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not_so_insig 27-10-2022 11:27 AM

Morning all.

Zurg 27-10-2022 11:34 AM

Morning Dawn. How are you?

I'm ok, Beckie. Quite sweaty from hoovering my flat. It has become quite a job after getting Findus. Unbelievable how easily hay spreads through a flat… and tiny bunny poops. And wood pellets. And fur. Hmmm, i Think i'll just give up and surrender to the dirt….

Cacoethes 27-10-2022 11:38 AM

That's what I'd do i think!
Surrender to the dirt!

My neighbour is coming to clean soon! :-D

Zurg 27-10-2022 11:38 AM

Great!!! Findus now emptied the contents of his litter tray all over my floor.
Anybody fancies getting a very wicked bunny??? I have one up for grabs :(

not_so_insig 27-10-2022 12:08 PM

I am ok thanks. A bit itchy though.

Cacoethes 27-10-2022 12:15 PM

Oh noooo! Naughty bun!

tamobhuuta 27-10-2022 12:25 PM

Naughty bunny!

I've got ward rounds but the fun bit is they don't warn you!

tamobhuuta 27-10-2022 03:06 PM

I had ward rounds - sort of. I had to leave and get PRN.

Cacoethes 27-10-2022 03:12 PM

Did they say anything useful?

one_step_closer 27-10-2022 03:38 PM

Afternoon everyone.

Findus sounds like a very messy bunny! You could maybe train him to clean up his own mess.

Has your neighbour been yet, Beckie? We all need someone like your neighbour and someone like your Nanna/Nanny (can't remember what name you use).

Do you know why you're itchy, Dawn? Have you got any creams to settle it?

What was the outcome of your ward round, Tamo? If they've told you.

Cacoethes 27-10-2022 04:06 PM

Yep neighbour has been!
House is now nice and clean :-D
Nanny. Yeah she's awesome

How are you doing lindsay?
Did you make it to tesco?

one_step_closer 27-10-2022 05:49 PM

I'm glad you have good people in your life.

I didn't make it to Tesco today because my mind told me it was too late since I got up late and needed to wash my hair and hoover. I probably would have had time to go but I always think things take longer than they actually do. Will need to go tomorrow.

one_step_closer 27-10-2022 05:52 PM

I spy you've changed your user title, Beckie.

Cacoethes 27-10-2022 05:52 PM

Fair enough!
Well done for washing your hair and hoovering :)

I went to asda today and FINALLY remembered to buy paracetamol XD
I usually remember after getting home from asda which is annoying!

Haha! Yes i have! Well.spotted!.

one_step_closer 27-10-2022 05:54 PM

Do you not have a list of things you need?

What's the story behind your new title?

Cacoethes 27-10-2022 06:00 PM

Nah. Just see what's in my bank account and vibe with it

It's a line in a song and i liked it. Was born in 91 so I am defo a 90's b*tch :-D
I wasn't going to put the little star but i think I'd get in trouble if i didn't censor it XD

nonperson 27-10-2022 06:11 PM

Is that one of the words that gets censored normally?

Pi.R^2 27-10-2022 06:22 PM

This just happened to be the post at the top when I clicked to LFV so I couldn't not get involved.

Test 1: bitch

Pi.R^2 27-10-2022 06:24 PM

Hmm, not censored there! I can't remember if custom user titles have the swear filter - anyone happen to know before I go satisfy my curiosity?

Also Beckie I'm going to go and search modland to see if there's any precedent for removing light swearing from custom user titles. *pootles off*

nonperson 27-10-2022 06:37 PM

My next question was going to be whether the user titles had the filter or not. We might have discovered a great loophole >=)

I'll let you test it, Jenna. I don't want to get in trouble!

Cacoethes 27-10-2022 06:40 PM

I swear in here sometimes and occasionally it won't censor it at all! No idea why!

I could test it. Although if i got banned from ryl i don't know what I'd do with my life XD

Pi.R^2 27-10-2022 06:53 PM

Hmm, I would have thought that there is a swear filter in general chat- test: ****.

Also in 2019 we allowed an avatar which had the word 'fucking' (swearstealy avoidance method used), but then apparently usernames aren't allowed to have swear words in? I'm putting custom user titles with avatars and therefore fire away with your custom user title swearing!

On a related note, it may also interest you to know that kangaroo genitalia in a signature is something we discussed 6 years ago and decided was OK to stay.

Elmer 27-10-2022 07:00 PM

I swear that *someone* had 'Bitch' in their actual username at one point?

*wanders back out*

Also I finally worked out how to see Jenna's anti swear filter trick so that's my accomplishment for today

Pi.R^2 27-10-2022 07:04 PM

Oh yeah! And my custom user title was Alpha's Bitch! Totally forgot about that, even though I also had it on a hoodie :P

Elmer 27-10-2022 07:12 PM

Well, I single handedly solved that mystery.

Pi.R^2 27-10-2022 07:15 PM

You are a genius!
We still need to see if the custom user title has a filter though- bitch doesn't get caught by the normal filter so someone needs to try something a bit more hardcore.

