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blackbat452 15-12-2008 10:34 AM

I'm feel really crappy today :(
I think I need looking after .. lol

MammaMia 15-12-2008 03:03 PM

Hiiiiiiiiii Dayna & blackbat.

I am so so so sore. So stuipd I am haha =\

Detour. Derail 15-12-2008 03:08 PM

*tries to comfort hells*
*collapses instead*

MammaMia 15-12-2008 04:51 PM

*comforts Alexx instead*

sparky_jro 15-12-2008 04:58 PM

Hey all, I've poked in before, but it has been a while, I mainly hang out in chat. But I figure I should use the forums more, and vets seems like the right place for me. So hello!

Kestrel 15-12-2008 05:51 PM

*grabs teddy sheep and sits in a corner throwing chocolate at everyone, trying to make them happy*

horizon_surfer 15-12-2008 06:23 PM

*fills up assorted hug bags and leaves them in corners, shelters and anywhere ppl will find them*

I'm hanging on for now.. not looking forward to the next downer.. i can feel it coming though but for now i'm just running from it and waiting for it to catch up.x

Damnation. 15-12-2008 07:38 PM


Originally Posted by MammaMia (Post 1287314)
Hiiiiiiiiii Dayna & blackbat.

I am so so so sore. So stuipd I am haha =

I see you thar! *Glomps*

~*forever_broken*~ 15-12-2008 08:01 PM

*hugs everyone*

Hello there Sparky, and welcome (though as I am in here only once in a while maybe I've no longer got the right to welcome folks *shrug*) :-)

*wanders to the kitchen to make some cocoa and returns with a tray of cocoa, tea, coffee, cake, cookies, and anything else y'all could want then retreats to her corner with a cup of cocoa, her stuffed sheep -well worn by now poor thing-, a blanket and pillow and curls up and cries*
I do not know why, I just need to and as I cannot seem to cry in real life I may as well do it online :crying:

Seraphsigh 15-12-2008 08:32 PM

*snuggles Ally*
*pets sheep*

The walking piece of s**t has arrived.
Sigh. I just would like to know what it's like to not be crazy for one minute.
And I just dumped a bunch of cashew pieces on my face by accident. (don't ask)

Sigh. Pathetic.

MammaMia 15-12-2008 08:41 PM

Ally, you still have the right to welcome people babe.

Dayna *snuggles*

Welcome to the new people :D

Damnation. 15-12-2008 09:09 PM

Looks like I has some names to learn in here o.o; *snuggles Hells back*

Kestrel 15-12-2008 09:47 PM

*group snugglies everyone* First time I've checked in... finally grown the balls to do it. =[

*dumps a pile of notebooks and multicoloured pens and paints in the middle of the room* feel free to doodle

*draws forever_lost a happy sheep*


ravynsoul 16-12-2008 12:57 AM

*wanders back in* hi all... it's been a few days since I've been in here... but I felt like I could use a safe corner

*grabs a notebook and pen and huddles in the corner doodling* thanks for leftfordeadinthedark for the pens and notebooks...

i'm here if anyone wants hugs... not sure I'm feel up for initiating it tonite...

BoundNoMore 16-12-2008 01:00 AM

Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwww My Tummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ravynsoul 16-12-2008 01:03 AM

*gently hugs Amanda* i'm sorry to hear your tummy is still sore... :(

Kahlia1981 16-12-2008 04:16 AM

I've caught a cold that I think is going to be a chest infection ... blech.

*waves at everyone so as not to pass on germs*

Ileana 16-12-2008 04:19 AM

I missed this place.

Auburn Shadow 16-12-2008 02:08 PM

*hugs everyone*

Not got long, but wanted to leave those hugs for you guys.
Got counselling in a bit, and I'm seriously dreading it. Again. The things they want me to talk about, god knows how long it's going to ask as well. *sigh*

zowie 16-12-2008 04:07 PM

Still ill with this bloody cough. Didn't go to college today but will have to get up and go the rest of the week otherwise they'll kick me out :(

Am doing okay anyway. On Friday I'll be able to wear my month free bracelet :D x

Louise 16-12-2008 04:37 PM


Am doing okay anyway. On Friday I'll be able to wear my month free bracelet :D x
well done for being a month free

i feel really low today. pretty scared

Mary Anne 16-12-2008 06:31 PM

well, I had a productive day at work, that's about the only good thing happening, looked in the mirror, I have put on a ton of weight which makes me even more unhappy (damn those comfort foods)

I want to fast forward through next week

*hugs everyone*

Seraphsigh 16-12-2008 07:01 PM

*hits FF button for MaryAnne*
I'm sick with the damn flu. My whole orchestra is sick with the damn flu. Was kind of hoping that this would stop me from SI-ing but not sure that's really gonna happen.

