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Ahimsa 20-04-2023 11:36 PM

She was trying to catch my laptop screen reflection the other day, she's very silly.

Cacoethes 20-04-2023 11:42 PM

So cute!
My friend's cat is obsessed with shoelaces.
And he has a laser machine thing which can be entertaining!

Ahimsa 20-04-2023 11:44 PM

Ahh we have a laser dot! My cats are SO spoiled, they even have a little camper van tent! And a big tent from Santa Paws.

Cacoethes 20-04-2023 11:46 PM

That's so lovely!

I'm going to treat the boys to a loft for their cage when i get home. Pippin likes to climb things and be high up and merry likes hidey places, so it will be perfect for both of them!

Cacoethes 21-04-2023 10:04 AM

Good morning thread!
I managed to get my washing in just seconds before someone else asked. Win!

tamobhuuta 21-04-2023 10:57 AM

Skillz Cacoethes!

I dreamt Pi deleted this thread due to ALLEGED rule breaking.

Cacoethes 21-04-2023 11:00 AM

What an odd dream to have!
I don't think anyone has broken any rules so we're good!

tamobhuuta 21-04-2023 11:06 AM

I should've gone in the garden yesterday, the weather is horrible here today.

Cacoethes 21-04-2023 11:17 AM

Yeah it is here too. Not raining (yet) but very grey

tamobhuuta 21-04-2023 11:36 AM

Is there anything happening on the ward to entertain you today?

Cacoethes 21-04-2023 11:45 AM

Not sure
Doing my washing which is thrilling
I've just put it in the dryer.

Are you up to much today?

tamobhuuta 21-04-2023 11:51 AM

Congrats! I've no plans but I might look at how full my washing basket is, see if it's worth doing a wash.

Cacoethes 21-04-2023 11:53 AM

Good plan
I had loads of washing because the machine was broken on my other wash day. So it's a weeks worth! I couldn't even fit it all in. I had to leave out a towel. Which isn't the end of the world, i have another one.

tamobhuuta 21-04-2023 11:59 AM

On my local ward, hospital towels were washed by the hospital.

long road 21-04-2023 11:59 AM

Good Moaning!

I have loads of washing to do. It's sunny here today so shall probably try and get another load on to get through the backlog. Congrats on securing da washing machine and da dryer Beckie!

Cacoethes 21-04-2023 12:00 PM

I have my own towels.

Morning jen!
Good luck wirh your washing!

tamobhuuta 21-04-2023 12:01 PM

Morning long road. I wish you continued sunshine!

tamobhuuta 21-04-2023 12:02 PM

Ninja Cacoethes.
Fair enough :)

It's raining.

Cacoethes 21-04-2023 12:23 PM

They can't find my handbag. It has my house keys and purse in it :plain:
Waiting for the nurse in charge to check the safe because it's nowhere to be seen in the storage room!

Cacoethes 21-04-2023 12:28 PM

Someone has taken my washing out of the dryer and it's still wet. I'm more upset about this than i should be

long road 21-04-2023 12:38 PM

Gah to unreasonable people *shakes fist at dryer stealer*
I think it's reasonable to be upset.that someone took wet clothes out of a dryer.

Also gah to staff losing your handbag. Hope it's in the safe.

Weather Update: I put washing on and then the sky turned grey. I don't have a dryer so looks like I will be hanging clothes on airer and using the dehumidifier to suck the water out if the room they are drying in.

Cacoethes 21-04-2023 12:48 PM

Stuff always takes about 4 times to dry as well!

Hope so. She's too busy to look now :eyeroll:

Oh no! At least you realised so you didn't put it out and it got rained on!

tamobhuuta 21-04-2023 12:59 PM

I agree with long road's gahs. I hope you can both get your washing dry. I've decided it's not worth putting a load on today. We have a big machine!

long road 21-04-2023 01:32 PM

Weather Update 2 (because clearly you are all invested in this now) It is still grey but occassionally blue pokes through. Washing is almost finished and so the debate of whether it is worth the risk putting out the washing begins!

tamobhuuta 21-04-2023 01:33 PM

Can you put the washing out and keep an eye on the weather to see if you need to dash out and bring it in?

one_step_closer 21-04-2023 02:29 PM

Hi everyone.

The weather is dry and sunny here with a good wind so you're all welcome to hang your washing up in my back garden.

not_so_insig 21-04-2023 02:39 PM

Afternoon all. It's extremely dark and rainy here.

tamobhuuta 21-04-2023 02:58 PM

Jealous osc. At least it has stopped raining here.

I'm feeling sad because it's Friday so there's no doctors on the TV.

long road 21-04-2023 03:35 PM

Decided to hang inside to save having to keep watching for rain! Makes this afternoon more relaxing!

