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Dreaming. 21-04-2009 03:21 PM

I'm over half-way through Charlotte Gray already. I love it!

moonlet 21-04-2009 09:27 PM

I just finished 'Lost Souls' by Poppy Z. Brite. It was pretty good, but quite graphic. And there was a lot of homosexuality so it's definitely not a good choice for people who have issues with that.

I'm always on the lookout for a good book, and I was at the bookstore today looking for one. I found a couple that sound good. One is the Daywatch series by Sergei Lukyarenko, and the other is Idlewind by Nick Sagan. Unfortunately - and I seriously hate this - I didn't have enough money to buy either of them. It annoys me when that happens. :/

JumpinJackFlash 22-04-2009 01:42 AM

I am currently reading House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski. I have a hard time putting it down, it's that good

JumpinJackFlash 22-04-2009 01:44 AM

Double post, crappy opera mini.

Amaryllis 22-04-2009 01:46 AM

I'm re-reading Jane Eyre

EyelinerAndCappuccino 22-04-2009 02:18 AM

Currently reading: To kill a mockingbird by Harper lee. It's for english. it's a pretty good book so far.

I read these two books over spring break:
TTYL- interesting book. written in all instent messeges.
Lush- Natasha friend, also an interesting book. it's about a girls struggle dealing with her aloholic father.

and if i ever get time i'd like to finish twilight. I started reading it but didn't get past the third chapter.

Alone and Scared 22-04-2009 09:40 AM

I'm reading the Eragon Trilogy at the moment, I'm on the last book now, I love them! x

Amaryllis 22-04-2009 07:53 PM

I'm reading Identical by Ellen Hopkinds

Katiecakes. 23-04-2009 09:03 PM

"Sophie's World" by some Finnish man. It's so good and my philosophy teacher reccomended it for revision and it's amazing.

Strawberry.Bananas 23-04-2009 09:06 PM

Last read: Jodi Picoult - Change of Heart.

Now reading: Jennifer McMahon - Promise Not To Tell.

Casper_Fading 24-04-2009 02:41 AM

Just read Bloodhound by Tamora Pierce, and am reading it again (3rd time since i got it... on monday...) now have to wait a year till Mastiff (the final in the series) is realeased. I hate reading fast.

The War Doctor 25-04-2009 01:22 AM

Last read: "The Sailor Who Fell From Grace With The Sea" by Yukio Mishima... its now one of my favourite books of all time.

Currently reading: "Tropic Of Cancer" by Henry Miller. Its like a cross between Norman Mailer's "The Deer Park" and Marquis de Sade's "120 Days Of Sodom", except its beautifully written, hilariously funny, and instills in the reader a joy in simply existing (if only for a moment). Not for the faint of heart or prudish though.

Next on the list: "The Plague" by Albert Camus.

TheCon 26-04-2009 01:01 PM

I'm currently reading 'On The Road' by Jack Kerouac. I'm enjoying it. :)

one_step_closer 26-04-2009 03:55 PM

The Dice Man - Luke Rhinehart.

RenewedHope 26-04-2009 09:45 PM

Child C - Christopher Spry

nuclearnight 26-04-2009 09:51 PM

Finally finished Foucault's Pendulum, and loved it :)

have now moved onto The Quiet Room, which is about schizophrenia,

and also reading Howl's Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones as my partner has been bugging me about reading it and says it's better than the film.

~.Ilyssya.~ 26-04-2009 10:30 PM

Quite a few xDD

Category Seven - Bill Evans,
The Night Watch - Sergei Lukyanenko,
Underworld - Greg Cox,
The Host - Stephanie Meyer,
Marked - P.C. and Kristen Cast,
Something in the Water (Torchwood) - Trevor Backsindale,
The Ghosts of India (Doctor Who) - Mark Morris.

And I'm re-reading the Twilight series xD

just_different 26-04-2009 11:07 PM

Freaks, Geeks & Aperger Syndrome

one lie at a time 27-04-2009 12:33 AM

Impulse by Ellen Hopkins
Madness by Marya Hornbacher
A Mind Apart by I forget.

Rodolphus 27-04-2009 01:10 AM

Monkey Taming by Judith Fatallah. For about the fifth time, one of the most amazing books I've ever read. I adore it.

And Angels and Demons by Dan Brown. Which is just fantastic. Really, really well written and fascinating to read, as was the Da Vinci Code.

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