Damnation. 16-12-2008 08:36 PM

*Hugs all*

Not sure quite what's up with me today. I'm genuinely okay, but...I'm pretty damn triggered o_O;. Really starting to tire of getting triggered and depressed for what feels like no reason x_o

~*forever_broken*~ 16-12-2008 09:16 PM

:-D D'Arcy you just made me laugh with the cashew pieces bit... and I am dying to ask but I won't *cuddles* As to wanting to know what it feels like to not be crazy... totally agree. What I do not agree with is that you are a 'walking piece of s**t' or pathetic. I love you very much and think you are wonderful.

Emma hun, thanks. I suppose that comment was mostly part of my feeling s**t *shrugs* I hate how self-pitying I can get :pinch:

*grabs some paper and paints and starts on one of her ‘this-is-the-only-way-I-can-describe-my-feelings’ pictures* Ah, art supplies, Raven you’re a genius J. Very cool sheep drawing btw. As to checking in…. meh, it’s OK, don’t let it worry you too much, with all of us in here it isn’t abnormal HERE ;-) Besides, the more the merrier

*sidles up to shell and snuggles her* Sorry hun, it sounds like you’re having a bit of a time of it. PM box is always open remember (though please do not feel bad if it takes me a day or so to answer… I don’t communicate very well when I feel lousy :pinch:)

*prepares her customary tea tray and leaves it in the middle of the room before retreating to her corner with some cocoa, her stuffed sheep, a fuzzy blanket, a pillow, paper and pens and a box of tissues –in case I manage a tear or two-*
Wow I just keep taking more and more stuff into this corner… soon there won’t be any room for me, lol.

MammaMia 16-12-2008 09:45 PM

*runs in and hugs everyone tight*

I'm sorry I'm so **** at supporting people...

Kahlia1981 16-12-2008 11:24 PM

*leaves cuddles for all*

I've still got my cold. The worst part of it for me appears to be the cough. I'm probably not helping myself by continuing to smoke throughout it. If I don't smoke however life becomes unbearable without SI. I'm a week off being able to change my signature picture to a 4 month free bracelet.

Anyway, I got some good news if anyone wants to hear it .... I got offered a place at QUT in Brisbane to do Information Technology. I've applied for deferral of it for a year because I really need to get myself sorted out, but if that gets accepted than I'll have something to live for. It still felt good to get offered a place at the university though ... I don't know why.

I hope everyone is doing okay. *offers safe hugs to all*

MammaMia 16-12-2008 11:26 PM


Kahlia, I am so happy for you babe *does happy dance*

Kahlia1981 16-12-2008 11:32 PM

Thank you Helen. :wow: I'm so excited (both at having received an offer and almost being 4 months SI free lol).


MammaMia 16-12-2008 11:38 PM

It's awesome.
Be proud & happy.
4 months, yes you may not be there yet, is AWESOME!!!
Keep going sweetie.

Seraphsigh 16-12-2008 11:48 PM

Yay Kahlia, I'm so excited for you! Helen darling congratulations on getting ahead in the battle, eh? I'm proud of you.
*hugs everyone individually but only after slathering on lots of antibacterial lotion and putting on a face mask*
*selects a very yellow crayon and some paper*
Maybe if I scribble in yellow it'll brighten things up a little.

Ileana 17-12-2008 12:03 AM

*waves and hides again*

Seraphsigh 17-12-2008 12:06 AM

Hi Ileana. How ya doin'?

I just fell off the wagon BIG time.

*goes back to scribbling in yellow and blowing nose*

MammaMia 17-12-2008 12:14 AM


Originally Posted by Monarkh (Post 1290711)
Yay Kahlia, I'm so excited for you! Helen darling congratulations on getting ahead in the battle, eh? I'm proud of you.

Thank you :woot:

Damnation. 17-12-2008 12:20 AM

O_O This place moves faster than I thought

MammaMia 17-12-2008 12:40 AM


Originally Posted by .Poisonous.Cyanide. (Post 1290777)
O_O This place moves faster than I thought

Sometimes it's slow...Sometimes it's fast...:laugh: and by the way, massive hugs, meant to reply to your post in here earlier but forgot :pinch:

Damnation. 17-12-2008 12:50 AM

Just got to get into the habit of checking it more often then I guess, lol *hugs back*

x_o Does time seem to be moving really slowly for anyone else, btw?

MammaMia 17-12-2008 01:30 AM

Yeah maybe.

I don't know. Sometimes it does, but not sure if it does right now.

Damnation. 17-12-2008 01:42 AM

Well, as of late, just three minutes feels like it's been ten, if not longer to me o.O;

MammaMia 17-12-2008 03:13 AM

Oh dear.

Am so ****ing triggered.

