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Billy! 08-02-2011 02:30 PM

*Curls up*

Doikers 08-02-2011 02:36 PM

*Hugs Charlie*
I have to go to my appointments in a few minutes:S

Billy! 08-02-2011 02:41 PM

*Hugs Mark* me too. Not that I want to. :'(

Billy! 08-02-2011 03:02 PM

*Grabs a blanket and curls up to have a nap*

one_step_closer 08-02-2011 05:11 PM

Hi everyone.

Billy! 08-02-2011 05:12 PM

*Cuddles Lindsay* How are you today?

Doikers 08-02-2011 05:18 PM

*Hugs Charlie* I hope your appointments go okay.

*Hugs Lindsay* How are you hun?

Billy! 08-02-2011 05:21 PM

*Hugs Mark*
I didn't go. Anxiety was bad and I gave into it...

Doikers 08-02-2011 05:31 PM

Thats okay Charlie , I get seriously anxious myself sometimes.

Billy! 08-02-2011 05:35 PM

It sucks. How are you anyway?
:O HELEN?!!??!! I spy you in the corner!

one_step_closer 08-02-2011 05:51 PM

I'm still feeling really low but not as suicidal as I have been.

How did your appointments go, Mark?

Billy! 08-02-2011 05:58 PM

*Cuddles Lindsay* I'm sorry you're still low, but i'm glad you're not so suicidal now.
I'm getting rid of my blades for good today. (see R/V thread)

Billy! 08-02-2011 06:13 PM

Is anyone around?

Doikers 08-02-2011 06:32 PM

My Appointments went by okay , Nice accupuncture but too much chatter :( *Hugs Lindsay* I'm glad you're no longer suicidal :)

*Hugs Charlie* Thats HUGE news , good luck hun :)

Billy! 08-02-2011 06:36 PM

*Hugs Mark* Thankyou. :) I know i've said it before, but I will do it this time, because i'm doing it for Hayley <3

shadowedsoul 08-02-2011 06:44 PM

hugs all, curls up, damn it why the hell iam i holding on, why? sigh

Billy! 08-02-2011 06:50 PM

*Hugs Jill* Because you know that it will get better eventually <3

Doikers 08-02-2011 06:57 PM

*Hugs Jill*

You can do it Charlie :)

frenchhorn 08-02-2011 06:59 PM

*hugs all* I hate the crisis team, they just dont care, dont listen and patronise you

Billy! 08-02-2011 07:01 PM

Thankyou Mark :) I wrote a note to her in my R/V (link in my sig) if you want to read, don't worry if you don't though <3

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