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Doikers 06-05-2010 12:34 PM

HI Amy :)

*Spots an April!*

Scarletdreamer 06-05-2010 12:39 PM

I spy a Mark!! *cuddles and curls up next to* How are you? I don't think that you'll come across bad with the incapacity medical benefits people... I don't know much about it obviously but I hope it will go just fine. :) And your SW will be there with you too, right? so that's a good thing. :)

I have to start AND FINISH this health write-up thingy for my volunteer by 10:45am today. I'm allowing myself until 11am as far as "getting it in late" goes... this is the last hurdle I have to jump over - well, this, and my advanced counseling exam, which is at 1:30pm today. I'm really nervous about that but at least it's all multiple choice or true/false... no essay questions. So that rocks. I'll be happy if I get a 90% (barely an A-) on it... *sighs* But this paper is going to kill me... I know, I know, I always say that, but that's what it feels like. :'(

I'm so tired... per usual I suppose, but this time am REALLY tired, went to bed at 10:30 and didn't fall asleep for a good half hour, and then woke up at 6:30am... UGHH!!!! :(

Anyway, best get to work on this paper... sorry for the lack of individual replies, but Kahlia, glad your monitor came and JK, glad you came in to chat even though you were probably a bit overwhelmed by the amount of posts!! :)

*cuddles everyone*

Doikers 06-05-2010 12:46 PM

*Hugs April* Good luck with your advanced counseling exam, I'm sure you'll do great:)

April and Hayley .Look whats just arrived *Holds up World of Warcraft manual* *Hops around exitedly* I haven't had time to put in the disc yet , I've only had it 20 minutes , it came from Amazon .

Scarletdreamer 06-05-2010 01:04 PM

Awesome Mark!!! :D *bounces with you* I'll be on the computer until the paper is done (or until I have to leave for my exam, whichever is first >_<) so feel free to ask me any questions that you have. :) I should be able to help you with the basic stuff... oh, and do Alliance side (if you want to play with Hayley, as she's Alliance), and remember to pick Darkspear as your realm of choice (you can have 50 characters total over however many realms, but you might want to start on a server where you know at least someone). :D I'm excited for you!! And thanks for liking my death knight's armor, it's just the default stuff that you get as you level through the dk starting area... she only has a little over 4800 health (I think) and I don't like that... I tried questing in Outlands today and she almost died. :( That REALLY frustrated me, heh... but anyway. I'll let you get on with setting up WoW. :D

*goes back to assiduously working on her paper* >_<

CrazyHayley 06-05-2010 01:08 PM

*prances round ward giving each and everyone of her wardmates some attention and tlc that they can cope with*

Oh my goodness, I feel....um....normal?! Which is soooo bizarre! :shocked: Not sure how long it'll last as my mood swings with PMDD can be violent and unpredictable. But so far today I've got myself showered, washed my hair and got dressed (a vast improvement on yesterday!) I've also done some laundry and cleaned and hoovered my living room. Walked to the polling station (only at the end of my road!) and cast my vote. Came home and munched my lunch whilst reading through last nights posts.....phew! It'll be an early nap time methinks! :-p

Kahlia - I'm sooo pleased for you that your new monitor has arrived. Hopefully that'll help your mood and ability to cope with things. Or at least when struggling you've got your own access now to us wardies in here whenever you need us *huggle*

JK - you are not completely useless with this thread. It means a lot to me that you take the time to read through the posts so that you know whats going on. It is overwhelming at times how fast it moves and getting to know the newcomers, but I'm sure you'll get the hang of it. And remember, this thread isn't about responding to everyone individually. It's about posting what you feel you need to to be safe (unless it warrants a whole thread and you want specific advice). Its about knowing there are others who are also struggling but want to be in the psych ward cos we want to get better. It's about posting random things in the virtual world to keep us distracted. At least from my 2year experience in here thats what I've found. *huggles*

Helen - I hope that you get done all that you need to today and that blood tests aren't upsetting or triggerring for you *huggle*


Hmmm, I know that there is more I wanted to say, but on 'advance post' so that I can read previous posts whilst typing, it only goes back so far!

ooh...*jumps up and down excitedly with Mark* yay on WoW arriving! When you first put the disc in and you need to downlaod the patch (don't ask me what it is, I just know thats what its called, lol) it takes AGES! Took ludwig (my laptop) 5hours to complete it. So I advise you doing it overnight when you'll not be using your computer and then you won't keep checking the download bar and get frustrated by the slowness (speaking from experience!)

