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one_step_closer 28-05-2023 02:38 PM

Well done. Maybe you could start your own business! I'd probably break mine if I tried to fix it!

Ahimsa 28-05-2023 02:43 PM

Hahaha nooo! It just get clogged with cat hair so I've taken it apart and pulled all the fur out of each section.

Cacoethes 28-05-2023 02:51 PM

I just had a very short nap :ermm:
It is very VERY unusual for me to nap.
I just came over incredibly tired and shaky. My hands and feet are still doing the tingly thing.
My watch said i had an irregular heart rhythm. But obvs these watches aren't massively accurate so not too worried about that.
I feel okish now.
Then nearly tripped over one of the dogs because she decided to lie directly behind me while i was buttering bread and i didn't realise XD

tamobhuuta 28-05-2023 02:52 PM

Well done Ahimsa! And everyone else with their jobs!

long road 28-05-2023 03:08 PM

Is there anything salty in the house you would feel comfortable eating Beckie? Might be a low sodium thing.

Well done for unclogging the vacuum Beth, ours get clogged a fair amount, not that we have pets, it's just from my hair. I shed like crazy!!

I have had a coffee and I am just working my way up to making some lunch. I would love a shower but it feels a bit much.

not_so_insig 28-05-2023 03:13 PM

I am ok thanks for asking. Washed my hair before.

Cacoethes 28-05-2023 03:28 PM

I had some scrambled eggs.
I don't usually get symptoms from low sodium.

What are you planning to have for lunch?
Maybe leave the shower for later if you still feel up to it?

long road 28-05-2023 03:54 PM

I have no idea what to have for lunch. All the things I possibly want need heating up/ cooking and I am not sure I am well enough to cook. Not really got anything I could settle for as something easy, as it's the end of the week so running low on ready to eat foods. Partner just woke up so may be able to get him to help

one_step_closer 28-05-2023 03:56 PM

My hoover probably definitely needs the brush cleaned!

I hope you're ok, Beckie. Lol at the dog, she's plotting to kill you! Crookshanks sometimes likes to try and trip me up.

How's your day going, Tamo?

I hope you manage to make a tasty lunch, Jen.

Are you doing much else today, Dawn?

one_step_closer 28-05-2023 03:57 PM

Ninja Jen.

Running low on ready to eat foods is annoying. I hope your partner can help.

Cacoethes 28-05-2023 04:02 PM

I hope you manage to find something easy jen!

She was just hoping for some dropped crumbs.
She's on a diet currently because the vet said she's too fat. So she goes a bit crazy for food atm!
Gave poor sparkles a treat yesterday, she dropped a bit of it and charly was there in less than a second and snatched it up off the floor!

one_step_closer 28-05-2023 04:24 PM

Animals don't understand diets. Poor both of them.

Ahimsa 28-05-2023 04:35 PM

I got a Monsoon dress for me - it doesn’t fit but it’s too long and too tight so hopefully I can take it to the alterations place!
I got a jumper for my brother for Christmas, and a signed book for my friend 😊

Cacoethes 28-05-2023 04:38 PM

Yeah true.
She is greedy though!

I love monsoon clothes! They have such pretty things!

long road 28-05-2023 04:42 PM

I had a tin of beans of sausages on toast in the end. Made it myself as partner was still coming too. It was alright and at least I am fed now.

Monsoon stuff is super fancy. Hope the alterations place can make it work for you.

Cacoethes 28-05-2023 04:46 PM

Well done! Hopefully it will help you feel a little better

Ahimsa 28-05-2023 05:03 PM


This is the dress! For £5 I couldn’t say no!

tamobhuuta 28-05-2023 05:17 PM

I'm going to Mass but I've got time for some reading first.

one_step_closer 28-05-2023 05:28 PM

Good finds, Beth.

Well done for making some lunch, Jen. I hope it helps.

I hope you're enjoying your reading and Mass goes well, Tamo.

Cacoethes 28-05-2023 05:44 PM

Ooh that's beautiful!

long road 28-05-2023 05:48 PM

Lunch gave me the energy to shower.I am taking this as a win. Bit spent now though.

Cacoethes 28-05-2023 06:08 PM

That is a win indeed!

What on earth is going on with your user title thing jen? XD

one_step_closer 28-05-2023 06:48 PM

A definite win!

Ahimsa 28-05-2023 06:56 PM

An hour into work (I’ve just doing 5-8 to cover for someone) and I’ve only got 2 emergencies coming down. That’s a win!!

one_step_closer 28-05-2023 06:57 PM

Yay for even more winning!

