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nonperson 17-03-2020 06:36 PM

Are there non-Abba songs in it??

Shirayuki 17-03-2020 06:37 PM

Abba did covers for most of them but the original doesn't have Abba at all

nonperson 17-03-2020 06:38 PM

I thought the songs were originally by Abba and then made into a musical?

Shirayuki 17-03-2020 06:40 PM

some are but some aren't

like Super Trouper! (the one i'm in love with atm)

Shirayuki 17-03-2020 06:41 PM

ack! I just gave you an Abba song-
sorry ^^"

Shirayuki 17-03-2020 06:46 PM

How are you np?

nonperson 17-03-2020 06:50 PM



Shirayuki 17-03-2020 06:53 PM

Sorry that may partly be my fault ^^"


nonperson 17-03-2020 06:57 PM

Mostly your fault to be honest! =P

I'm tired too. And a bit hungry...

Shirayuki 17-03-2020 07:08 PM


I'm hungry too, whats for dinner for you np? (if you haven't already had dinner)

Shirayuki 17-03-2020 07:14 PM

Also :P

another random question!

does anyone know King & Country? (band)

nonperson 17-03-2020 07:14 PM

Just gonna have some soup as I had a rather large snack earlier.

What will you have?

And nope.

Shirayuki 17-03-2020 07:24 PM

What kind?

Not sure actually, maybe some curry

Aw, I rediscovered them a week ago-
My old favorite song came up as a youtube ad ^^"

What bands do you know?

nonperson 17-03-2020 07:29 PM

Lamb and vegetable.

Mmm curry.

I know a few.

Shirayuki 17-03-2020 07:36 PM


What are all of you doing now that the days almost over?

chinahorse 17-03-2020 08:28 PM

Im procrastinating showering and washing my hair. But I cant smell worse than the patients.

Shirayuki 17-03-2020 09:42 PM

maybe skip the shower if you can but still wash your hair?

chinahorse 17-03-2020 10:02 PM

The shower was more important than the hair. But I've done both.

Shirayuki 17-03-2020 10:06 PM

Good job ^^

How are you and Bertie now?

nonperson 18-03-2020 09:58 AM

Morning everyone. =/

Cacoethes 18-03-2020 11:23 AM


one_step_closer 18-03-2020 11:47 AM

Morning everyone, how are you all?

Sorry for being quiet, I'm struggling to get back into normal things.

Cacoethes 18-03-2020 12:31 PM

No worries lindsay
It can be difficult to adjust after a spell in hospital

The consultant isn't in today after being told she would be
But apparently she will be in tomorrow
I'll believe that when I see it!

nonperson 18-03-2020 01:18 PM

Take your time, Lindsay, there's no rush (though it is nice having you here). =)

That sucks, Beckie. She'll turn up eventually.

Cacoethes 18-03-2020 01:25 PM

I hope so!
Nothing can happen without her say so.

How are you np?

nonperson 18-03-2020 01:30 PM

Is she the only consultant?

I'm... ok. Been trying to keep myself busy.

one_step_closer 18-03-2020 01:43 PM

Damn consultant, what's more important than Beckie's review?!

It's hard to keep yourself busy at home. What have you been up to?

nonperson 18-03-2020 02:33 PM

Well amongst lots of work phone calls, I topped up the bird feeders and went on my exercise bike for a bit. Think that's about it really, it felt more productive than it's actually been. =/

one_step_closer 18-03-2020 03:40 PM

That sounds productive enough. Is there nothing you'd really like to do now you have the time?

nonperson 18-03-2020 04:03 PM

Get my life in order, lol.

I want to get the garden looking ship shape really.

People keep asking that too, like this time is a gift that I shouldn't waste, but it's just making me feel guilty and selfish at the moment. =(

Shirayuki 18-03-2020 05:28 PM

Hey guys, how are you?

That seems productive enough np!

How are you OSC?

I'm pretty sure your gardens already in tip top shape np!

nonperson 18-03-2020 05:48 PM

My garden is a **** hole.

Shirayuki 18-03-2020 05:48 PM

You sure?

nonperson 18-03-2020 05:54 PM

Oh yes. Absolutely 100% sure. Weeds everywhere.

Shirayuki 18-03-2020 05:55 PM

^ weeds are everywhere though!

How are you? Hows being stuck at home going?

nonperson 18-03-2020 06:03 PM

Yes weeds are everywhere and nearly unstoppable in their conquest to take over the planet but that's why gardens are cultivated.

It's ok so far. I need to sneak out to the post box in a bit.

How're you?

Shirayuki 18-03-2020 06:04 PM

XD very true!

enjoy and good luck on your mission!

annoyed at my sister but otherwise good

nonperson 18-03-2020 06:19 PM

I was planning to go for a walk now that everywhere will be deserted but think I'll just sneak out to post a letter and then come back. =/

Ah, sisters are annoying, aren't they.

Shirayuki 18-03-2020 06:21 PM

Aw, good luck!

VERY, do you have any?

one_step_closer 18-03-2020 06:42 PM

Most siblings are annoying.

tamobhuuta 18-03-2020 06:51 PM

I love my siblings, I'm lucky we have always got on.

nonperson 18-03-2020 07:22 PM

I have a sister, Shira.

We get on and have never really fought like siblings can do so I guess I'm lucky too. We're just not very close.

nonperson 19-03-2020 09:26 AM

Morning all.

And a gloomy grey rainy miserable one it is here.

one_step_closer 19-03-2020 10:30 AM

The sun is shining here, cats are loving it.

Cacoethes 19-03-2020 10:30 AM

It is rather grey today

Have you guys got any plans today?

one_step_closer 19-03-2020 10:56 AM

I've been for my prescription and to Tesco. Think my support worker is phoning at 12, dreading it. How about you?

Cacoethes 19-03-2020 11:02 AM

Well done for getting stuff done!
Ugh phone calls. Hope it goes ok.

The doctor is actually in today so I'm hoping to see her. Thats about it for today.
Oh and I also need to do some washing but the machine is occupied.

tamobhuuta 19-03-2020 11:09 AM

Hi everyone, it's miserable here. I'm planning to have a shower and make dinner.

nonperson 19-03-2020 11:45 AM

Nothing much going on here today either. I've managed to avoid making a phone call so I'm quite pleased with myself though.

Hope your phone call isn't too stressful, Lindsay.

Cacoethes 19-03-2020 11:46 AM

Yay for avoiding phone calls!

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