Think I may go and play some WoW now before nap time. Got wii fit evening with my friend Jo tonight. I have warned her that I'm PMDDing and unpredicatable. Really hope my 'normalness' lasts. I hate being irrational and depressed and what not around my friends...well usually I just hide away and don't see anyone. Hey ho....

MammaMia 06-05-2010 01:27 PM

*cuddles everyone*

Glad your mointor came Kahlia :D

Well finally got back. Took me longer than expected as none of it went to plan. I think I'm going to bruise for once :S Normally I don't bruise from blood tests (unlike me mum) but it looks really swollen/a tiny bruise I think :S Might be wrong. Have three tubes of blood taken from you is fun..not!!! I didn't even look for once :O

Doikers 06-05-2010 02:01 PM


Took ludwig (my laptop) 5hours to complete it.
Hehe you named your laptop ! I named my P.C. Dave:)

Scarletdreamer 06-05-2010 02:30 PM

Pretty song. :)

Good luck with downloading the patches, Mark. I don't know if you have to for the original game, though, only if you have the two expansions (and a third is coming out in November, am so excited!! :D). But Hayley would know better than I would, I suppose!! :P I don't remember back that far... heh. And it probably would take awhile as you're downloading summat from the West Coast of the States... I think, anyway. Heh.

*cuddles all*

SoMuchMore 06-05-2010 02:49 PM

haha ludwig and p.c dave... o man... hayley, mark.. both of you are awesome.

*hugs april* good luck on ur tests. I have a huge one too.. in like 45 minutes.. AHH!

Kahlia - glad that your monitor is finally here!

*hugs helen* thats a lot of blood taken. I hope that you arent too bruised or swollen.

*waves at owen*

*cuddles JK* your posts are not useless here at all. Personally, I really appreciate that you take the time to read everything. How r u doing?

Test time!!! wish me luck!

Doikers 06-05-2010 03:04 PM


April it's downloading a patch now , taking its sweet time about it too a coupla hours left yet I think :S hmmmmm

Scarletdreamer 06-05-2010 03:24 PM

Hrm guess I was wrong then, ey? :P lol... I do hope that you enjoy the game though, Mark. It's a lovely distraction once you get a handle on it. :)

*sighs* It's 10:25am and I'm only about half done with my writeup. Keep getting distracted. My brain feels ****ing frozen, or fried, or something. I read that there can be cognitive impairment when going off a benzo faster than you should, and since I cut my dosage in half (or rather, more than half), I think that's what's happening. I can't think of words, I can't think PERIOD. :'(

I need to get this damn writeup done... and then take that stupid exam... :'(

GOOD LUCK LAURA!!!!!! :D I'm sure you'll do fine!! *cuddles*

MammaMia 06-05-2010 04:41 PM

Indeed it is Laura :( But seems to have settled down a little, we shall see ^_^

ARGH I wanna go vote already. I fell asleep bahahaha. Wish my best friend would get in touch. Getting really worried >_>

frenchhorn 06-05-2010 05:20 PM

*cuddles all who want cuddles*

4 pages since I was last here, I've tried to catch up but at the moment I'm not really right for it.
Yesterday I ended up in the hospital after I OD'd at lunchtime, I then had to stay in over night and wait to be seen by the psychiatrist today, which took about 5 hours of waiting, I'm now home and still feeling a bit sick, but thats probably because I didn't eat much yesterday or today so I'm off to have some food.

I shall reply properly later, when I am feeling better and have voted.

Also Hayley thanks for the PM, meant a lot, I shall reply later when I'm a bit more stable

CrazyHayley 06-05-2010 05:33 PM

*cuddles Helen* I'm glad that your blood test injury seems to be settling down a bit. I'm like your mum, I bruise really easily! Always looks worse than it is. You probably fell asleep due to your body wanting rest to make up for the blood it lost. Perfectly normal from my experience. Hope that you get to hear from your best friend and then that voting tonight goes more according to plan than your activities this morning.

