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Serendipity. 04-04-2017 02:11 PM

Amy is wise!

It was good pizza. Um, I have to get myself ready and see my CC and then I'm going to visit Leigh :) How about you?

Wonderland. 04-04-2017 02:14 PM

I am wise indeed *nods*

I'm sure you'll have an enjoyable time with Leigh. Have you guys got anything as such planned? Or just going with the flow?

Hope seeing your CC goes well!

Serendipity. 04-04-2017 02:16 PM

Just going with the flow I think! She is being nice enough to entertain me since I'm not working :P Thanks, I really can't be bothered with seeing her! CC I mean, not Leigh!

What are you up to Amy?

Wonderland. 04-04-2017 02:31 PM

Sounds like a good plan!

I think we all get like that with CCs, asking the same bloody questions each time, it can get rather monotonous!

I better go and workout now :-)

Sketchy 04-04-2017 02:57 PM

Afternoon all.

I have a psych appointment which I'm dreading, but I'm meeting my dad in the pub afterwards.

Cacoethes 04-04-2017 03:14 PM

You're right amy. A gain isn't the end of the world! And I've been doing really well with sw so I don't think I'll mind too much.

Yay for pizza! I have purchased my pizza for tonight! And reduced fat garlic bread that I didn't know existed until today!!

CCs can be annoying. As amy said, it's the same questions over and over again! !

Have a good workout amy!

Hope your appointment goes well Lorraine. It's good you've got something nice to do afterwards

Serendipity. 04-04-2017 03:18 PM

I don't trust reduced fat food. It usually means reduced taste :P I hope you enjoy your pizza though Beckie!

I hope your psych appointment goes well Lorraine.

Someone make me do something! I finally motivated myself to shower but now I'm just sitting here in a towel :P

Cacoethes 04-04-2017 03:25 PM

That may be true! We shall see!
I will definitely enjoy it! Pizza is life.

DOOOO SOMETHING!!!! or I will hit you with a dosh.

Serendipity. 04-04-2017 04:26 PM

I am dressed! :P

Wonderland. 04-04-2017 04:30 PM

Awesome stuff Hannah!

Cacoethes 04-04-2017 05:11 PM

Yay Hannah!!

Just had a pretty good time on the wii fit :)

What's everyone up to?

Wonderland. 04-04-2017 05:15 PM

Ooo what did you play on it?

I did 2.5K and I didn't even get tired! I must be getting fitter.

Cacoethes 04-04-2017 05:19 PM

Just a load of the aerobic stuff. Jogging, steps, hula hooping, boxing and cycling!
I love the wii fit even though it sasses me at every opportunity! It can be rather blunt! I find it funny though :p

That's fantastic amy!! Well done!

Wonderland. 04-04-2017 05:24 PM

The boxing is super tiring! You must have muscles woman!

Haha yep blunt indeed!

Serendipity. 04-04-2017 05:34 PM

Well done Amy :)

You're all doing great with being active!

Cacoethes 04-04-2017 05:34 PM

Haha!! I don't really have the muscles I used to!
When I was living at home I was carrying bales of hay and sawdust and wrestling horses back into their stables (the young ones tried to escape whenever you opened the stable door and they didn't have headcollars on!)
I don't think I'd be able to do that now!

Wonderland. 04-04-2017 05:44 PM

When you are a kid you have all the energy in the world though!

Have you been up to anything active recently Hannah?

Thanks, I'm enjoying the runs seems to give me a boost.

Serendipity. 04-04-2017 05:44 PM

Haha, horses are good exercise!

Serendipity. 04-04-2017 05:45 PM

That's great Amy :) I've just been doing my usual gym and running!

Wonderland. 04-04-2017 05:46 PM

Yay! You doing any 5Ks this year?

Cacoethes 04-04-2017 05:54 PM

Horses are very good exercise!
I can't wait to lose the weight so I can ride again!!
Whenever I see the family I love going to see the horseys!!

That's good amy! Exercise does give you a buzz!

Gym and running is awesome Hannah! I still can't see how you don't die at spin though! Lol!

I want to do a 5k this year. There's the race for life in July that I'm aiming for!

Serendipity. 04-04-2017 05:57 PM

Sounds good Beckie! I'm hoping to do a 10k in September. We should do an ryl 5k :p

Wonderland. 04-04-2017 06:01 PM

Oh thats a fab goal to work towards Hannah!

Have you seen the Gung-Ho! 5K? It has all inflatable stuff, looks so much fun. I'm such a big kid!

And yep we should do an RYL 5K now we are all being fitties!

not_so_insig 04-04-2017 06:05 PM

My headache is still there though it's not as bad as this morning.

I am having pizza later. With dough balls.

Cacoethes 04-04-2017 06:09 PM

10K sounds great Hannah!
We totally should do an ryl 5k!

