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MammaMia 13-07-2010 10:46 PM

I'm still low ha.

Night night Mark xx
Sorry you're not feeling much better April *snuggles*

Scarletdreamer 13-07-2010 10:46 PM

G'night Mark, sleep well. :) *tucks you up into your ward bed* I'm glad I made sense!!

*hides in her hole*

Scarletdreamer 13-07-2010 10:47 PM

*snuggles Hels back* How're you doing, love?

And I spy a Hels, a Taz, and a Mark-that's-not-yet-gone-to-bed!! :)

taz35 13-07-2010 10:52 PM

*hugs Lia* Not close to my real name as you can tell :) But I was really hyper as a kid, so plenty of people called me the Tasmanian devil. And I just shortened that to Taz. I think it's catchy at least :) PS, I love the quote in your signature. It really speaks to me.

*hugs Nicole* Sounds like a super confusing situation to be in. At least you can relax slightly knowing you have their full support :)

*hugs Jill* It's never a good thing when you have to pass a question on how you're feeling. If you need to vent or anything, my pm box is always open <3 I do hope you're staying safe.

*hugs Laura* I know the feeling with the classes. I'm taking chemistry over the summer (only 2 more weeks! YAY!), but it's super hard to get any motivation. *whips up super motivational cookies and hands out*

*hugs Hels* How has your day been?

*cuddles April* Sounds like things are really rough :( Try to keep battling through it though hun. You're in my pile of happy thoughts :) And I'm sending intra-internet good vibes to you at this very moment!!

*hugs Mark & tucks in for bed* Sorry to hear that you cut yourself. Try not to beat yourself up over it though. And you don't sound crazy at all :) I get that thought too every now and then. Hope you sleep well <3

*hugs Heather* That's the best part about winter :) Big comfy sweaters you can wear and nobody can question you. You're beautiful though - you don't need to hide in clothes :)

*tentatively offers hugs to Felicia* Hi, I'm Taz. Feel free to grab a pillow and join in the Vets pow wow :) And be prepared for any pillow fights.

I think I got everyone... I'm still readjusting to the speed that this thread can take off :P If I missed anyone... *extra special hugs for those accidentally missed*

It's my second day off my meds. I don't know why they put me on meds to begin with. I feel so much better without them :D Or maybe it's a temporary high. Who cares... *wanders off to explode with happiness in her r/v* (just so that nobody needs to read my rambling :) )

risenfromperdition 13-07-2010 10:55 PM

hmm i wish i could believe you :/
feel so ugly :s

MammaMia 13-07-2010 11:10 PM

Been a 'stable' day? Even though I've felt low?? Having a panic attack atm :(

Scarletdreamer 13-07-2010 11:42 PM

*cuddles Hels & Heather* Sorry, am not much good at the mo for anything else. :( Wish I could help you both more though... :(

I think I'm gonna go update my r/v... :-/

PoisonedApple 13-07-2010 11:47 PM

*cuddles Helen till she's feeling better*


*tentatively offers hugs to Felicia* Hi, I'm Taz. Feel free to grab a pillow and join in the Vets pow wow :) And be prepared for any pillow fights.
Pillow fights? Why would you say such a thing? It's always so calm in here... *smacks Taz with a feather pillow* :P LOL

*waves at Felicia* I'm Crimson. Welcome. :)

Good night Mark, hope you sleep well.

Heather you are not ugly, whether or not you think or feel you are. You are beautiful and we will tell you that as many times as we need to. Resistance is futile :D (had to add that line in lol yes I am a bit of a geek) *huggles*

*deep breath* Ok I typed up my last essay. Just a review of the essays (decided to take you up on the offer April) and submitting them ,one ethics project to be typed up and a proctored exam. If I could take it in front of just anyone non family I'm be able to do that one easy but they want me to find someone non family with a degree to stare at me as I take a final exam. I can't think of anyone but one of the lawyers I work with but that'd be awkward to ask of them I think... We'll see if I can think of anyone. But either way I'm almost done with this crap. GO ME! (in theory celebrating your go me moments makes you feel better... thought i'd explain this now so you guys know why i keep saying that if it pops up every now and again...)
*hugs and plushies for all*
*runs off to get some work done*

Scarletdreamer 14-07-2010 12:00 AM

Updated r/v... it's kinda long... :-S

MammaMia 14-07-2010 12:04 AM

I'll look soon.

