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Cacoethes 16-02-2023 06:57 PM

Our dogs always farted loads. Stank as well!

Zurg 16-02-2023 07:26 PM

Lol, doggy farts are as bad as human ones XD

None of my pets fart. I'm the only creature in this home that farts. And i often apologise to the tiny zoo for creating a temporary smelly home….
I wish the fishes would fart!!! That'd look cool :D

My friends had a bulldog. She was called Daisy and she was so cute and cuddly, but man!!! Some of those farts were both silent AND deadly!! Yuck!!! ;)

long road 16-02-2023 07:35 PM

Hello everyone,

Thanks for storm warning will try and secure my garden gates properly (they have a tendency to flap around and one tore off its hinges once).

Not been around as much today and yesterday. Generally I've been doing ok just been kind of busy and tired. Last two nights I have got 6- 6.5 hours of sleep and I can usually just about function on 8 hours and do better on 10. And that's made things a little rougher physically and mentally.

Proud that despite lack of sleep I have still done my morning routine both days. About to go and attempt to cook dinner.

Cacoethes 16-02-2023 08:09 PM

I think they're worse!
Especially when they have raw food. Like my mum's dogs do!

Well done for managing your morning routine!
What's for dinner?

long road 16-02-2023 09:25 PM

Had spaghetti and meatballs in homemade tomato sauce again. It was so tasty when I cooked it last week I wanted to try again!

I have nothing to add on the subject of dog farts XD

Cacoethes 16-02-2023 10:36 PM


I'm watching life of brian
Always funny

long road 16-02-2023 10:56 PM

A classic. ' He's not the Messiah! He's a Very Naughty Boy!' XD

I am watching a cooking competition on iPlayer.

Cacoethes 16-02-2023 10:57 PM

Never gets old! XD

There are so many cooking shows now!
And dating shows.

long road 16-02-2023 11:19 PM

Always look on the bright side of life :)

I have always enjoyed cooking shows. I have some I like and some I don't. Prefer competitions. One I am watching right now is Great British Menu and is cool because it's professional chefs competing to be on a banquet. So they have really fun and theatrical presentation to a themed brief.

Cacoethes 17-02-2023 09:00 AM

Morning everyone!

tamobhuuta 17-02-2023 11:04 AM

Morning, how are you?

Zurg 17-02-2023 11:17 AM

Morning Beckie and Tamo :)
How are you guys today??

Cacoethes 17-02-2023 11:17 AM

Ok thanks. .bit of a headache!
Just hoping my hay delivery comes before i need to leave for work!

How are you?

It's very windy here

Ninja zurg!
How are you?

Zurg 17-02-2023 11:43 AM

I am tired. I feel sad but it's probably just being tired. Spent some of the night awake due to restless legs and lower back ache. When i finally fell asleep and was comfortable, it was time to get up. I'd have loved to stay in bed but my anxiety plays into it when i can hear bun-bun start to destroy the entire livingroom in anticipation of breakfast XD

Cacoethes 17-02-2023 11:47 AM

I prescribe coffee!
Restless legs and pain are the absolute worst.
Can you nap later on?

My friend got us fall out boy tickets!!
Roll on November!

Zurg 17-02-2023 11:56 AM

Woop, woop!!! Fall out boy tickets!!! Sounds awesome. I'd love to go and see them but i seriously cba to travel to copenhagen. Too comfortable in my small-ish city all the Way over here ;)

I Think coffee sounds like a sensible approach!!! I need to clean the bird cages today but that doesn't take too long. A nap might come in handy later. If i can sleep when the storm really hits….

tamobhuuta 17-02-2023 11:58 AM

Coffee is good! I've got to sort the spare room for my aunt to come to stay tomorrow.

Cacoethes 17-02-2023 12:03 PM

I went to hella mega tour and they played, was WELL worth the trip! Though tbh, London is super easy to get to from me. Idk how far Copenhagen is from you!

I have to go to work. And then asda afterwards. Ugh.

tamobhuuta 17-02-2023 12:35 PM

Have fun Cacoethes...

Zurg 17-02-2023 12:53 PM

I hope work Will be okay, Beckie. Get lots of noms in asda!!!

Sounds a bit overwhelming Tamo. I hope it won't be too bad!!

The storm is slowly landing. I can hear the windows being pushed into their frames.
But bird cages are now cleaned. Birds are now happy and resting after making lots of angry noises during cleaning XD

Cacoethes 17-02-2023 02:03 PM

I have developed fairly bad abdominal pain so that's fun....
I will be getting lots of noms in asda!

Haha! Bet they're enjoying the clean cage though!

tamobhuuta 17-02-2023 02:47 PM

There wasn't much to do. I tidied the floor and put blankets on the bed. There are two more pillows to put on but they're in a high up cupboard I can't reach so someone else will have to fetch them. Now I'm reading with a cup of tea.

one_step_closer 17-02-2023 02:53 PM

Hey everyone.

It was windy through the night here but not too bad at the moment. One of my bins fell over but it always lands in a way that nothing comes out of it so I'm leaving it where it is for now. I hope everything will be ok with you, Kat. I'm sorry you're feeling sad. I hope it passes as your day goes on. Having a bad nights sleep is horrible, especially with pain and restless legs.

I don't know if I've ever heard Fall Out Boy. I'm glad you have something to look forward to, Beckie. I hope you're day all slots into place with work and the delivery etc.

Well done for completing your task, Tamo. I hope your tea and book are good.