Damnation. 17-12-2008 03:32 AM

>__< *Hugs tightly* I really know how you feel

zowie 17-12-2008 09:03 AM

*Hugs Helen and cyanide (name?)*
Just ate breakfast which totally goes against my one meal a day rule. Gah.
Three days left of college and then I've got many many plans which I'm looking forward to.
Friday's going to be a fab day, last day of college and first day of one month free :D Oh, and I'm going to re-dye my hair. I love it when my hair's freshly dyed and it's a really bright purple XD
Love you all xxx

Snuffles 17-12-2008 09:26 AM

*cuddles everyone*

Helen hope your ok now.. Hope your slept well, sorry I didn't come back, lunch took longer (and yes we were lazy and got takeaway haha)

*cuddles Dayna* Hope your feeling better too! Being triggered sucks >_<

Zowie.. I know it's early, but well done on one month! *squishes* Have fun with all your plans!! Woohoo.. sounds fun :P

Me... been ok... had a breakdown over the weekend.. didn't think some of the stuff I was upset over had really gotten to me. Am so embarassed though. Wasn't just in front of my bf but also our neighbour and her boyfriend and his flatmate. one thing I was upset over was the baby thing.. the flatmate was like 'why dont u just have a baby?' i was like its NOT that easy grrrrrr then he starts asking bout my fertility.. and I'm like.. thats NOT the problem.. grrr but nope.. didn't listen to me. And like 2 days before the breakdown I had to put up with someone saying I don't deserve to be on govt benefits >_< and yeah.. just got to me.. I'm dreading xmas. Really miss my mum. I was so triggered over the weekend too.. Stupid alcohol >_<

Kahlia1981 17-12-2008 12:23 PM

*leaves hugs for everyone*

MammaMia 17-12-2008 12:30 PM

*squishes Dayna* Hope you're feeling less triggered hun.

*squishes Zowie* WOOOOO for Friday!! Am so excited for you hun and well done on eating breakfast :)

*squishes Katie lots and lots* Ignore those twats, and I promise once you've gotten through Christmas, things should be a lot easier, or at least a bit.

*squishes Kahlia* How you doing babe?

Mary Anne 17-12-2008 12:30 PM

Kahlia - great news on your uni place, well done.

Appears my flu has been stress induced, think we all seems to be suffering from colds/flu just now. Beechams hot lemon is keeping me going right now.

*tissues and hugs for everyone*

MammaMia 17-12-2008 12:33 PM

Mary Anne, stress induced flu eh? That's odd, but possible I suposse, and just happens to come on when everyone else is sick.

I mean I've got a cold coming down, or so I thought anyway, time shall tell. But I've got a cough that won't buggar off and now it's getting worse, because my mum has a really bad one :(

Snuffles 17-12-2008 12:55 PM

:O Kahlia! I wanna get into QUT! HOpefully for 2010. Well done!! Grats on getting a place!! I'm at Griffith at the moment =)

Thanks Helen... I want it over and done with... maybe it will be easier.. but then I have to get through February >_< not looking forward to it.... gah
Feel like crap.. Will ignore those twats... but grrr just feel so unwanted and feel like no one gives a **** >_<

MammaMia 17-12-2008 01:04 PM

I know you want it all over and done with, just think, two weeks time and it'll be January :O February will be a really hard month babe, but I know you can do it. You'll have us by your side and of course Trent and your family *snuggles* Try not to think about February now. Just take it a day at a time, and work through getting through that day, espically if you know it's not going be an easy day.

I'm sorry you feel like crap, but please do ignore those twats, they're not worth wasting your emotions over. Trust me babe, you're not unwanted and people DO give a ****. I know a give a **** big time. You're always there for me, encouraging me when I'm studying, and supporting me through **** times. You know I'm always going to do the same. Loves you so much <3

Snuffles 17-12-2008 01:09 PM

Thanks Helen, just want I needed to hear =) just over in my other forum, a chick set up a thread for another chick saying 'always here for u, uve had a rough year etc etc' and I dunno.. just makes me feel small.. I mean, haven't I had a rough year as well? Plus another thread I set up about finding out details of mums death, tonight I wrote in it saying I don't think I can do it.. and no one's replied. Yet when certain other people start their threads about shitty stuff in their life it just seems like everyone jumps on there to reply ASAP..... gah... maybe I'm asking too much?? Maybe I should just forget about that forum.. don't feel like I'm welcome there anyway... cept for maybe one person... I dunno.. I know people are over hearing that kinda **** from RYL... but this other forum is different, theres only a 100 or so people in it, everyone knows each other.. etc. I dunno.... I'll shuddup.. >_<

Thanks Helen =) Loves you so much too <3 Thank you so much =) Guess I'll only worry about those who are worth it (ie you).

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