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Cacoethes 02-02-2021 07:03 PM

I didn't know he was on blankety blank!

nonperson 02-02-2021 07:34 PM

Yum, lasagne.

Yeah I think that was about his only claim to fame before last year! Terry Wogan was giving him a grilling, it was funny and so old fashioned. =P

Cacoethes 02-02-2021 07:35 PM

I can imagine!

What you up to np?

nonperson 02-02-2021 07:36 PM

Digesting lots of pesto pasta and watching Big Bang Theory. =)


Cacoethes 02-02-2021 07:38 PM

Sounds good!

I'm watching traffic cops.

nonperson 02-02-2021 07:44 PM

Any high speed chases?

Cacoethes 02-02-2021 07:45 PM


nonperson 02-02-2021 07:51 PM

Is that all they do on there? o.o

Cacoethes 02-02-2021 07:56 PM

Pretty much!
And chasing people on foot.

nonperson 02-02-2021 08:00 PM

Through gardens and over fences? =P

Cacoethes 02-02-2021 08:02 PM

They don't tend to take shortcuts like that unfortunately :p

nonperson 02-02-2021 08:03 PM

Shame. When people try to do that it doesn't usually end well anyway!

Cacoethes 02-02-2021 08:06 PM

Very true!
Would be a lot more entertaining if they did though!

nonperson 02-02-2021 08:11 PM

Definitely. I'm thinking Simon Pegg style =P

Edit: Needed to include clips: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JLYqbmFMVPM

Cacoethes 02-02-2021 08:20 PM

How did I not notice he says 'what's the matter, never taken a shortcut before?' In both shaun of the dead AND hot fuzz?!
I've seen both films a million times!!!
And worlds end was filmed partly in the next town over from where I used to live. I nearly accidentally walked on set and the police stopped me

nonperson 02-02-2021 08:25 PM

I've never noticed either! But I haven't watched either film for ages and ages so that's my excuse and I'm ashamed to say I haven't seen World's End yet. =/

That's pretty cool! You nearly got to be an extra. =D

Cacoethes 02-02-2021 08:35 PM

I haven't watched shaun of the dead in ages but watched hot fuzz recently. It's my favourite of the trilogy!
Oh nooo! You must rectify this!!

I did! Stupid police, spoiling my fun as always :p

nonperson 02-02-2021 08:43 PM

And that's why you need to learn to jump fences and sneak in without them seeing.

Cacoethes 02-02-2021 08:46 PM

I shall practice!
Though I might end up looking a little suspicious >.>

nonperson 02-02-2021 09:08 PM

You'll get better the more you practise though!

Cacoethes 02-02-2021 09:14 PM

Right. That's this weekend's plans sorted :p

nonperson 02-02-2021 09:25 PM

Excellent. Video evidence of your training is required please. >.>

Cacoethes 02-02-2021 09:33 PM

Of course!

Carers came early. Looks like I'll be asleep soon thanks to zopiclone (my last one!)

(You have no idea the amount of times I've tried to successfully post this without choosing a goddamn font colour, thanks, phone ryl)

nonperson 02-02-2021 09:58 PM

Oh that's good! Sleep well.

Erf yes phone RYL is awful. I usually end up trying to bold everything I type.

Cacoethes 02-02-2021 10:01 PM

Thank you. You too!

It's so annoying! But I'm too lazy to get my laptop out sooo....

Deborrah 02-02-2021 10:51 PM

Hope everyone's doing okay!

Cacoethes 03-02-2021 10:28 AM

Morning everyone!

I have boiler guy coming in about 30 mins to fit a new boiler

nonperson 03-02-2021 11:03 AM


Cacoethes 03-02-2021 11:15 AM

They are running a bit late but it's not like I have anything else to do today! Apart from asda but I can do that later

Have you got work today np?

one_step_closer 03-02-2021 12:16 PM

Morning everyone. I hope the boiler fitting doesn't take too long Beckie, it'll be worth it however long it takes though.

tamobhuuta 03-02-2021 12:24 PM

Hello everyone, how goes it? I took zopiclone and had a good sleep.
The weather here is urgh but luckily I have nowhere to go.

Cacoethes 03-02-2021 12:30 PM

Morning lindsay and tamo

I think it's going to take a while! There's been a hiccup. I don't understand most of it but there's a gas pipe they need to get to that runs under the floor. And they didn't know about it. So they're going to have to run new pipes outside or something. I'm so glad they didn't come yesterday!

Glad you had a good sleep.
Weather isn't great here either

tamobhuuta 03-02-2021 12:34 PM

Oh no! Nightmare! Is there somewhere you can go while they do the work?

Cacoethes 03-02-2021 12:41 PM

Not really. No coffee shops are open.
Could pop to asda but I wouldn't be able to put the shopping away because they're in the kitchen!

tamobhuuta 03-02-2021 12:52 PM

Could it go for a long walk? We had the door man this morning, we had slammed the door too often.

Cacoethes 03-02-2021 01:05 PM

1 Attachment(s)
They don't have keys so if they needed to leave at any point, they wouldn't be able to lock the door. So I can't really leave.

I saw this and thought of this group :p
Attachment 23657

nonperson 03-02-2021 01:11 PM

Hehe. It is one of the most often asked questions! Don't see anything wrong with it.

And yus I'm at work today. Run out of steam though, like a sort of pre-lunch energy slump.

Cacoethes 03-02-2021 01:22 PM

Absolutely nothing wrong with it!

Ah that sucks. Will lunch give you anymore energy?

nonperson 03-02-2021 01:33 PM

Yeah hopefully. Plus a break away is always helpful. Only half an hour to go!

Cacoethes 03-02-2021 01:49 PM

Very true.
Not long to go!

tamobhuuta 03-02-2021 01:51 PM

Enjoy your lunch x

Cacoethes 03-02-2021 02:01 PM

I can't access my lunch. The kitchen is currently in bits!

What are you having for lunch np and tamo?

one_step_closer 03-02-2021 02:30 PM

Should have thought of that before Beckie and brought something out of the kitchen. How could you not put food first! :laugh:

I had a cheese and onion toastie for lunch.

not_so_insig 03-02-2021 02:31 PM

Hello all! I have had a card come today. I think it was posted 2 months ago as it has a Christmas stamp on it and the date my address was requested was in December. Not as long as my longest ever package I had one take 4 months to arrive.

one_step_closer 03-02-2021 02:33 PM

Was it one of your postcards or something else?

nonperson 03-02-2021 02:34 PM

Chicken wrap and chicken cupasoup and some chocolate biscuits for me. =)

Cacoethes 03-02-2021 02:34 PM

I didn't think they'd take this long!

Ooo toastie!

Ninja post!
Sounds good np!

I'm so hungry D:

one_step_closer 03-02-2021 02:38 PM

Have they given you a rough idea of when they'll be finished? Did they not stop for lunch and you could have grabbed something out of the kitchen. I hope you can get something to eat soon.

I'll just take the chocolate biscuits NP!

Cacoethes 03-02-2021 02:43 PM

Nope and nope!
They're probably starving as well!
Thanks :)

not_so_insig 03-02-2021 02:49 PM

Yes Lindsay today's thing was a postcard. It had only come from Suffolk! My 4 month package had come from within the UK too.

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