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nonperson 08-09-2021 06:32 PM

Well I nearly side swiped him in my car so it was partially justified. But when you reduce a clearly very upset person to tears and uncontrollable shakes, you don't then point your helmet cam at that person in their car and keep going at them! Arse.hole!

Cacoethes 08-09-2021 06:35 PM

What a d*ckhead!
Some people

nonperson 08-09-2021 06:38 PM

Anyway, enough of that or I'll just be on my soapbox ranting about bastarding twatface people all evening. XD

Cacoethes 08-09-2021 06:43 PM


What are you up to?
I'm watching QI

nonperson 08-09-2021 06:47 PM

Old or new QI?

I'm trying to find the effort to get up and have a shower.

I thought putting the news on the tv would make me leave, especially as it's the sport half hour, but if I had got up I would not have just learned that there is a female football player called Priscilla Chinchilla. For real.

Cacoethes 08-09-2021 06:50 PM

Old QI. With Stephen Fry.

I've already showered!

No way that is an epic name!

nonperson 08-09-2021 07:49 PM

I like Sandy Toksvig but Stephen Fry is a legend.

I am showered and now fighting with my printer yet again.

I know, I had to Google to see if it was a real name or if I'd misheard!

Cacoethes 08-09-2021 07:53 PM

He really is!

Well done!
Printers are evil

I wish I had an interesting name

nonperson 08-09-2021 08:04 PM

You could change it =)

Princess Consuela Banana Hammock?

Cacoethes 08-09-2021 08:15 PM

Possibly :tongue2:
But it's just effort to change passports and paperwork etc.
Especially as I've only just got a new passport! I'm not paying that 75.50 again!

nonperson 08-09-2021 08:32 PM

Maybe in 10 years when it needs renewing? It'll give you plenty of time to think of a new name.

Cacoethes 08-09-2021 08:35 PM

Good plan!

I'm craving garlic mayo.
(Predictive text tried to auto correct to garlic bread and now I want that too)

nonperson 08-09-2021 08:41 PM

Ooh I could also go for some garlic bread now too.

Cacoethes 08-09-2021 08:42 PM

At work they do cheesy garlic bread and it always looks so good!
I haven't tried it yet though!

nonperson 08-09-2021 09:04 PM

I've found a supermarket version of that before but it's not a patch on pub food!

Definitely try ittttt.

Cacoethes 09-09-2021 08:52 AM

I will try it one day!

Morning everyone!

tamobhuuta 09-09-2021 10:30 AM

You're always first in Cacoethes! How are you?

Cacoethes 09-09-2021 10:35 AM

I'm pretty much always here XD
Apart from when I'm at work!

I'm slightly annoyed but otherwise ok!
How about you?

tamobhuuta 09-09-2021 10:37 AM

What are you annoyed about? I am ok, last day of the holiday.

Cacoethes 09-09-2021 10:44 AM

I got a letter from my psych summarising my last appointment and he said I was 'bordering on psychotic beliefs'. I don't think I was/am so I'm annoyed about that!

Have you had a good time?

tamobhuuta 09-09-2021 10:53 AM

That is annoying but I expect they.had reasoning behind it.
I have, thank you. But it will be nice to get home.

Cacoethes 09-09-2021 10:54 AM

Maybe. I can't really remember the appointment so maybe I said something weird

There's no place like home!

tamobhuuta 09-09-2021 11:15 AM

Could you talk to your CC?

Any plans?

Cacoethes 09-09-2021 11:51 AM

I could do. She's calling tomorrow

Just work.
I have just arrived so I will see you later!

one_step_closer 09-09-2021 12:42 PM

I hope you all have a good day.

tamobhuuta 09-09-2021 01:11 PM

Hi osc, how are you?

I hope work goes well Cacoethes.

not_so_insig 09-09-2021 04:53 PM

It's very hot here. I walked to the next village via the park at the bottom of the road before because my mum wanted to go into a local shop. I was sweating like crazy and felt dizzy because there was no air conditioning. So I had to go outside. I went to the spar because I wanted a loaf of bread. I ended up buying some cakes, bread and a bottle of pina colada.

nonperson 09-09-2021 05:51 PM


Not so hot here today. Nice and cloudy.

Cacoethes 09-09-2021 06:48 PM

It is warm here but we've had bouts of torrential rain!
Luckily not while I was walking home!

nonperson 09-09-2021 07:06 PM

Just the odd spell of drizzle here.

That's good you got home without getting drenched. How was work?

Cacoethes 09-09-2021 07:09 PM

Work was ok thanks!
Though it felt like I was the only one actually doing any work the majority of the time.
Then A, an older colleague came on the bar with me and commented 'it seems like we're the only two doing any work!'
So my thoughts were confirmed!

nonperson 09-09-2021 08:44 PM

Yeah I know that feeling well. It's irritating but as long as you're working hard the right people will recognise that. =)

Cacoethes 09-09-2021 08:51 PM

Very irritating!
I hope so! I know A knows that I work hard and I value her opinion.

nonperson 09-09-2021 09:22 PM

That's good. =)

Cacoethes 10-09-2021 07:54 AM

Morning everyone!
I am up early for some reason.

tamobhuuta 10-09-2021 11:30 AM

I've been up since 8, had to finish packing.

Cacoethes 10-09-2021 11:31 AM

Are you on the way home now?

tamobhuuta 10-09-2021 11:35 AM

Yeah, we should be home for lunch. How are you?

Cacoethes 10-09-2021 11:38 AM

That's good

I'm ok thanks!
How are you?

tamobhuuta 10-09-2021 11:51 AM

Tired! Any plans?

Cacoethes 10-09-2021 12:13 PM

I'm going to pick up my new bike at 3. So will leave at about 2:30. That's about it!
How about you?

one_step_closer 10-09-2021 01:41 PM


I hope your travelling home goes/has gone ok Tamo and you can maybe have some rest at home.

What does your bike look like Beckie?

Cacoethes 10-09-2021 01:44 PM

Hey lindsay!
How are you?

I can't actually remember what it looks like!
But I'll definitely post a pic to fb when I get it!
I'm a bit nervous about riding on the road on the way back. I've not ridden a bike in about 15 years and have never ridden on the road before!

one_step_closer 10-09-2021 05:18 PM

How did the bike ride go? I don't think you're supposed to forget how to ride a bike. I hope the roads are ok for you.

Cacoethes 10-09-2021 05:25 PM

Thanks lindsay!
The ride was good! Bit of a shaky start but I got the hang of it again!

one_step_closer 10-09-2021 05:31 PM

That's good. What are you doing with your evening?

Cacoethes 10-09-2021 05:36 PM

Need to shower. That's about it!
Will do that now actually. Get it over and done with!

How about you? Up to anything?

nonperson 10-09-2021 06:06 PM

Evening all.

Good to hear you haven't forgotten how to ride a bike, Beckie. Balancing becomes easier the faster you go btw. ;-)

Cacoethes 10-09-2021 06:24 PM

Hey np!
How are you?

Haha! I did find that. I was quite speedy after a few minutes!

nonperson 10-09-2021 06:30 PM

Cycling on the road is scary though. Do you have a helmet?

I'm absolutely shattered. Need to shower and do laundry for tomorrow and go to the shop and do something for dinner.

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