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Cacoethes 27-02-2017 01:52 PM

I probably need to do more during the day. I've started doing some exercise at home though.

I hope you get to go home tomorrow Lillie. It must suck being stuck in hospital. They are quote boring and stressful.

Wonderland. 27-02-2017 02:06 PM

Thats positive to hear, hopefully that will help with the weight loss and help tire you out a bit more.

I find going out most days even if it's just for a 15 minute walk round the park does some good just getting out into the fresh air.

Cacoethes 27-02-2017 02:13 PM

Hopefully :)

I go out most days to asda. About a 15 min walk there, then walking around the shop and then 15 mins back.
It usually takes me an hour or so, depending on how much I need to get from asda. So I've got that which is good.

What are you up to today Amy?

not_so_insig 27-02-2017 02:23 PM

I will see if I can have a nap later. Yesterday I was feeling worse than i do today. Unfortunately I have tesco order coming tomorrow so I can't have a lie in.

Wonderland. 27-02-2017 02:34 PM

That's good Beckie :)

I hope you can manage a nap later Dawn.

I'm not up to much, just waiting for my hair to dry and then going to the pharmacy to pick up my meds. Will probably go on my treadmill after and I've got a bit of chucking out to do aswell.

Anyone else up to much?

Cacoethes 27-02-2017 03:17 PM

A nap sounds like a good idea dawn.

Sounds productive Amy! :)

I'm watching netflix atm. I still need to clean the bathroom but it's not really that messy so shouldn't take too long. Having long hair is annoying. It gets everywhere!

Wonderland. 27-02-2017 03:47 PM

Hope you manage to get on with the cleaning Beckie, I know what you mean about long hair, I regularly have to cut it out the roller thing on the bottom of my hoover!

Cacoethes 27-02-2017 04:03 PM

I've done most of it. Just need to sweep the floor. Will do that in a bit cos I'm a bit dizzy!

Haha! Same!

Wonderland. 27-02-2017 04:08 PM

That's brill!

Poor you. I hope the dizziness goes away soon. Make sure you are well hydrated and have eaten enough lovely <3

I really must stop procrastinating and go to the pharmacy wahhhh.

Cacoethes 27-02-2017 04:13 PM

Thanks x I've had a good lunch and just had an apple so hopefully that will help!


chinahorse 27-02-2017 04:33 PM

Hope you've gone to the pharmacy!

Cacoethes 27-02-2017 04:53 PM

Hey Lillie! How are you doing?

Torrential rain here I love the rain (when I don't have to go out in it!)

chinahorse 27-02-2017 04:57 PM


Haha it was torrential here toobut now it's bright and sunny.

Wonderland. 27-02-2017 05:01 PM

How come nobody warned me of snow/slushy rain/torrential rain?! :tongue2:

I am soaked, we have just had all three here. It's still snowing.

In good news I have been to the pharmacy.

Wonderland. 27-02-2017 05:03 PM

The snowflakes are really really big.

Cacoethes 27-02-2017 05:08 PM

It's stopped and is sunny here now too!!

Glad you got to the pharmacy amy :)

Wonderland. 27-02-2017 05:34 PM

Thank you lovely :)

Yay it has finally stopped!!

not_so_insig 27-02-2017 05:38 PM

No rain or snow here.

I fell asleep before. I feel much better now.

Wonderland. 27-02-2017 05:41 PM

Really glad to hear that you are feeling much better Dawn :)

Cacoethes 27-02-2017 05:43 PM

Glad you feel better dawn :)

I'm watching Madagascar 3. I love this film!
Gonna do some wii sports after if im feeling up to it

Sketchy 27-02-2017 05:48 PM

Hi everyone. *waves*

Cacoethes 27-02-2017 06:03 PM

Hi Lorraine. How are you?

Sketchy 27-02-2017 06:05 PM

I'm ok. Having another day hiding away which is bad, but I need to go out tomorrow and I'll be meeting friends.