I haven't seen that one amy, but there's one in Milton Keynes (not a million miles from me) that has all inflatable obstacles and colour powder and it looks amazing! But it's like £40 to enter so can't do it :(

Sounds good dawn! I'm having pizza later too!
Sorry you've got a headache.

Wonderland. 04-04-2017 06:15 PM

I'm sure you'd soon save up £40 cutting out the fags :-p especially if it's toward the end of the year.

Looks like it's pizza day for all!

not_so_insig 04-04-2017 06:17 PM

Yay my clothes order has been despatched.

Cacoethes 04-04-2017 06:20 PM

That's a good point amy!
But Id need someone to do it with me because it's the sort of thing that would be way more fun with friends!
But the friends I've asked can't afford it :(

Wonderland. 04-04-2017 06:28 PM

Yay for new clothes Dawn, hope they come soon :)

I'd do a 5K with you, we need Hannh join in as well HANNAH FITTY ;-)

Shy_Bambi 04-04-2017 06:30 PM

Good afternoon everyone!! I don't do any exercise because I just don't have the energy but I need to lose weight. Anyone have a treadmill? Are they any good?

Cacoethes 04-04-2017 06:35 PM

That would be awesome amy!!

I don't have a treadmill. I'd love one but my house is too small!
There are low impact type things about. And I find that exercise gives me more energy even if I had to drag myself there because I was shattered I'd still come out feeling all energised!

Wonderland. 04-04-2017 06:36 PM

Hey Bambi, it can be so difficult when you are lacking in energy to exercise. I came off of one of my meds because it made me feel so lethargic all the time.

Are there any adjustments you can make to your diet to make things healthier? (if you've got the motivation to right now)

I have a treadmill and I love it! It's the only exercise thing I've got that I actually consistently use.

Wonderland. 04-04-2017 06:37 PM

I agree Bex. It does totally give you more energy! **** knows how that works but it really does!

Cacoethes 04-04-2017 06:41 PM


^ This is the one I was talking about! It looks like SO much fun!!

Serendipity. 04-04-2017 06:42 PM

I would so do it with you!!

Wonderland. 04-04-2017 06:46 PM

It looks so much fun!!!

Wonderland. 04-04-2017 06:47 PM

Yay Hannah!

Cacoethes 04-04-2017 06:48 PM

:hop: :hop: :hop: :hop: :hop: :hop:

Wonderland. 04-04-2017 06:51 PM

Now just to get fit... or fake it till ya make it ;-)

Cacoethes 04-04-2017 06:54 PM

I've done 2 race for life 5k's before and they were both while I was in hospital (they took us out for pizza afterwards as well!)
I was seriously unfit and more overweight than I am now and I still managed it! I did walk a lot of the way but still!
And did a 5k around the hospital grounds in the forensic unit. And we did it in a thunderstorm :p

Bellatrix 04-04-2017 06:58 PM

That sounds awesome Beckie!

Me and my boy are planning a 5k, onceI've got the all clear from the cardiologist to exercise.

I'm getting very restless only being able to walk. I miss the gym.

Cacoethes 04-04-2017 06:59 PM

That's cool J!

That must suck, fingers crossed you get the all clear soon!

Wonderland. 04-04-2017 07:06 PM

Running in a thunderstorm sounds fun!

We did one with the rehab I was in at race for life, but it was pants as we weren't allowed to run, they kept telling me off for walking too fast as I kept going out of sight of them as the course was all round town so lots of corners. It's not my fault the rest of most the patients walk at bloody snails pace, cannot be doing with that!

Hope you can get back into something more physical soon J. How about something light like yoga or swimming? Are you allowed to do things like that?

Cacoethes 04-04-2017 07:09 PM

That sounds really annoying amy!! Not fun at all!

Yoga and swimming are good ideas!

Shy_Bambi 04-04-2017 07:13 PM

Running in a thunderstorm sounds amazing, I would love to do that!
I think my problem is that I have no friends. I think he I had someone to do things with I'd be in shape in no time!

Wonderland. 04-04-2017 07:16 PM

That does help some people. I don't have any friends locally who workout, but I've always been sporty. Exercise does take a lot of motivation and effort at first it's much easier once you've got in the swing of it.

Maybe you could join a class, that was you aren't exercising on your own.

Wonderland. 04-04-2017 07:16 PM

And you might even make some friends doing it over time.

Cacoethes 04-04-2017 07:18 PM

I've started talking to people at my exercise classes. So there is a good social aspect to them!

Shy_Bambi 04-04-2017 07:21 PM

But I'd be so embarrassed. And I'd probably be the only one there who's overweight, and I don't want people staring at me and stuff...

Cacoethes 04-04-2017 07:24 PM

Basically everyone is overweight at my classes.
And I was worried about that too but people are just concentrating on what they are doing.
Like at clubbercise, I mess up the moves loads but no one cares or looks at me.

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