Cacoethes 28-05-2023 07:08 PM

I forgot i still had a muller corner left in the fridge.
Another win!

one_step_closer 28-05-2023 07:27 PM

A streak of wins, who's next?

long road 28-05-2023 07:28 PM

You only just noticed :p

I changed it when I checked through the new and remaining stickies for Jenna. Because she said

I have done all the boards above the self-harm board so if you have even less of a life than me and want to have a read through of some to check you think they are both up to date and relevant then that would be great.

Partners parents are here helping with the garden. And have ordered pie and mash for dinner that's a win!

tamobhuuta 28-05-2023 07:28 PM

Mass was hard but I wanted to receive Communion so I stayed. I held my little cross to reassure me.

Cacoethes 28-05-2023 07:30 PM

I'm not terribly observant XD

Ahahaha brilliant.

Ooh pie and mash. Yum.

Well done tamo

Ahimsa 28-05-2023 07:42 PM

I’m glad you made it through mass Tamo! Well done!

tamobhuuta 28-05-2023 08:53 PM

Thanks guys.

What are people up to this evening?

one_step_closer 28-05-2023 08:54 PM

Did you enjoy your pie and mash, Jen?

Well done for getting through Mass, Tamo. I hope you're feeling better.

How are your evenings going Beckie and Beth?

one_step_closer 28-05-2023 08:55 PM

Ninja Tamo. I'm going to go offline soon then sit with Crookshanks for a while then go to bed. What about you?

tamobhuuta 28-05-2023 08:57 PM

I'm getting ready for bed then depending how tired I am I might watch TV or might go straight to bed.

Cacoethes 28-05-2023 08:58 PM

I'm just counting the hours until i can go to bed

one_step_closer 28-05-2023 08:59 PM

If you decide to watch TV I hope you've got something interesting to watch and whenever you go to bed I hope you sleep well.

one_step_closer 28-05-2023 08:59 PM

Do you go to bed when the chickens go to bed, Beckie?

nonperson 28-05-2023 09:36 PM

Evening all.

Sleep well those who have gone to bed!

tamobhuuta 28-05-2023 09:47 PM

I watched a bit of doctor who, time for bed now. Sweet dreams everyone.

long road 28-05-2023 09:49 PM

I did enjoy my pie and mash. Just got distracted chatting with partners parents. I had a vegan pie made of tomato mushrooms and onions and carrots with mash and mushy peas.

I am still awake and have had no naps today. I have been sleeping a lot less lately. Doesn't make me less tired though just not able to sleep.

nonperson 28-05-2023 10:21 PM

That sounds super tasty apart from the mushy peas!

Fingers crossed for a better sleep tonight.

I'm watching Taskmaster.

Cacoethes 28-05-2023 10:23 PM

Yeah I'll go to bed when the chickens are in bed!
Watching goldmember in the meantime.

That sounds delicious jen

Hello np!
Which series?

long road 28-05-2023 10:28 PM

Go to bed chickens! *Shakes fist at chickens*
The pie shoppe also do regular peas or baked beans or tenderstem brocolli and pea shoots as sides.

I am watching more midsomer murders. Who knows I may have seen NP's work already today and not realised!!

Cacoethes 28-05-2023 10:31 PM

They're buggers they are.

Ooh i love tenderstem broccoli. So do the pigs!

You may have!

Ahimsa 28-05-2023 10:36 PM

I’ve finished work and I’m doing the quiz now

Ahimsa 28-05-2023 10:36 PM

Also broccoli is incredible

long road 28-05-2023 10:38 PM

I had tenderstem brocolli at the wedding I went through last weekend actually. Was nice and crunch which I like.

Asthma is still playing up a bit. Have a slight wheeze and tightish chest. Really hoping I can avoid having to call anywhere until GP is open again on Tuesday, because with asthma they usually want to see you and I CBA dealing with Bank Holiday weekend in A&E. Especially because everyone and his wife goes on holiday to my part of the world.

long road 28-05-2023 10:39 PM

Quiz!! Is it fun being quizmaster? I love a pub quiz but don't think I'd want to deal with being in charge as you have people moaning at you that your answers were wrong.

Brocolli is indeed incredible.

nonperson 28-05-2023 10:41 PM

Lol Jen. I'm not sure I'd recognise it! My vague description of the area is that it is a road on a hill which bends around quite sharply! Grass verges and trees either side! It was probably a 1 second clip.

It's the final of series 15 apparently, with Jenny Eclair. I haven't watched any of the previous episodes.

I like broccoli. Won't go as far as saying I love it but it is at least one of the vegetables I will choose to eat.

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