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MammaMia 09-04-2010 08:36 PM

Thanks you two =)

Scarletdreamer 09-04-2010 08:37 PM

Mark, you're really cute. :) Love the smile. And I don't think you look icky/overweight/ugly at all!! *hugs*

Hels, your haircut is so pretty. It suits you very well, just as Mark said... I love the pics. :D Thanks for uploading them!!

I'm distracted now by my LiveJournal, am updating it... :)

MammaMia 09-04-2010 08:40 PM

Thanks April <3

SoMuchMore 09-04-2010 08:40 PM

Helen - your hair looks great! I really like it!

*hugs lindsay* im sorry about ur job, but like crimson said, maybe they will hire you back when you are more well

*hugs crimson* Im sry that you feel tired/icky.

Mark - yay i like when i can see what people look like, putting names to faces is nice. And I agree that its a nice picture of you.

*hugs april* sorry your so tired today.

Doikers 09-04-2010 08:44 PM


Mark, you're really cute. :) Love the smile. And I don't think you look icky/overweight/ugly at all!!
Thanx April , that really made my day :)

MammaMia 09-04-2010 08:45 PM

Thanks Laura.

*big group cuddle*

Everyone's really posting fast tonight, can't keep up!!!

Scarletdreamer 09-04-2010 08:51 PM

Awh, am glad I made your day, Mark. :D (as long as you were being serious, anyway!!) I meant what I typed, too. :)

Yeh people are posting fast... heh. My brain is so muzzy right now!! that it's hard for me to keep up too.

Thanks Laura *hugs* How are you doing now? any better?

Doikers 09-04-2010 08:55 PM


Awh, am glad I made your day, Mark. :D (as long as you were being serious, anyway!!) I meant what I typed, too. :)
Yep I was being serious :)

Scarletdreamer 09-04-2010 08:57 PM

Awh good. :) *hugs*

Another picture of me, once again from Easter weekend... this time showing my silly side. ;)
The following content has been hidden - Reason : biggish pic

In the pic you can see the bleached bits from where my husband and I dyed our hair blue for our first anniversary last October (2009)... lol... the roots are my hair's natural color. :)

SoMuchMore 09-04-2010 09:00 PM

*cuddles april* no... not really. Ive been shaking slightly for hours. Trying to keep distracted, but nothing is working. I think if i SI I'll feel better, but im always trying not to.. I want to quit fighting tho.

Doikers 09-04-2010 09:01 PM

Dyeing your hair blue! hehe what colour are you going for next anniversary ?

MammaMia 09-04-2010 09:21 PM

Love the pic April.
Hope you don't have to SI Laura.

& I'm in floods of tears :/ Great.

Doikers 09-04-2010 09:33 PM

I'm really tired . I only got up 10 hours ago (that was a struggle) and I am seriously thinking of just falling back into bed. I feel like I'm being lazy , depression I guess . My mood has been all over the place recently I can be ok and then really low in a matter of moments.

Asleep is the safest place you can be....

jonikd 09-04-2010 09:45 PM

*pops in to check up on everyone, leaves hugs enough for all*
Helen, your hair looks awesome =you look awesome :) Hope your weekend goes well, just enjoy the moment 'k?

Lindsay that's bad news about the job hun, probably for the best right now but you need to look after yourself ok? *hugs Lindsay and tells her she's great at what she does*

I'm on a blackberry and having all sorts of operational issues so sorry I can't respond to all, and I can't open all the photos, but sounds like you're a gorgeous bunch!

I'm off to scatter my Uncle's ashes soon, so will be back in the ward later without a doubt.

Stay safe fellow ward mates.

*grabs a takeaway latte and wanders off*

frenchhorn 09-04-2010 10:33 PM

*cuddles everyone* I can get internet bwtween 6am and 11pm so will be able to get on here a bit
you all look lovely and handsome in your photos.

SoMuchMore 09-04-2010 10:57 PM

*cuddles everyone* sorry its not more.

I gave in. I have stuff to do tonight so I had to. Numb is better than barely functioning. And nobody will even be able to tell that i am numb b/c i am good with masks.

MammaMia 09-04-2010 11:42 PM

*cuddles everyone*

Thanks JK & Oliver for the compliments.

Mood's sinking slowly. But doesn't necessarily mean I'm headed back to being low. Got to try keep positive :/

Scarletdreamer 10-04-2010 01:04 AM

*gently cuddles Laura* I'm so sorry you gave in, hon, but I understand the need/urge to... and the desire to feel numb can be so attractive at times... I don't blame you one bit. :( I wish I could SI... I've been bothering the scratch on my hand so it's going to be a massive scar (for a scratch anyway), but oh well. Had to do it today. I'm worried it's becoming a compulsion... :-/

*cuddles Hels* I'm sorry that you're not feeling too great, but maybe you could boost yourself up a bit by treating yourself? I dunno, take a hot bubble bath or a bath with salts, or read a book you really enjoy, or have a hot drink then toddle off to bed. :) Sorry if those are rubbish ideas, it's difficult for me to come up with the best ones. :(

*cuddles Mark* You're right, asleep IS the safest place you can be (or so I would hope)... just hopefully no nightmares. I've been having nightmares for the past few nights and it's just been awful... :( I hate them so much and wish that they would go away. :( I hope that you feel better tomorrow... and remember, you - the none of you in this ward - are as awful/icky/ugly/fat/etc. as you think you are!! ♥

*hugs JK* I hope that your day goes well. I'm headed off to take a hot bath in a bit... accidentally wore flipflops and capris today when it was in the 40s ('F). BRRRRR. I froze, lol. Well, not really that bad, wasn't outside a lot, but it was pretty chilly for flipflops. I also managed somehow last weekend to pull my Achille's tendon on my right leg especially, so it kills to walk a distance. :( But anyway, enough whinging on my part... how are you doing?

Sending prayers and good wishes out to you all... ♥

Scarletdreamer 10-04-2010 01:05 AM

Oop Oliver, didn't mean to forget you!!! *cuddles* Glad you have internet connection and can get support here... is there a GLBT group online you can talk with as well? because I know that we all aren't the best support for that (specifically)... just a thought. :) And man, it's quieted down in here since earlier... it was crazy (awesome) how many people were on. :D So how's the performance thingy going?

hope.is.overrated 10-04-2010 01:42 AM

I've been feeling strange these days...I am numb since the beggining of the week and nothing seems real anymore...I woke up one morning and didn't recognize the person looking at me in the mirror...I can't feel anything...not too mention my head was totally empty yesterday...I stayed seated on the couch for hours staring at the off tv set...Now today I my mind was full of thoughts, a lots of them...I can't focus

I saw a dog being hit by car today and didn't get scared or shocked...anything...it felt I was seeing this scene on a TV, or something...There's something really wrong with me

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