How are you?

chinahorse 27-02-2017 06:08 PM

Hey lorraine. Sometimes it's ok to hide especially if you have a busy day planned tomorrow.

Sketchy 27-02-2017 06:10 PM

Thanks Lillie. How are you doing?

chinahorse 27-02-2017 06:14 PM

I've been better. Just waiting for my dinner which is a sandwich and ice cream. The ice cream is lush and I'm using my foot as an excuse to eat what I want.

Sketchy 27-02-2017 06:15 PM

Ooh ice cream! Yum. I hope you enjoy it.

chinahorse 27-02-2017 06:18 PM

Thanks it is nice. Though I'm not that hungry. Suppose that's what you get from sitting on your bum all day.

What you up to this evening? Film? Tv?

Sketchy 27-02-2017 06:24 PM

I'm going to watch Netflix and then have an early night. Do you have stuff you can watch on your phone?

not_so_insig 27-02-2017 06:24 PM

I have had a strange email. Remember the saga of the free tshirt? Well the company has sent me an email saying that they have sent me another free tshirt. I don't know what's happening with the company. Trouble is that I bought the tshirt again (& received it) so I will have 2 identical tshirts.

chinahorse 27-02-2017 06:25 PM

Sounds like a nice way to spend the evening.

Not really..I'm ok not doing a lot. My brain is mush.

Sketchy 27-02-2017 06:26 PM

That is strange Dawn. I wonder why they are giving away t shirts.

Sketchy 27-02-2017 06:27 PM

Take it easy then Lillie. Sometimes we need to do nothing to recharge our brains.

not_so_insig 27-02-2017 06:34 PM

I think that they think they didn't post the original order. Trouble is that I claimed my money back via PayPal Lorraine. If they want to give me a free tshirt I am not complaining.

I have been using PayPal for over 10 years and it's only in the past few months that I have been having trouble. Earlier on this month I filed a claim after not receiving an item (different person though). I had no communication either.

chinahorse 27-02-2017 06:34 PM

Odd dawn but suppose you could always use one for bed or whatever.

Sketchy 27-02-2017 07:26 PM

I'm bored.

chinahorse 27-02-2017 07:37 PM

Hmm do some sketching?

Sketchy 27-02-2017 07:38 PM

I should. I'm just too lazy. I might do some writing. I meet with a writing group and we're meeting tomorrow.

chinahorse 27-02-2017 07:39 PM

Oh that's cool. What sort of thing are you writing right now?

Sketchy 27-02-2017 07:43 PM

I write poetry that I combine with my art. I sometimes turn them into little concertina books. I write some fiction and some true stories too.

Cacoethes 27-02-2017 07:51 PM

That sounds really cool Lorraine!

Sketchy 27-02-2017 07:54 PM

Thank you. How are you Beckie?

Cacoethes 27-02-2017 08:01 PM

I'm not feeling too well. Again!
It's annoying. But I'm sure I'll be ok!

Sketchy 27-02-2017 08:02 PM

Oh no. I hope you feel better soon.

Cacoethes 27-02-2017 08:04 PM

Thanks :)

What are you up to?

not_so_insig 27-02-2017 08:30 PM

I had a bit of a awkward situation before. My doorbell rang and it turned out to be my replacement nurse. She came to do my depot. Trouble is that I am having a lazy day so I was in my pyjamas. She said that it was ok though but I kinda feel awkward.

Cacoethes 27-02-2017 08:33 PM

I've seen many a health professional with my pajamas on! I'm sure they don't mind. Probably happens a lot.

Sketchy 27-02-2017 08:53 PM

I'm deciding what to watch on Netflix. I'm going to have an early night though.

Dawn I wouldn't worry. They'll have seen plenty of people in their pijamas.

Wonderland. 27-02-2017 08:55 PM

I too have seen lots of my team in pj's. They really don't care. I've even been dragged a&e in pj's before.

As long as you are decent it really doesn't matter.

Cacoethes 27-02-2017 09:02 PM

Early night sounds good Lorraine

I'm watching eastenders.

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