Next to read according to my reading rules is a very long book but that means I won't have any books to pass on to the lady for a while whose sister has cancer and needs books to read. I don't know if I should break a rule and read a shorter book but I really want to read this one.

tamobhuuta 17-02-2023 04:27 PM

Read the one you want to read! Screw the others!

long road 17-02-2023 05:40 PM

I am having a low day.
Had bad dreams and woke up late. Still got outside though. So 1/2 of morning routine happened. Pain and fatigue are flaring a bit too.

Fall out boy is very nostalgic for me, takes me back to my teenager years. Nice to have something to look forward to Beckie.

Always nice to curl up with a book, enjoy Tamo!

I say go for the long book OSC. The lady may not have go through all the books yet anyway. And you seem to read fairly fast judging by the number of books you post in reading thread.

one_step_closer 17-02-2023 05:56 PM

I'm so sorry you're having a bad day, Jen. *hugs if ok* Well done for managing part of your routine. Are you able to be kind to yourself and do whatever safe things might help?

I just picked the next small book and I've read a bit of it so will have to stick to it.

Cacoethes 17-02-2023 07:30 PM

Whaddup peeps

Zurg 17-02-2023 08:22 PM

I just consumed a bag of liquorice and now i have nausea!!! Life is difficult and drugs are bad!! Mmkay???

long road 17-02-2023 08:31 PM

I just had vegan pie and mash delivered from the pie and mash shop chain around here. Twas very tasty.

Meant to be roleplaying shortly but trying to get the energy / motivation / cheer myself up enough to try doing things rather than hiding away

Liquoric eis ok in moderation! And not the salted kind.

Cacoethes 17-02-2023 08:32 PM

Liquorice is disgusting! Imo anyway!

Ooh yummy pie and mash!

Hope you end up enjoying it!

long road 17-02-2023 09:28 PM

Bit too wobbly to play right now.

How are you holding up Beckie? I've seen your day has been really hard.

tamobhuuta 17-02-2023 09:38 PM

Liquorice is horrid!

Cacoethes 17-02-2023 09:40 PM

That's a shame.
There will be other times though!

I am alive.
Thanks for asking

long road 17-02-2023 09:55 PM

I guess it is what it is. Feeling quite lost.

Alive is a good start. Can't do much without also being alive.

Liquoricee is not too popular here on ryl it would seem. Zurg is in Denmark I think and I know in scandanavian countries it is generally very popular, while I was in Finland almos all the sweets had it. I bought what I thought were fruit pastilles things and they were but with added liquorice!

Cacoethes 17-02-2023 09:58 PM

I'm not a fussy eater at all and will eat pretty much anything, but liquorice is a definite no!

long road 17-02-2023 10:01 PM

It is a pretty strong flavour!

Cacoethes 17-02-2023 10:04 PM

Tis indeed!

At work, whenever we have to dish out olives, we get half the staff declaring their hatred for them and making faces and half the opposite!
Personally, i LOVE olives. But another aquired taste

long road 17-02-2023 10:07 PM

Olives are actually much more bitter when fresh to the point of being nearly inedible. They have be soaked in brine (salt water) to make them edible. I love olives myself. Green ones for snacking black ones on pizza.

Cacoethes 17-02-2023 10:17 PM

Makes sense.
I also saw a picture of freshly pressed olive. It's literally shrek green!
Had massive olive cravings when i was pregnant with Jasmine. I was in hospital most of the time but one of the nurses was like my olive dealer and kept bringing them in for me!
Jasmine actually hates olives XD

long road 17-02-2023 10:23 PM

Does that mean olive oil is Shrek juice? XD

Lol at the olive dealer!

To be fair to Jasmine I didn't like Olives until I was around 13 -14. Took a while to acquire the taste. Plus I thinks kids tongues have more tastebuds when they are younger.

Cacoethes 18-02-2023 09:03 AM

Shrek juice XD

Yeah possibly!

Morning everyone!

tamobhuuta 18-02-2023 11:52 AM

Morning. How are you?

Cacoethes 18-02-2023 12:09 PM

I'm not great. But meh.
Got dentist later.

How are you?

tamobhuuta 18-02-2023 12:17 PM

Sorry to hear that. Dentist probably doesn't help! Is there anything you can do to look after yourself?

I am ok. Having coffee while big sister and L tidy the breakfast bar! I am too spasmy to help lol.

They found me a shower cap!

Cacoethes 18-02-2023 12:23 PM

It doesn't!
But glad I'm finally getting the tooth sorted. It's been literal years.
I'll probably get a costa after the appointment.

Sounds nice. Apart from the spasmy bit!

tamobhuuta 18-02-2023 12:27 PM

I do like a nice Costa. Do you have a favourite beverage? Well done for going to the dentist after all this time :)

Cacoethes 18-02-2023 12:36 PM

I'm in a hot chocolate phase atm.
They're doing a rolo hot chocolate now and that's tasty

Thanks :)
It's not often i have a free day for an appointment

tamobhuuta 18-02-2023 12:42 PM

Have you tried their muffin with mini rolos on top? Very tastey, it's got caramel in the middle.

Cacoethes 18-02-2023 12:45 PM

I haven't! Sounds delicious though.
The cadburys muffins at subway have caramel in them. So good!

tamobhuuta 18-02-2023 12:52 PM

They sound delicious. You know, I've never had a subway. It smells great when I walk past. I had a greggs for the first time when I was in hospital. A cheese pastry. It was ok.

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