Zurg 27-10-2022 07:31 PM

So, we can't swear but something resembling animal pornography is okay…???
(This makes me rather happy for some reason….)
((I swear i'm not creepy))
(((Really, i have the heart of a sweet lady)))
((((…. In a jar. On my desk!!))))

Elmer 27-10-2022 07:35 PM

Hahaha I’m a bit scared now Zurg

Pi.R^2 27-10-2022 07:36 PM

Lol Zurg, that does appear to be the situation! Although I don't think anyone's ever got into trouble for going around the swear filter. Also I was going to offer to PM you the kangaroo genitalia in question but that sounds weird?!

Also lol Lio! Would have been nice if you hadn't chosen a self-deprecating way to try out swearing in your custom user title, but it is RYL after all...

Elmer 27-10-2022 07:48 PM

I can’t work out if I want to keep it

nonperson 27-10-2022 07:55 PM

It was a photo of kangaroo genitalia?!

Pi.R^2 27-10-2022 08:19 PM

Well, of a kangaroo who wasn’t too shy in his choice of pose, thereby showing off his bits and bobs! Still there in the member’s signature.

Cacoethes 27-10-2022 08:28 PM

I'm loving this conversation.
And I genuinely laughed out loud at Lio's new custom user title!

I do remember you having the 'bitch' in the title Jenna. And Lana's old username, which i believed she was asked to change?

Kangaroo genitalia??
Ryl rules are so random

Pi.R^2 27-10-2022 08:30 PM


Originally Posted by Cacoethes (Post 4335395)
I'm loving this conversation.
And I genuinely laughed out loud at Lio's new custom user title!

I do remember you having the 'bitch' in the title Jenna. And Lana's old username, which i believed she was asked to change?

Kangaroo genitalia??
Ryl rules are so random

Ooh, I thought she changed it if her own accord actually. Hopefully she will stalk this and clarify.

To be clear, we didn’t just on a whim make a rule about kangaroo genetalia! I. PRed some kangaroo content, with the reason ‘I don’t know how to say this, but do we allow photos of kangaroo genitalia?’

nonperson 27-10-2022 08:36 PM

Is it a specific rule for kangaroos or is there other genitalia that is also acceptable?

Pi.R^2 27-10-2022 08:50 PM

To my knowledge, no other animal genitalia have been posted so I assume it would be dealt with on a case by case basis :thumbup:

Cacoethes 27-10-2022 08:53 PM

I don't know why but I have some memory of someone saying lana was asked to change it? Idk!

You've opened a big can of worms with the genitalia thing!

nonperson 27-10-2022 09:18 PM

These rules sound very wishy-washy to me. I don't like it.

Elmer 27-10-2022 09:20 PM

Theoretically though, where would the line be drawn?

Most people see dogs rolling around asking for belly rubs all the time. Would it only be OK if the genitalia was not the main focus of the picture?

(A conversation I never imagined myself being involved in)

Cacoethes 27-10-2022 09:26 PM

I vote we post a ton of photos of animals in 'comfortable' positions and leave it to Jenna to sort through them and decide what is acceptable

Pi.R^2 27-10-2022 09:28 PM

*summons Lana*

Thanks for your opinion np :plain: This feels like mod-bashing :crying:

Lio, as I mentioned, I think we would decide this on a case-by-case basis, but yes, I suspect that the aim of the picture would be taken into account, yes.

Pi.R^2 27-10-2022 09:29 PM


Originally Posted by Cacoethes (Post 4335405)
I vote we post a ton of photos of animals in 'comfortable' positions and leave it to Jenna to sort through them and decide what is acceptable


Elmer 27-10-2022 09:29 PM

Yes but even if you were to decide on a case-by-case, there would have to be some rough criteria to be met, no? That is all I was asking, if you read what I wrote

nonperson 27-10-2022 09:34 PM


Originally Posted by Pi.R^2 (Post 4335406)
Thanks for your opinion np :plain: This feels like mod-bashing :crying:


Pi.R^2 27-10-2022 09:34 PM

And as I said, yes.

Elmer 27-10-2022 09:38 PM

Only after being unecessarily passive aggressive with italics

Cacoethes 27-10-2022 09:43 PM

*grabs popcorn*

nonperson 27-10-2022 09:51 PM

At what point should someone step in here? =/

Unbreakable. 27-10-2022 10:16 PM

Alpha Bitch and Alpha Bitch Reloaded didn't cause any issues with mods. Only one member once said it was a fitting username after I posted a non friendly reply to something.

The username they *did* change by force was TheState.

Also, when Lio said there was a username with a swear word I totally wasn't wondering who that was and totally remembered it was me ... In my defense, I think I'm on username fifteen or so

Cacoethes 27-10-2022 10:25 PM

Ah ok! I must have remembered wrongly!
Which doesn't surprise me. My brain isn't known for being reliable..... :tongue2:

I've had a few usernames. Not as many as 15 though!

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