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Sketchy 03-08-2017 12:52 PM

That's great Eska. I hope you all have fun.

Cacoethes 03-08-2017 12:53 PM

Thats exciting eska! I hope you enjoy your time with them :)

Sketchy 03-08-2017 12:55 PM

I'm still lying in bed. So tired. I'm meeting my dad at 4pm, but I'd like to go in a bit earlier to look in the shops for my sister's birthday.

Shy_Bambi 03-08-2017 12:57 PM

Like Lorraine said you're doing okay in the grand scheme of things Beckie! An off day is okay!

I'm just eating a sandwich, going out later to pick up my meds them send a letter off. Then spending the rest of the day going through my DVDs. I'm going to sell them all off.

not_so_insig 03-08-2017 01:00 PM

Morning all.

My phone has decided to update the browser I use to come here and it's weird. Probably be fine once I get used to it.

Cacoethes 03-08-2017 01:05 PM

Thanks rebecca!

Hi dawn. It is annoying when things change!

not_so_insig 03-08-2017 01:20 PM

Yes especially as I didn't ask for it to do it. Thankfully it's kept my tabs as I have a fair few celebrities addresses open and it would be a pain to find them again.

Cacoethes 03-08-2017 01:36 PM

Updates are always a pain!!

Eska 03-08-2017 02:07 PM

I'm waiting at the station for my friends' train to get in :D

Shy_Bambi 03-08-2017 02:10 PM

I have it so that my phone asks me for permission before it updates anything. The last update changed a lot of things on my phone that didn't need changing. I dunno why they try to fix things that aren't broken!
Like with Windows 10. I had that for about 4 hours, and I disliked it so much I went back to Windows 8!

Cacoethes 03-08-2017 02:12 PM

Yay have fun eska!

I was the same with windows 10 rebecca!
I didnt even last 4 hours! I changed it straight back!!

Shy_Bambi 03-08-2017 04:15 PM

Lol! It is really bad. Everything is changed around and that thing that talks to you is super weird!

Well, my mum's having a go at me just because I suggested she wait 28 days for a refund for something, apparently that's "pulling her down". I was just trying to help. So we're not speaking now xD

Buttons. 03-08-2017 04:17 PM

Sorry you and your mum had a fall out Rebecca, I'm sure when she cools down your mum will see you were only trying to help.

Have fun with your friend Eska!

I just got back from seeing Planet of the Apes. Was alright but not fantastic...and I may have slightly fallen asleep for part of it :P

Shy_Bambi 03-08-2017 04:19 PM

Lol yeah the movie did drag for a bit in the middle. I didn't fall asleep but my mind wandered to wondering what to have for dinner lol

Cacoethes 03-08-2017 04:20 PM

Sorry you had a fall out with your mum Rebecca.
Hopefully you'll be speaking again soon!

I can never understand how people can fall asleep during films!!

Buttons. 03-08-2017 04:20 PM

Ha ha dinner wonderings are always good!

Buttons. 03-08-2017 04:21 PM

Tbf Beckie this is the first time I've fallen asleep in a cinema. And as Rebecca said the film did drag in the middle.

Cacoethes 03-08-2017 04:26 PM

Ah ok!
I want to watch it.
Haven't been to the cinema in ages!

Buttons. 03-08-2017 04:27 PM

It's bloody expensive!

Cacoethes 03-08-2017 04:29 PM

Yeah, thats why i haven't been in ages!!

not_so_insig 03-08-2017 04:42 PM

I am so fed up of blooming waiting! I am expecting a parcel and it hasn't arrived yet.

My parents have booked my holiday. They managed to find a cattery. It's not my usual choice and it's in the next county. I hope that my kitties will be ok.

Buttons. 03-08-2017 04:56 PM

Ooh holiday booked, brilliant :) where are you going Dawn?

I've booked the disabled friendly hotel holiday that I won to Wales on disability awareness day, so me and Mum are going there in November (yes we will wrap up warm :P)

Cacoethes 03-08-2017 05:04 PM

Im jealous of all you guys going on holiday!!

not_so_insig 03-08-2017 05:05 PM

I am going to Torquay. I hope to go to the pier.

Whereabouts are you going in Wales Katy?

Cacoethes 03-08-2017 05:11 PM

Sounds nice :)

Sketchy 03-08-2017 07:15 PM

I hope you both enjoy your holidays.

I'm just on the train home after meeting my dad.

not_so_insig 03-08-2017 07:17 PM

Hope you had a nice time with your dad Lorraine.