I spy a Kahlia & April

Kahlia1981 14-07-2010 12:08 AM

*hugs/waves at all*

Sorry for the lack of individual replies - 4 pages of posts since I was last in here and I just can't keep things straight.

Really not feeling well. I emailed my psychiatrist last night, and also told him about my SI and su urges because my housemate asked me to. I think my housemate is getting concerned 'cause I'm spending quite a bit of time curled up in the foetal position on my bed, and am trying to do a lot of stuff (like organise my meds) in the dark. He keeps flipping on the lights, and I walk over and flip them off, then he walks in and flips them on . . . until he decides that he's just going to stand there. *shrug*

I guess we'll see what the doctor says.

Scarletdreamer 14-07-2010 12:20 AM

*cuddles Hels & Kahlia* Sorry you're not doing so well, Kahlia... seems like - per usual, sadly - that a lot of us are struggling. :( Wish I could help somehow... I hope that your pdoc helps in some manner. *extra special cuddles*

*hides in the warren*

PoisonedApple 14-07-2010 12:45 AM

*cuddles april* read your r/v.
hope sunday goes ok.

Scarletdreamer 14-07-2010 12:47 AM

So do I... :-S

Can't focus on WoW, can't focus on reading, can't focus on journaling...


MammaMia 14-07-2010 01:04 AM

*cuddles everyone lots*


frenchhorn 14-07-2010 02:23 AM

Hi all
*cuddles to you all* sorry no indiviual replies, been loads of pages and I'm very drowsy from the hayfever meds I'm dosed high up on, which really don't work, its been such a hard day hayfever wise.

wow its been a good day, my gf is now my bf, they have come out as ftm trans, like me, but not as far along the male spectrum as me, anyway won't get into it not the right place, but yeah very very proud of him and excited and happy for him, I remember the feeling 7 months ago, but its going to be a stressful time for both of us.

I feel like utter **** from hayfever, it really messes with me and feel low mentally wise, mainly trangst I guess

EDIT: I see new people, *waves hi to them* to you like hugs?I believe its Felicia, I'm Oliver, nice to meet you.

taz35 14-07-2010 03:24 AM

*hugs Heather* In that case I'll just keep repeating it in hopes that you'll finally see the truth in it :) You're beautiful and shouldn't change a thing <3

*sneaks up behind Crimson, drops a pillow on her head, and runs off to hide* I don't start the pillow fights, I just spectate :D GO YOU! FINISH THAT ESSAY! Hahaa. I'll be the cheerleader of Vets corner :)

*hugs April and gives her special teddy* I'll go read your r/v in a minute. I hope you're doing okay <3333

*hugs Hels and offers an ear for any venting*

*hugs Kahlia* Sounds like it's more frustrating for you than your roommate to be honest. I'm glad you told your psych about your urges. It's always better to let them know rather than hide it...

*hugs Oliver* Sounds super confusing to me, but as long as you're both happy, that's the most important part :D <3

taz35 14-07-2010 03:27 AM

Side note April: Crying IS a much better option than cutting. And you're right, everybody cries. It's a good release of emotion. There's nothing wrong with doing that. Strength be with you on Sunday <333

misskitty112 14-07-2010 05:07 AM

Thanks for everyone who welcomed me!

Rehearsal went good today, but I had many epic ED fails.

wolfos3d 14-07-2010 05:08 AM

I ended up cutting. :/ I made it three weeks. I made that doctors app that I've been putting off too. I figure I either go of my own accord or I'll end up being forced to see someone once I end up in emergency. My appointment is for 3PM Friday.

Sorry for no responses to anyone. I gotta run out the door. *cuddles to everyone*

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