*huggles Mark* Pass on my regards to Dave! :-p My best friend actually named my laptop for me. I've always named things (Kerry the Kettle, Terry the Toaster, Barney the bread bin....they've all got faces by the way! Oh if only I was clever and could show pictures) Anyhoo....I got my laptop when Eoghan was in Afghan in 2008 and the start of my PMDD and when my best mate came round and asked what its name was and I said I hadn't named it, she said "bloody hell you must be depressed to have not named it! Well I'll do it for you. It's now called Ludwig!" And so there we go! :laugh:

*huggles Laura* Well you'll be in your exam as I'm typing this, but I'm rooting for you! I'm sure you'll do great! :thumbup:

*huggles April* ooh the withdrawal effects from your meds is not good at any time, let alone when you're doing important uni work. Wish I had something constructive to say to try and help you. I'll try and send some brainy energetic thoughts your way! *tries to do telepathy type stuff to help April* :blink:

*super duper huggles Oliver* sorry to hear about your OD. You make sure that you do have something to eat, it'll definately help you feel a lil bit better, as will casting your vote for the party that counts (not breaking any rules by political talk too much, but I know that you previously said that you were voting for the same colour as me:-D)

I'm currently munching on pitta bread and hummous. Anybody care to join me?

*Jackie* 06-05-2010 05:51 PM

*buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz*

Can you here my brain turning? It sounds like white noise it is going so fast.

Not sleeping (3am), not good, blah,blah,blah.


Doikers 06-05-2010 05:57 PM

*Hugs Oliver* I'm sorry to hear about your ordeal *More Hugs*

Hayley , Pitta bread and Humous eh , well I'll munch on a little but I don't wanna ruin my hot-pot thats in the oven *Nom Nom eats some humous* Thankyou.

*hugs Little Laura* Have you tried any camomille tea ? Sorry thats my answer for everything :S

*Jackie* 06-05-2010 06:06 PM

Thanks will try that. Why didn't I thiink of that?

-goes to make a cuppa-

MammaMia 06-05-2010 06:17 PM

*super squishy hugs for Oliver* Sorry you od'd :(

Hayley, wow, you're probably right sweetheart. Have felt bit 'off' since I got home. Don't know if it's related. Hmm. Also voting will go more to plan than earlier activities and my best friend finally rang me about 30 minutes ago. Didn't want to get off the phone :P But hey, we'll talk on msn later.

frenchhorn 06-05-2010 06:19 PM

thanks for the hugs everyone *sends hugs back to Mark, Hayley and Helen*
*waves hi to little Laura* I'm Oliver

*disappears out the door to vote*

Doikers 06-05-2010 07:40 PM


Originally Posted by CrazyHayley (Post 2281582)
* So I advise you doing it overnight when you'll not be using your computer and then you won't keep checking the download bar and get frustrated by the slowness (speaking from experience!)
Hey ho....

Oh Hayley you're so wise *Bows in awe* I've just been watching it on 47percent for an AGE. It's gonna be an overnight job methinks

SoMuchMore 06-05-2010 07:41 PM

*cuddles oliver* im sorry to hear about your OD. Hope you managed to get some food. How r u doing now?

*hugs helen* the other day i volunteered at a blood drive and a few of my friends said they feel asleep when they got home... so i think thats normal. Also, dont drink lol... my friend got drunk off of like a beer and half afterwards.

*hugs april* Im sorry that your meds are not in and that its making you feel off. Did u get ur write up done?

*hugs hayley and joins her for some pita bread*

*hugs mark*

*hugs littlelaura* Im laura! lol Nice to meet you. Hope u managed to get some sleep

Well the test is over. I think it went okay, but im trying to not jinx it. Thanks for all your good wishes everyone. Now i have to finish a paper before my next class in 2 hours. Then i will officially be done with 2 of my classes for the semester! woohoo!