Cacoethes 03-08-2017 07:18 PM

Did you have a nice time lorraine?

Sketchy 03-08-2017 07:19 PM

I did thank you. We went for dinner and coffee. I had a cheek to have pizza yet again! Im so full and sleepy now. Im going home for a shower and to relax.

How are you guys?

Cacoethes 03-08-2017 07:21 PM

You can never have enough pizza!!

Ive just had dinner. Now watching x men

not_so_insig 03-08-2017 07:21 PM

My parcel arrived btw. Fortunately I was able to wash and dry my hair at my preferred time. I recently made a new play list for my shower time so I played it.

Sketchy 03-08-2017 07:23 PM

Glad your parcel arrived. Anything nice?

That is true Beckie, but I fear I'm turning into a pizza monster.

Cacoethes 03-08-2017 07:26 PM

Glad your parcel came dawn.

I'd eat pizza all day every day if I could!! Lol

Sketchy 03-08-2017 07:27 PM

Me too. I love it.

Cacoethes 03-08-2017 07:41 PM

Neighbours across the car park asked to speak to me so I went over and apparently there's been some kind of car park wars over my parking space XD
I let the people that used to live here use it as I don't have a car yet and thats always been fine but apparently there are arguments about it now!! Lol!
No one has come to speak to me directly about it which is weird but those neighbours are always out in their front garden (which faces out into the car park) so they'll let people know!

Sketchy 03-08-2017 08:04 PM

That's unfortunate. It's nobody's business but yours. I hope it doesn't cause you any problems.

I'm now home and relaxing. It's ridiculous how easy I get tired but I'm exhausted just from being out a few hours. I'm going to relax for a while and then do some drawing.

Cacoethes 03-08-2017 08:19 PM

Nah it won't cause any issues.
I'll let them sort it out amongst themselves!!
All going well, I'll need my space back so I can park there at some point!

Sounds like a plan.
Going out can be very exhausting!

Sketchy 03-08-2017 08:32 PM

What you up to this evening?

I'm going to do drawings for my sister's happy box I'm making her. I dug out my own happy box, which I haven't looked at in ages because my mum gave me it, so it was too upsetting. It doesn't have much in it, but I'll add to it. It does have a fluffy cat toy in it my mum gave with it.

Cacoethes 03-08-2017 08:34 PM

Just watching x men 2.
I am so so tired for some reason.

That sounds like a good idea.
That must have been hard to look at. Its good you feel able to add to it

Sketchy 03-08-2017 08:38 PM

I might watch a film too.

It was hard but I felt glad I did.

Cacoethes 03-08-2017 08:40 PM

What kind of film do you fancy watching?

Thats good

Sketchy 03-08-2017 08:42 PM

I'm not sure. I always end up spending ages deciding on Netflix but not getting anywhere. I might watch 13 going on 30. I remember seeing that in the cinema. Hmmm decisions!

Cacoethes 03-08-2017 08:46 PM

I haven't watched that film in ages!

Sketchy 03-08-2017 08:48 PM

I've added a few things to my watch list, so I'll find something to watch. I think I better do some drawing before I fall asleep. So tired.

Any plans for tomorrow and the weekend?

Buttons. 03-08-2017 08:54 PM

X-men 2 is awesome!

I haven't watched 13 going on 30 in ages either!!

Sketchy 03-08-2017 08:58 PM

Hey Katy. What you up to? How's the doggy?

Shy_Bambi 03-08-2017 09:09 PM

Hello all. I just got a pm telling me off for posting in a thread that was 4 months old. I didn't know it was old, I just wanted to help :( it's kinda made me really low so I'm not going to sort anywhere now except for here so I don't do something wrong again

Cacoethes 03-08-2017 09:12 PM

I never look at the dates tbh.
Its a very easy mistake to make, no need to feel bad about it and dont let it put you off posting again

Sketchy 03-08-2017 09:13 PM

Try not to worry Rebecca. You didn't do anything wrong, it's just that older posts do not get posted on. Don't let it put you off posting. Maybe you could have a chat with one of the mods if you are really concerned. They are lovely and will want to help.

Buttons. 03-08-2017 09:22 PM

I'm okay thanks Lorraine, doggo keeps scratching the scab off her nose so it's looking sore but I can't stop her when I'm not here!

Rebecca PMs like that can give you a jolt but please don't let it put you off posting, we all make mistakes, try and see it as a making you aware rather than telling off.

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