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Stellata 22-05-2019 09:09 PM

Think how clean you'll feel afterwards!

nonperson 22-05-2019 09:10 PM

That is very true!

And then I can have dinner.

chinahorse 22-05-2019 09:12 PM

I can confirm that whilst showers are effort they do make you feel all nice after.

I am so so tired now though. Feel like I could sleep.

Cacoethes 22-05-2019 09:12 PM

Agree about the shower thing!

Early night Lillie?

chinahorse 22-05-2019 09:14 PM

Soon as my food goes down a bit. Feel like I need to sleep for about a week.

not_so_insig 22-05-2019 09:16 PM

Welcome back Lillie.

I fancy a beer but not got any in the fridge:-(

Cacoethes 22-05-2019 09:31 PM

Sleep is good

Thats a shame dawn

nonperson 22-05-2019 09:38 PM


I do feel better but it has also made me sleepy too.

Cacoethes 22-05-2019 09:44 PM

Glad you feel better for it!
It is about bed time now

I have a huge headache
Will be going to bed very soon I think!

Stellata 22-05-2019 09:52 PM

I just can't sleep early any more! I sleep most of the afternoon so have to go to bed late.

tamobhuuta 22-05-2019 09:59 PM

I'm going to go to bed soon

Stellata 22-05-2019 10:05 PM

Seems like everyone is going to bed early tonight. Woe is me!

Stellata 22-05-2019 10:36 PM

Is no one else around at all?

not_so_insig 22-05-2019 10:50 PM

I am around though I was doing laundry hence why I haven't seen your post until now.

Eska 23-05-2019 09:46 AM

Morning everyone

I went to yoga last night (my friend persuaded me) and didn't feel as uncomfortable and freaked out as I was expecting.

Also this morning I have cleaned the kitchen (not done the washing up though) and put laundry on and put washing away. I feel productive!

Stellata 23-05-2019 10:24 AM

Thanks Dawn.

Well done Eska.

Morning everyone. Voting day today!

Eska 23-05-2019 10:28 AM

Thanks Katie :) How are you?

Stellata 23-05-2019 10:31 AM

I'm ok thanks. Though a bit anxious.

one_step_closer 23-05-2019 11:45 AM

Morning everyone.

Very productive very early Eska. Well done for going to yoga, will you be going back?

I hope your anxiety passes Katie.

Eska 23-05-2019 11:52 AM

I might do, yeah. I’ll see how I’m feeling about it next week.

I’ve changed my sheets now too :)

How are you, Lindsay?

I hope the anxious feeling goes away soon Katie.

one_step_closer 23-05-2019 11:55 AM

Eska stop putting us all to shame! :tongue2: Have you got other things planned for today?

I'm not sure how I am but will go to the gym group later and hope I can actually do something this time.

not_so_insig 23-05-2019 12:17 PM

Dont forget that today is polling day so go out and vote *pokes*.

My polling station is in the park at the bottom of the road so not far. I am going to combine my weekly walk with voting.

Eska 23-05-2019 12:49 PM

I hope gym group goes well Lindsay

Dawn that sounds like a good plan :)

I'm at the CMHT now waiting for my psychiatrist appointment.

tamobhuuta 23-05-2019 01:35 PM

Good afternoon. I still don't know who to vote.

Cacoethes 23-05-2019 02:06 PM

It's boiling today!

tamobhuuta 23-05-2019 03:06 PM

Too hot for me!

Cacoethes 23-05-2019 03:09 PM

Me too!

I have some good news!
Will be discharged as soon as care package is in place which could be tomorrow or at least early next week! :-D

tamobhuuta 23-05-2019 05:08 PM

Great news, I hope they do a plan thet works for you.

Cacoethes 23-05-2019 05:09 PM

Thanks! :)

How's everyone's day going?

one_step_closer 23-05-2019 05:26 PM

I hope your appointment went well Eska.

Brilliant Beckie! I hope you get home very soon.

How is your day going Tamo?

When I went to vote I started worrying that maybe the party I was going to vote for were somehow not actually listed and then what would I do? I was wondering if they would let me decide not to vote. Silly worries.

Gym group was good but was accosted by a charity person who was in the leisure centre and ended up signing up for a lottery thing. Those damn people make me feel so vulnerable. Trying to cancel it though.

not_so_insig 23-05-2019 06:06 PM

Been for my weekly walk around the park at the bottom of the road and voted. Heard the clock striking 3 times once on the hour. Last week it was a minute fast with its chimes this week it was on time. Be interesting to know if it's gaining or losing time next week.

Eska 23-05-2019 06:08 PM

The appointment went ok thanks.

I hope you manage to cancel the lottery thing Lindsay, it's not fair for them to approach you like that.

Beckie that's awesome news! Are you excited?

Hi Tamo :)

not_so_insig 23-05-2019 06:11 PM

I am glad that gym group was ok for you Lindsay. Chuggers are persistent people fingers crossed you can cancel. I can say no but I had a Save the Children chugger come knocking on my door once.

not_so_insig 23-05-2019 06:19 PM

Good news Beckie!

Cacoethes 23-05-2019 06:42 PM

That's so annoying lindsay
I hate it when I get bothered by charity people
They can be so persistent

Thanks guys!
I am very excited

one_step_closer 23-05-2019 07:51 PM

What's everyone doing this evening?

one_step_closer 23-05-2019 08:00 PM

Someone is coming at 9pm to do a review of the crisis plan I had in place. Do you think it's unreasonable if I say that's actually too late and it can be done another day? I'm pretty strict with my evening routine so I don't have a worse sleeping pattern.

Cacoethes 23-05-2019 08:06 PM

I am doing nothing!
So bored

That's not unreasonable at all Lindsay
9pm is very late for that sort of thing

Eska 23-05-2019 08:14 PM

I'm not doing anything either.

Lindsay I think it would be fine to say that.

Stellata 23-05-2019 08:18 PM

I agree, 9 pm is late for anything like that, especially if someone is on meds...

That's great news Beckie!

I had no excuse not to vote as I can see the polling station from my window! It used to be such a long walk away but they moved it, hooray!

My anxiety is eased some, but I'm still waiting for the exact timing of my interview. I guess I'll have to phone them tomorrow after I see my advisor. I find email much easier though.

Cacoethes 23-05-2019 08:34 PM


That's convenient Katie
Mine is less than a 10 minute walk away but couldn't vote this time thanks to being IP

I find email easier too
Good luck with phoning!

Stellata 23-05-2019 08:36 PM

They wouldn't let you go and vote? That's a shame.


Cacoethes 23-05-2019 08:47 PM

It takes me about 1.5/2 hours to get home from here and I had ward round today so it just wasn't possible
It is a shame

Stellata 23-05-2019 08:48 PM

That is a long way.

My parents always do a postal vote now as they can't walk to their polling station. I still have to post it for them, mind!

Cacoethes 23-05-2019 08:54 PM

They closed down the hospital nearer to me a few years ago for some reason

Should have arranged a postal vote!

Stellata 23-05-2019 08:57 PM

Why close a hospital?! Bad idea.....

Cacoethes 23-05-2019 08:59 PM

No idea!
I was there at the time of the move
It was mental moving an entire ward in one day

Stellata 23-05-2019 09:05 PM

I bet!

Cacoethes 23-05-2019 09:08 PM

Ugh I have a headache

What's everyone up to this evening?

Stellata 23-05-2019 09:08 PM

I'm watching that Alistair Campbell doc.

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