Scarletdreamer 06-05-2010 07:45 PM

I'm done, I'm done, I'm really really done!!!! *parties* Lol... :D I got an 87% on my advanced final (B+) and hopefully will get a B+ in the class... and then handed in my (completed!!!) writeup... which I got done about an hour and a half late but not too bad. WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry, just am SO HAPPY to be DONE!!! :D It's officially summer for me now - and soon for you too, Laura!! :D

*bounces around and does the happy dance with Mark* :D

SoMuchMore 06-05-2010 07:48 PM

*bounces around with april, throwing confetti*

Doikers 06-05-2010 07:54 PM

*Dances happy dance with April* . Congratulations you!!! I'm really pleased for you , you did it !!!! :D

frenchhorn 06-05-2010 07:59 PM

yay *cuddles April, but apologises for not dancing around, still feel a bit ill*

I did get some food thanks Laura, and feel a little better for it, although I still have a dry mouth, which is one of the side effects from the meds I took, but its not as bad as it was yesterday and still feel a bit out of it, but better
I've just got to finish some work for tomorrow and it will be missing 4 reviews, because I was planning on doing them today, but I was in hospital.

*sits in a corner to do his work*

xxjuliexx 06-05-2010 08:14 PM

*sits in a corner peeping out*morning

PoisonedApple 06-05-2010 08:46 PM

good morning amy.
glad you're feeling a little better oliver.
yay congrats on getting wow stuffs mark,
congrats april on finishing uni. congrats laura on being about done with uni as well. *thinks a minute* nope don't think i forgot any congrats... if i did forget somebody i apologize.
been feeling kind of ill today but came to work anyhow. as long as i have a steady supply of wintergreen lifesavers i seem to be doing ok though.

MammaMia 06-05-2010 10:16 PM

YAY for April & Laura :D

*cuddles everyone else*

SoMuchMore 06-05-2010 10:59 PM

*cuddles helen, crimson, oliver, mark, and april*

*waves to amy* good morning.. although its probably like good afternoon by now.

I am officially done with 2 classes now! yay!!! One paper and a final to go!

April - i am jealous that you are officially done and i still have another year but I am soo happy and proud of you! *throws more confetti*

MammaMia 06-05-2010 11:03 PM

YAY Laura *hugs*


xxjuliexx 06-05-2010 11:09 PM

it's 10am
was try to work out how you knew who i was then saw the thingy at the bottom of the post thingy

xxjuliexx 06-05-2010 11:10 PM

hi MammaMia u is helen right?

SoMuchMore 06-05-2010 11:11 PM

*finds helen and hugs her* how r u doing?

amy - yep julie explained who you are in her signature. We've met owen too. How r u today?

MammaMia 06-05-2010 11:17 PM

Amy, I am Helen indeed :) How are you?

Laura *hugs* Not so great. ****ing things up. Worrying so much about stuff. Hate this. Just want to be happy & for things to be okay :'(

xxjuliexx 06-05-2010 11:19 PM

um... 'm ok
how are you

MammaMia 06-05-2010 11:24 PM

Not so great. But thank you for asking.

xxjuliexx 06-05-2010 11:28 PM

oh thats not good helen can i help?

SoMuchMore 06-05-2010 11:30 PM

*cuddles helen* Things will be okay eventually... I know that it doesnt feel like it and i feel almost hypocritical saying it b/c im always thinking that things wont ever turn around... but deep down, i think things will get better eventually, or at least change into something more manageable. Im sure you arent f*cking things up as much as you think and Im sorry that you are worrying so much... Things will look up eventually. I hope anyway. I mean they have too. *more cuddles*

amy - Do you like to be hugged? i know owen doesn't like it... So i wanted to make sure not to upset you. Im glad that you are alright.
I'm doing okay too, just celebrating the end of the semester for uni.

I spy oliver!

xxjuliexx 06-05-2010 11:33 PM

i do like hugs but only nice hugs not yuky ones
i want to be little but i'm not allowed

frenchhorn 06-05-2010 11:50 PM

got my work done and printed off, am going to write a note saying there are only 4 , instead of 8 reviews because i was in hospital.

*hugs Laura* yay on nearly being finished, I've still got ages to go, june is when my recital is and not sure when academic stuff will be in for and its being deferred and then another 2 years after that

*hugs and dances with April* well done on finishing everything you should be really proud of yourself.

