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not_so_insig 21-12-2018 08:38 PM

Clearly you haven't seen my Christmas pizza thread Lillie.

nonperson 21-12-2018 08:41 PM

It's pigs in blankets on pizza! <3

Maybe not the ideal Christmas pizza flavour for you though. =/

chinahorse 21-12-2018 08:41 PM

That'd be a no. Is it like turkey flavoured or something?

Cacoethes 21-12-2018 08:48 PM

I couldn't find it either np!

nonperson 21-12-2018 08:52 PM

Turkey, pigs in blankets, stuffing and cranberry sauce... and two types of cheese, apparently. Not sure what types though.

I think it might actually be at the pizza counter rather than on a shelf. Will search again tomorrow!

Cacoethes 21-12-2018 09:32 PM

I had a look at the pizza counter too but none there.
Might ask them about it!

chinahorse 21-12-2018 09:46 PM

TBF that pizza sounds gross.

Cacoethes 21-12-2018 10:35 PM

It sounds amazing!

Ever just get into bed and snuggle up and just think...yessss...bed!
Best feeling ever

On that note. Good night all!

Buttons. 22-12-2018 07:02 AM

Beckie have you considered my being nice to you was to lull you into a false sense of security? :P

Np...It Is On.

Have to say I don't like the sound of that pizza. But then again I don't like turkey, or stuffing, or cranberry sauce so it was never going to be a winner :P I'll stick with meat feast/margherita.

Early morning all :)

nonperson 22-12-2018 12:36 PM

Late morning all.

Cacoethes 22-12-2018 01:00 PM

Afternoon all! Just!

chinahorse 22-12-2018 01:00 PM

Very early afternoon!

So role play trimming bertie claws went well. Actually trimming his claw not good. Not good at all. Lol.

What's everyone up to today?

nonperson 22-12-2018 01:02 PM

Hi guys.

Oh dear, Lillie. I didn't realise indoor cats need their claws trimmed, I know dogs do sometimes.

I have no plans until later this evening (only food shopping)... so don't really know what to do with myself at the moment. =/

Cacoethes 22-12-2018 01:09 PM

1 Attachment(s)
So this was in the sun newspaper.
It's in my little town!

Attachment 23570

Oh dear Lillie!

nonperson 22-12-2018 01:11 PM

Are you going to try it, Beckie!?

not_so_insig 22-12-2018 01:14 PM

Horsey action on the telly this afternoon. That's my afternoon sorted.

Cacoethes 22-12-2018 01:16 PM

Probably not :(
I don't like going into restaurants alone!

nonperson 22-12-2018 01:20 PM

Yeah, me neither. Plus it has sprouts on that one anyway. =P

Dawn, Santa Claus the Movie is on AGAIN today. That's three weekends in a row now!

Cacoethes 22-12-2018 01:37 PM

Sprouts are awesome!! :p

I'm watching cars 2

nonperson 22-12-2018 01:44 PM


I'm watching Pokemon.

Cacoethes 22-12-2018 01:45 PM

Which series?

nonperson 22-12-2018 01:52 PM

Black and White.

Cacoethes 22-12-2018 01:53 PM

I watched that recently

nonperson 22-12-2018 01:55 PM

I just pick up odd episodes at weekends on one of the kids tv channels. Never really sure what the storyline is!

chinahorse 22-12-2018 01:59 PM

Not convinced there is a storyline to it!

Food shopping is boring np.

Ew that sounds rather gross beckie.

I need to a fully leave the house soon now I'm up and dressed.

nonperson 22-12-2018 02:01 PM

Which is a good and bad thing because pokemon is good... but kids tv adverts are shockingly awful.

Currently they're really plugging unicorn poo... I swear the song is saying "My poops, my poops, my poops" over and over. >.<

(This was meant to be an addition to my previous comment but it took a lifetime to post...!)

chinahorse 22-12-2018 02:02 PM

What do you do with it after its pooped?

nonperson 22-12-2018 02:02 PM

And yeah, food shopping is boring... But that's how I roll. =/

nonperson 22-12-2018 02:03 PM

I don't know! It's like an add water thing and it makes it in different colours. So... it doesn't really have a purpose other than looking glittery... Won't hold a kid's attention for long so what's the point in it!

chinahorse 22-12-2018 02:10 PM

Going to the bank is boring which is why I'm procrastinating by doing laundry.

Oh right, odd idea for a toy.

Cacoethes 22-12-2018 02:12 PM

Pokemon is on Netflix too!

Unicorn slime is really big atm.
Jasmine wants some but my mum said definitely not!

Im about to go to asda.
Ceeb though

nonperson 22-12-2018 02:13 PM

Laundry isn't much more interesting!

Is the bank open all day?

chinahorse 22-12-2018 02:19 PM

We all lead such exciting lives! ! Lol.

I live in a big city so the bank is open until 5 or 4. Should probably find out which...

nonperson 22-12-2018 02:21 PM

Ah that's good. I think mine closes at 2pm.

Cacoethes 22-12-2018 03:34 PM

Asda was packed today!!

nonperson 22-12-2018 03:35 PM

It's the last shopping weekend before Christmas... Everyone's getting their Christmas food. I hope it's quieter when I go tonight… =/

Cacoethes 22-12-2018 03:43 PM

Fingers crossed for you!
Busy shops are hell

nonperson 22-12-2018 03:49 PM

That's why I usually go at 9pm even when it's not Christmas. >.>

Got to go a bit earlier tonight though as I need to get to another shop for emergency cat food and that closes at 8. It's near Asda so it'd be silly to do two trips. Kinda worried about it. =/

Buttons. 22-12-2018 04:35 PM

Busy Christmas shoppers are a pajn, went into town earlier, was mad!

I hope you manage your trips okay Np *hugs and sends ant-worrying glitter*

Cacoethes 22-12-2018 04:38 PM

Hope it goes ok np!

chinahorse 22-12-2018 04:41 PM

Yeah town was mental. I got a few bits and spoilt bertie in the pet shop. The cute local one. He is licking the anti chew spray daft cat.

I can't even imagine how busy a big supermarket would be!

Buttons. 22-12-2018 04:45 PM

Ha ha love the logic: this is designed to discorage a cat, therefore I will lick it in protest :P

What are your plans for this evening Lillie?

Cacoethes 22-12-2018 04:48 PM

Haha! Bertie sounds a bit special! :p

I purposely bought more from asda today so I don't have to face it tomorrow

Buttons. 22-12-2018 04:49 PM


Originally Posted by Cacoethes (Post 4205520)
I purposely bought more from asda today so I don't have to face it tomorrow

I did the same, think I have like 3 days worth of supplies :P

Cacoethes 22-12-2018 04:52 PM

Great minds!!

chinahorse 22-12-2018 04:52 PM

I'm in sweatpants and on the sofa which sums up how I'm spending the rest of my day!

Getting more supplies wad a good idea guys.

Buttons. 22-12-2018 04:57 PM

That sounds a fab way to spend the rest of your day Lillie! I'm going to be doing similar, except for being periodically squished by an Alsation :P

Cacoethes 22-12-2018 05:00 PM

Good way to spend a day Lillie!
Especially as you're so busy during the week!

I will also be doing this
(Ignoring the cleaning I need to do)

Buttons. 22-12-2018 05:07 PM

Everyone knows that ignored cleaning goes away magically :P

nonperson 22-12-2018 05:10 PM

Out of sight, out of mind... and all that. =)

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