Cacoethes 21-04-2023 03:39 PM

My bag has been located!
It was in the office, i was convinced it was mine but the nurse kept saying it had someone else's name on it.
I persisted then found out it had the name of the girl who i always get confused for. One of the nurses who has known me for ages turned round and looked at the bag. Lo and behold, it was mine. Glad i was stubborn about it! And that L was in the office!
Panic over!

one_step_closer 21-04-2023 03:40 PM

It's weird how the weather can be so different in places. And the sun is shining in Scotland whereas it's not in other places! I think the good weather is set to end soon though.

What do you normally do when Doctors isn't on, Tamo? Is there another show you watch?

That was a good idea, Jen. I hope you're having a nice relaxed day. It is annoying having to constantly look out the window to see if it's raining. I never put my washing out because of my hay fever.

Edit: I'm glad your bag was found, Beckie. I hate when I get mixed up with other people on the ward. It's usually people with the same diagnosis as me who are generally loud and demanding and I'm not so it kind of upsets me.

Ahimsa 21-04-2023 03:44 PM

Yay on the bag being found Beckie!

I have no idea what the weather is here as my office has no windows, so I won’t see the outside until I finish at 8 ☹️

tamobhuuta 21-04-2023 03:59 PM

Good idea long road.
I'm glad you've got your bag back Cacoethes.
I'm watching doctor who osc.
Sounds weird not having windows Ahimsa.

Cacoethes 21-04-2023 04:03 PM

Me and the other girl also look nothing alike!

No windows??
I'd hate to be in a room with no natural light all day

one_step_closer 21-04-2023 05:53 PM

Let's go to Ahimsa's work with a sledgehammer if one of the walls faces outside.

long road 21-04-2023 05:56 PM

I 'll come with the sledgehammer party, I am a civil engineer so I'll make sure the walll we knock through isn't structural / won't crush us!

Afternoon has been so relaxing I just had a nap.

Grrrr at being mixed up with other patient but at least you have sorted the confusion for now.

Cacoethes 21-04-2023 06:01 PM

Sounds like a plan!

I'm glad you've had a nice afternoon!

I'm used to it now. We have the same surname, are apparently quite similar (we're not) but she's diagnosed schizophrenia and I'm schizoaffective so maybe that's why. I'm actually very surprised i haven't been called her name yet!

long road 21-04-2023 06:15 PM

Waking up a bit and trying to stretch out some locked muscles then I am going to try and make dinner. Followed by roleplaying where we will explore more of the alien ruin and hopefully not wake up all the sleeping aliens!

I went to secondary school.with someone three years above who had the same first name and surname as me. We just had different middle names. We also lived in the same village. It was always very frustrating getting mixed up but usually it was easily fixable stuff like being asked to collect her swimming goggles or her getting billed for my guitar lessons. Most annoying was the teachers who would ask if she was my sister, who gives both their kids the same name??? Oh and when her mates tried to bully me for 'stealing' her name.

Also my surname is very common in Wales but not particularly common in England, so why did two of us live in the same village sigh...

Imagine it's more annoying when medical records and property is involved though.

long road 21-04-2023 06:17 PM

Ooh lightbulb moment if they call her your name play that's not my name by the ting tings out loud on your phone!

one_step_closer 21-04-2023 06:17 PM

Well we definitely need you there then, Jen. Yay for skills!

I'm glad you had a relaxed afternoon, do you have plans for the rest of the day?

You're super Beckie here. You can't be mistaken for anyone else.

one_step_closer 21-04-2023 06:18 PM

Ninja Jen!

Playing that song would be hilarious!

long road 21-04-2023 06:18 PM

I am a ninja! QK QK

But so are you!

one_step_closer 21-04-2023 06:20 PM

What does QK mean? Is it an image of a ninja?

Cacoethes 21-04-2023 06:23 PM

Wow that is a huge coincidence jen!
There was a boy in my year with the same surname as me and people kept asking if we were married. I was 11.....

That is an excellent idea!

Did you miss the whole QK drama lindsay??

one_step_closer 21-04-2023 06:32 PM

I must have, please explain.

Cacoethes 21-04-2023 06:33 PM

I don't really remember most of it because i was too busy being mental.
But i think it caused some issues!
And QK is a ninja on its side

one_step_closer 21-04-2023 06:34 PM

At primary school there was a Linzi in my class and me, spelt Lindsay, so the teacher started pronouncing the D in my name so we'd know who he was speaking to. People started calling me Lindizzy then Lindiz or Diz in my friend group. Some people I haven't seen for ages still call me Diz. I prefer to be called Lindsay.

one_step_closer 21-04-2023 06:35 PM

It does look like a ninja on its side. Did some genius make it up?

tamobhuuta 21-04-2023 06:40 PM

I remember the sideways ninjas! I had friends :)

long road 21-04-2023 06:50 PM

I think people took the sideways ninja to be exclusionary as a certain friend group posted it a lot. Of course none of those people are current active members...:whistling:

And it wasn't ever intended to be exclusionary it just looks like a sideways ninja and that is cool. I think I met you in person once or twice Tamo with the QK crew.

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