
I can't even imagine

Jen has good suggestions!

one_step_closer 04-05-2023 03:30 PM

Is your Olanzapine going to be replaced with something else, Jen? How are you finding the reduction?

If I had sound cancelling headphones I think I'd always listen to music with them because I can imagine the 'deafening' sound would cause me to hear my tinnitus louder.

I've never heard anyone call those people chuggers. If they try to talk to me and I feel too anxious to ignore them I just say 'sorry these things make me anxious' and then walk away.

I love crisp sandwiches. My preference is tomato flavoured crisps. Does anyone put mayo or anything on them? I just put a little bit of olive spread, no sauces.

I hope you enjoy Taekwondo. Beckie. Where do you put your fluffies when you're cleaning their space?

I really hope you can get to your appointments, Ahimsa.

long road 04-05-2023 03:34 PM


Originally Posted by Cacoethes (Post 4349091)
You probably should have mentioned the sleep thing

That sounds so so difficult!
I can't even imagine

Jen has good suggestions!

I didn't think. It's kind of normal for me to occassionally not fall asleep until 6/7am due to FND nonsense but usually once I am asleep I get at least 6 hours (which isn't enough but I can just about handle). Today I had to be up to call GP at 8:30am and so got woken by the alarm after 2 hours fitful sleep. Although it was asthma and med side effects keeping me awake so a different reason for not sleeping.

I know the not sleeping is likely to get worse too as steroids give me insomnia as a side effect. I have come to bed and made a pillow nest. Hoping I can get at least a small nap.

Guess if I don't get any more sleep I have to call GP surgery again tomorrow. Cannot be bothered but it's a three day weekend so better sooner than later.

one_step_closer 04-05-2023 03:40 PM

I hope you do get some better sleep and if not you can get through to a GP and sort something out. It might be hard to phone the surgery if you're so tired but please try and do it.

long road 04-05-2023 03:41 PM


Originally Posted by one_step_closer (Post 4349092)
Is your Olanzapine going to be replaced with something else, Jen? How are you finding the reduction?

No replacement. Haven't seen a psychiatrist for a med review since 2015. Have been on Olanzapine since 2014... It just been managed by GP to variable effect. Current plan is to stay on lowest dose of Olanzapine unless prolactin stays above X at which point if I still feel I need medication the GP fights CMHT for an alternative plan.

P.s. Jenna let me know if I should move this to somewhere else not sure if I have gone too serious.

one_step_closer 04-05-2023 03:44 PM

Are you on multiple psych meds? Do you have a psychiatrist? I thought you had to have one if you were on multiple psych meds. Surely you should have had a review though.

long road 04-05-2023 03:55 PM


Originally Posted by one_step_closer (Post 4349098)
Are you on multiple psych meds? Do you have a psychiatrist? I thought you had to have one if you were on multiple psych meds. Surely you should have had a review though.

Oh I am on multiple meds. I should have a psychiatrist. Should have med reviews. But I fell through the gaps.

I moved home after uni and though I was referred to the local CMHT I had my first job and was out of the house 12 hours a day every week day so I ignored referral. Then when moved back to Uni town where I still live now I tried to get back under CMHT there but I didn't meet criteria. GP's are often surprised at the lack of supervision but at least I have a GP now who has said he will advocate for me / fight them should I need it.

long road 04-05-2023 03:57 PM


Originally Posted by Zippit (Post 4349099)
Well I did wonder what sort of bus you were using but this makes more sense!

I just hate those passengers who think seats are for feet and rude ones are so annoying.

I would argue putting feets on seats is rude. Especially in muddy shoesm other people have to sit there after you / may need a seat you are occupying with your feet

not_so_insig 04-05-2023 04:15 PM

Happy Star Wars Day everyone!

tamobhuuta 04-05-2023 05:01 PM

Happy Star Wars Day insig!

Skips are my favourite crisps.

I've got to put proper clothes on so I can pick up meds and vote.

Ahimsa 04-05-2023 05:06 PM

Ooooh skips!!

tamobhuuta 04-05-2023 05:12 PM

Hi Ahimsa, how's your day going?

one_step_closer 04-05-2023 05:25 PM

Do you think it's time for your GP to stand up for you, Jen?

Beth, you're getting like Jenna just popping in to reply to random things that you like! :laugh: How are you getting on today?

not_so_insig 04-05-2023 05:26 PM

There are no elections in Wales.

one_step_closer 04-05-2023 05:27 PM

No elections here either.

Ahimsa 04-05-2023 05:48 PM

I have a rota. Only for next week. I can’t go to my appointment I booked in March.

tamobhuuta 04-05-2023 05:51 PM

How annoying!

I have voted :) now I'm queueing for meds.

Cacoethes 04-05-2023 05:55 PM

That's honestly outrageous beth.
I'm so angry for you!

Ahimsa 04-05-2023 06:01 PM

It is what it is.

They can’t swap my appointment. I’ve waited 8 weeks for it, I may as well wait longer. They don’t have a bookable diary yet but they said it’ll likely be July.

one_step_closer 04-05-2023 06:05 PM

Sorry to hear that, Beth. That's really not fair, it should be easier to get time to go to important appointments.

You are doing ALL the adulting, Tamo!

tamobhuuta 04-05-2023 06:18 PM


not_so_insig 04-05-2023 06:50 PM

I am not so good today so went for a takeaway. Was cheaper than domino's. Stuffed now.

tamobhuuta 04-05-2023 06:52 PM

What takeaway did you get?

not_so_insig 04-05-2023 06:55 PM

A doner wrap, a can of Tango and a garlic bread pizza. Only had the wrap and tango so far though.

long road 04-05-2023 07:22 PM

I napped! Got bout 3 hours in the end which more than doubles my sleep total to a grand 5 hours for the day. Hope I can sleep tonight

I concur that skips are amazing. But I think I would want potato crisps on a crisps sandwich. I like to add prawn cocktail crisps to a cheese sandwich very satisfying.

Ahimsa 04-05-2023 07:27 PM

Ooh I do that with cheese and onion, and tuna sandwiches

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