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Cazki 16-05-2011 01:41 PM

Its like a very light coffee colour. *Hugs Mark*

Doikers 16-05-2011 01:45 PM

Cool Ian *Hugs*

*Hugs Mara* thanks :)

one_step_closer 16-05-2011 02:03 PM

*hugs everyone*

Doikers 16-05-2011 02:27 PM

*Hugs Lindsay*

Laura2.0 16-05-2011 02:43 PM

*hugs all*

just came back from the psychotherapist. I made her laugh at one point. She asked me why I didn't tell anyone that I self harm. I replied 'why should I?" that made her laugh.
I think she got the impression that I want to stop cutting, but I really don't want to stop. hmm...

she wants me to take paroxetin (dunno if it's the same spelling in english) does anyone here know what it does? she just said that it will take some of the 'pressure to cut' or something like that.

Doikers 16-05-2011 02:53 PM

Laura this is what I found googleing it .....

Paroxetine (also known by the trade names Aropax, Paxil, Seroxat) is an SSRI antidepressant. Marketing of the drug began in 1992 by the pharmaceutical company SmithKline Beecham, now GlaxoSmithKline. Paroxetine is used to treat major depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, panic disorder, social anxiety, and generalized anxiety disorder[1] in adult outpatients.

I'm on an SNRI so they are similar.

Laura2.0 16-05-2011 02:56 PM

thanks mark *hugs*
I'm not sure if I'm going to take it. But I'll get it from the pharmacy, so if I decide to take it I already have it. Does that make sense?

Doikers 16-05-2011 03:12 PM

Yes that makes sense Laura :)

frenchhorn 16-05-2011 05:43 PM

*hugs all*

Doikers 16-05-2011 05:45 PM

*Hugs Oliver*

dontwantyoutoknow 16-05-2011 07:47 PM

*hugs everyone*

Laura - good on you for making your appointment! :thumbup:

Mark - do you take anything for anxiety?

Lindsay - how are you feeling?

Oliver - how are you feeling?

I have the doctors tomorrow. I really hate going to the doctors and I always have to go by myself because none of my friends live round here, and I can't talk in front of my family.

Laura2.0 16-05-2011 08:03 PM

*hugs oliver*
*hugs mark*
*hugs MJ* it's the same for me with doctors. I'm always scared that my GP could see my scars/cuts. He doesn't know anything.

Doikers 16-05-2011 08:07 PM

I take Diaz, Buspirone for anxiety and Duloxetine forAnxiety / Depression MJ
*Hugs Laura*

Laura2.0 16-05-2011 10:26 PM

*hugs mark*

I'm really struggling to make a desicion. I have to deside if I take the meds or not. There are too many cons

Laura2.0 16-05-2011 10:33 PM

I don't understand why doctors just give people more and more meds.

flutterby butterfly 17-05-2011 12:15 AM


Originally Posted by Mute.Scream (Post 2812295)
I don't understand why doctors just give people more and more meds.

nor do i but if you find out, let me know?

*hugs everyone*

time to enter my nightmare. good old sleep. gnyt guys x

Laura2.0 17-05-2011 12:17 AM

*hugs mara* good night.

Cazki 17-05-2011 12:48 AM

*Hugs Laura*
*Hugs Mara*
*Hugs Mark*

Argh crap i feel so lonely :( i hate moaning which is why i tend to just not moan.

Doikers 17-05-2011 10:14 AM

*Hugs Laura*

*Hugs Mara*

*Hugs Ian*

Laura2.0 17-05-2011 11:26 AM

*hugs Ian*
*hugs Mark*

how are you?

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