*hugs Helen* Laura is right things will get better, just keep fighting, all you can do is go througha day at a time and give it your best.

*hugs Crimson* sorry your feeling ill

hi Amy, I'm Oliver.

*hugs mark, kahlia, hayley, nicole, JK and any others I may have missed-sorry if I have*

I'm still feeling a bit sick, still got a bit of a dry mouth, but I'm going to get a hot chocolate and watch the election results coming in for a bit.

xxjuliexx 06-05-2010 11:56 PM

*curls up*

xxjuliexx 07-05-2010 12:00 AM

hi oliver nice to meet u

PoisonedApple 07-05-2010 12:05 AM

*hugs Oliver back* I think its just whatever my daughter had Sunday night. She ran a fever and was nauseous. And I'm pretty sure I'm running a fever too. But the mint is settling my tummy.

Are you feeling any better?

I spy a Laura!

xxjuliexx 07-05-2010 12:11 AM

-bounces around yawning, sits- i was thinking is it annoying have me here coz i'm little and this is meant to be the adulty area

Scarletdreamer 07-05-2010 12:59 AM

I'm so anxious right now it's not even funny. :'( I don't know why either unless it's the dentist appt tomorrow morning... but even that shouldn't be doing it. Probably the lack of Klonopin - although it did come in the mail today. Am still planning on weaning myself off of it though. Hopefully this idea won't be shot down by my NP... :-/ Jarrod is pretty adamant about it and I kind of want to get off it myself since recently I've been finding that I need to take 5mg some days just to get through. :(

Thanks for the congrats everyone, and Laura, you'll be done soon, before you know it... :) I know what pressure there is though to keep up grades, especially in the last semester or so, but you'll make it. *cuddles*

I found Lacuna Coil at Walmart!!! :D I got their album "Karmacode 578" and can't wait to listen to it. They are an Italian Goth rock band that a friend of mine likes... well, a few friends, two in the UK and one in Texas. Lol. My music interests are similar to theirs so... here goes... *listening for the first time* :D I likey... :)

Sorry for the lack of individual responses once again, just am so exhausted and anxious... my hyperness from earlier burnt out and now I am just exhausted, want to curl up under the covers for an unknown amount of time. :'(

*cuddles all then hides*

xxjuliexx 07-05-2010 01:04 AM

*hugs april* ur name is april right
i will talk more in a sec has to make phone call
we hate talking on the phone

Kahlia1981 07-05-2010 01:12 AM

*hugs everyone - with the usual addendum*

On the naming of computers/laptops and other electronic items: My computer is The Beast (Mach II), and my housemate's is The Beast.

I've just dropped in quickly - I'll be back a little later on.

We have to walk down to the local police station as my housemate was almost run down crossing (legally) at a pedestrian crossing. He got the driver's License Plate number so we're just dropping in to have a word with the cops. Most likely nothing will come of it, but we shall see.

*leaves hugs for those who want and can accept them, and sparkles and faerie dust to brighten everyone's day or night*

MammaMia 07-05-2010 01:18 AM

*cuddles everyone*

Thanks for the posts Laura & Oliver. I feel a little bit better. Now I know (and have known for a little while, just haven't eben on ryl) that I haven't upset my est friend.

xxjuliexx 07-05-2010 01:47 AM

-bounces around yawning, sits- i was thinking is it annoying have me here coz i'm little and this is meant to be the adulty area

SoMuchMore 07-05-2010 01:49 AM

*hugs crimson* im sorry that you are not feeling well. Hope you get better soon.

*hugs oliver* glad that you are feeling a little better and seem to be relaxing a bit this evening. You deserve it.

*hugs amy*

*waves to owen* we dont mind that you are here.

*hugs april* i love lacuna coil! Im sorry that you are so anxious... You should prolly talk to your NP about coming off the meds, just so they can make sure you are weening off safely

*hugs kahlia* well it never hurts to try to hand in the plate number. At least then they can watch out for the person if more stuff like that happens.

*hugs helen* im glad that you are feeling a little better and that your friend is not upset.

*cuddles everyone else*

Can someone hold me.. please? :crying:
Is that pathetic to ask?

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